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Fryman(Posted May) [#1]
I was playing around in p5.js and they had a text to speech module. I prefer monkey over p5 so I created one for us. Its HTML5 only (Its not a port all written from scratch)

Available at:
Demo at:

The demo makes liberal use of AngelFonts (Thank you Beaker)
information available here

slenkar(Posted May) [#2]
that's really good, i get an american accented voice which sounds about 50/50 human robot, is it possible to change voices?

after looking at github yes it lists the voices

TeaBoy(Posted May) [#3]
You inspired me to try and add speech recognition to Monkey.
- I will tidy up the code and post it soon if it's of any use to anyone.


Only tested on Chrome with my Android 6 phone, seems to work ok, more work needed though.

I have an idea to work on a voice activated game, so many applications using the WebSpeechAPI..

Fryman(Posted May) [#4]
I did a little work on the speech recognition side but started work on something else. As while the TTS one works on quite a few browsers the recognition isn't as widely supported