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MikeHart(Posted 2015) [#1]
Grab it from here:

MikeHart(Posted 2015) [#2]
And the next version (v1.57) is out. With even more GUI elements. Here is the list of changes:

Here are the changes:

New functionalities

* GUI!!! Implemented via custom Objects and the new ftGuiMng manager class! Have fun!!!


* Fixed resizing arrays inside ftObject._Init and ftTileMap.Remove. Causes a compile bug in Android.
* Fixed ftEngine.New() in the creation of the default layer and scene which could cause a crash when removed.
* Fixed ftLayer.Remove() to take care of assigned layer transitions.
* Fixed Index of array error under GLFW3 and possible all C++ targets.

New example

* Canvas/VirtualResolution/VirtualResolution.monkey
* Input/TouchInput/DragNDrop/DragNDrop.monkey
* Gui/Joysticks/Joysticks.monkey
* Gui/Buttons/Buttons.mokey
* Gui/Checkbox/Checkbox.mokey
* Gui/Label/Label.mokey
* Gui/Listview/Listview.mokey
* Gui/Slider/Slider.mokey
* Gui/Switch/Switch.mokey
* Gui/Textfield/Textfield.mokey
* Physics/Canon/Canon.monkey

Neuro(Posted 2015) [#3]
Nice! I'm actually using fantom for the NES Jam too :)

MikeHart(Posted 2015) [#4]
Cool, can't wait to see the result.

I will work now on version 2.0 supporting mojo2 and shaders. Also started writing a new book.

Paul - Taiphoz(Posted 2015) [#5]
the new book is that going to cover Monkey2?

Nobuyuki(Posted 2015) [#6]
I'll be happy if Mike's new book just covers how to do raw mojo2, though mx2 would be a nice bonus. Been putting off learning the new system since I dumped a year into my own framework..

MikeHart(Posted 2015) [#7]
@Paul: That depends on how fast Mark will be. I hope he will be releasing 1.0 this year as it would not make sense in chasing a running target.
@Nobuyuki: Your wish is noted. ;-)

One part of the book will be mojo 2. The other part will be about fantomX, the next iteration of my framework. And similar to the style of the first book. Means explaining how to create some types of games. Adding to that, a full description of ALL the features of fantomX with examples.

MikeHart(Posted 2015) [#8]
YES!!! Today I have managed to get every example script running in a mojo2 powered fantomEngine aka fantomX. Even the physic ones. Can someone tell me why I have waited that long? :=)

Now off to add all the bells and wistles that raise mojo2 above mojo.

Neuro(Posted 2015) [#9]
Any news on this :)?

MikeHart(Posted 2015) [#10]
The news is that I am fighting with a multiple camera/viewport system and it is REALLY fighting me :-)
Please be a little patient. I am sure it will be worth it.

Neuro(Posted 2015) [#11]
I hope you kick it's ass then :). Looking forward to it :).

Neuro(Posted 2016) [#12]
Hmm....what does "gone" mean in Mike's name? Is he like gone from the forums? Or like gone on vacation?

therevills(Posted 2016) [#13]
From his Twitter account it looks like he has moved over to Contruct2...

Neuro(Posted 2016) [#14]
Thats a bummer...

Danilo(Posted 2016) [#15]
Mike's last words:
Cheers, I am out here.

He took the pre-alpha Xmas demo of MX2 very seriously and seemed to be a little bit disappointed.

Above, within this thread, he already stated:
I hope he will be releasing 1.0 this year as it would not make sense in chasing a running target.

Looks like he really expected MX2 v1.0 Final at the end of 2015.

TheRedFox(Posted 2016) [#16]
Too bad.

But with Ignition and Pyro + Diddy, I guess we still have a decent set of frameworks.

What does fantom brings extra to the table?

Neuro(Posted 2016) [#17]
I guess process "flow" of fantom always seemed to appeal me. Oh well, gives me an excuse to re-focus on the other cool frameworks we have here now.

Neuro(Posted 2016) [#18]
Just got confirmation from Mike, he's still supporting fantom. Just not showing up on the forums anymore.

Neuro(Posted 2016) [#19]
fantomX version 2.01 released :

New functionalities
- Added ftEngine.CreateImage:ftObject(image:ftImage, xpos:Float, ypos:Float, _ucob:Object=Null)

- Fixed ftBox2D.CreateObject to set the angle with its corresponding ftObject
- Fixed/Changed ftLayer.Render regarding layer scaling.
- Fixed ftObject.Render regarding layer scaling and also object culling.

- Added children flag to ftObject.SetActive, so it affects children too
- Added children flag to ftObject.SetVisible, so it affects children too
- Default Image flags when loading content are now set to Image.Filter
- A ftObject has a corresponding box2d object field only, when #FantomX_UsePhysics = 1 was added before importing fantomX.
- ftLayer.SetLayerScissor now works with virtual values, no offsets anymore

New example
- Canvas/VirtualResolution/VirtualResolution.monkey
- Sound/Sound.monkey
- TileMaps/Platformer_Physics/Platformer_Physics.monkey
- Layer/LayerScaling/LayerScaling.monkey

Danilo(Posted 2016) [#20]
fantomX version 2.02 released:

New functionalities
- Added ftObject.SetImageScale9:Void (top:Float, bottom:Float, left:Float, bottom:Float) to support 9-slice image scaling.
- Added ftLayer.ActivateTouchEnterExitEvent (onOff:Bool = True) to activate the call of the following events...
- Added ftEngine.OnObjectTouchEnter (obj:ftObject, touchId:Int)
- Added ftEngine.OnObjectTouchExit (obj:ftObject, touchId:Int)
- Added SKN3's XML very good module

- Fixed ftLayer.TouchCheck so it takes a scaling of the layer into its calculation.

- ftEngine.CopyObject now supports 9-slice image scaling related fields of an object.
- ftObject.Render now supports 9-slice image scaling.
- ftObject.SetHeight:Void (height:Float, scaleMode:Bool = False) Added scale mode parameter. If set to true, the scale factor of an object is adjusted too.
- ftObject.SetWidth:Void (width:Float, scaleMode:Bool = False) Added scale mode parameter. If set to true, the scale factor of an object is adjusted too.

New examples
- Input/TouchInputEX/TouchInputEX.monkey
- Objects/Appearance/9SliceScaling/9SliceScaling.monkey

- Features Overview and Documentation
- GitHub Site for fantomX