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Salmakis(Posted 2013) [#1]
ImageMap & ImageFont are 2 classes:
ImageMap, can be used to combine differend atlas textures onto 1 image,
and also you can load frame data from a file, where the frames can have differend sizes, if you need this.
the frames, can then be drawn with a bunch of handy drawing functions, such as centered, tiled, stretched, rotated, stripped oder as line.

ImageFont, is a small Bitmap font like system, where fonts can be made in a editor and loaded to draw them with a bunch of drawing methods and text effects

It is also possible to combine texts and images onto 1 texture and use them as they would be on differend textures.
This can save some Graphic memory and also it can speed up things a bit, since lesser switching between the textures is neccesary.

since imagefont is extending imagemap, you can also draw any char as frame, or replace chars with other frames to include icons into texts.

it can be found here:
(there is also some documentation)

feel free to use and modify it for your purposes.
If you add some cool stuff or fix a bug please share it, so that i can include it into the module for us all.

Also if you found a bug or got a question or a features request feel free to post here.

NOTE: bitmapfont is actually not working on FLASH target,its not crashing (thanks to phillipk) but the text coordinates are wrong, maybe somebody knows why under flash the bitstream thingy is working differend and knows how to modify the data wich are readed out of the stream to make them similar to the stuff on the other targets?