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Paul - Taiphoz(Posted 2016) [#1]
I'm aiming this at you mate because I know you just went through this recently, but it's also targeted at anyone else in the community who's done this.

Hi dude, first of all well done on getting your game on Steam, nice work..

let me first ask if there is any chance that you could do a detailed write up of your whole steam process, I'm interested in everything from registering your business with the IRS(Or Australian equivalent) to registering with Steam and Green light and most importantly any code modifications you had to make to your projects to make it play nice with Steam.

Getting something on Steam is something I would love but at the moment I'm not making money off my games and not registered in the UK for tax/business etc so I cant go through the process myself so finding everything I can out from those of you who have would be brilliant so when the time does come I am prepared.

If your not up for doing it would you be up for some private questions via e-mail ?

With Monkey 2 on the way and the reduction of available targets I think Steam as a target is going to become far more important for PC releases so having a really good guide on the subject would in my opinion be invaluable.

[Edit - Sorry to put you on the spot therevills ]