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tetch(Posted 2015) [#1]
Hey, folks! I've had Monkey for a few months now, though have yet to publish anything as I'm still working on some issues. One of those issues is getting Monkey to work with ad solutions out in the world. I know there's the banners built in, though I was thinking of a model that includes those reward based video ads as well as potentially classical interstitials. I've seen there are folks that have worked on the latter for Android, but to be honest I'm having a lot of problems with the native code and would ultimately like to release to iOS as well. Frankly I've been debating whether it's worth the money to get someone better with native code to make a solution I can drop into my games.

In any event, I'm not trying to get code out of you guys else I would have posted to code. I'm more interested in hearing how have you all dealt with marketing and advertising in your games? I figure there might be simple aspects I'm missing, but at the same time I've also gotten the impression browsing some other threads that there's a preference to not get money obsessed. I don't feel like I'm trying to get rich quick (not that it wouldn't be nice...) but I do think keeping monetization in mind is worthwhile.

Hope that's not too heavy for my first post. Happy building! :)