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Xaron(Posted 2015) [#1]
Hi guys,

as Mark continuously rejects my offers to give him some kind of a yearly subscription fee (he's just too nice!) I'll start to buy additional Monkey versions depending on my sales of course. As I only need one Pro license I will gift them to those who need it.

Actually don't expect me to buy a bunch every month but even that drop might be a good start after all and help Mark hopefully a bit.
I've benefited so much from Monkey, it even offered me to earn money for my first games and hope so Mark won't abandon this gem! I know there is Unity as well which I know in and out but my heart and love is still at all BRL products (I own them all). Call me crazy but it just feels right to use Monkey and continue to use it!


funkygallo(Posted 2015) [#2]
me? :)

Xaron(Posted 2015) [#3]
Sure why not! So you don't have a pro license yet?

Paul - Taiphoz(Posted 2015) [#4]
Xaron this is such a nice gesture, I was thinking however rather than simply handing them out you might consider making a little event/competition type thing out of it, post for example a theme in the beginners section, and an end date and list the licence as the prize and then pick the winner, you could even advertise it on places like reddit and other dev forums, twitter etc.

If you give a licence out for free to some one that one person benefits, which is cool, if you make it an event and advertise it then potentially lots of people get to know about monkey and benefit from it.

Xaron(Posted 2015) [#5]
That's a nice idea! So let's not rush into anything. Do you have any special ideas regarding a contest Paul? :)

Derron(Posted 2015) [#6]
Please drop a line on the blitzmax forums when creating such a contest - I more or less read here on occasion (only tried the free version some months ago). If there is the chance to get something for free before the masses take part in contests getting more and more popular ... I might take part :p

There might even be people out there providing "assets" for contests - so you could provide some kind of basic game and let people add the most stunning "twist" (think many people have problems with creating the basic "game idea" but are surely clever enough to twirl the gameplay to increase replayability or make simple games more exciting).

Another advantage of aboves approach is: you could take the best twirls out of it and create some more advanced out of it (some kind of community-sample-game).

Also competitions could be kind of "parts" of something more complete:
- "minigames" around a specific subject/keyword like "balloons"
- spells (various "spell effects" like crippling, blood tornado, crushing ice wave ...) - just to generate nice collections of "abilities"
- programmed intros/sequences (given basic assets)
- 3rd party tools around Monkey (like target-setup-assistants, shell scripts)
- converting demos/samples from lang X to lang Y (attention to copyrighted assets)


TeaBoy(Posted 2015) [#7]
Xaron, you are an inspiration!

Paul is bang on the money, a competition is a great idea, a competition can be used to PROMOTE Monkey-X.

for example, use the FREE version of Monkey-X and the best example wins a full licence! Tell colleges / university about the competition for their
students who are interested in game development, post the competition on GameDev etc... anywhere that will obviously gain exposure, perhaps
offer a limited edition Monkey-X (boxed version)?????

I don't know if Blitz Research could offer something more from a PC supplier so they can both advertise at the same time? A collaborative effort?

- Top of the range PC with Monkey-X pre-installed? There must be a company who is interested in something like this??
- First prize, new graphics card with Monkey-X etc...

Monkey-X is a quality product, with additions such as IgnitionX and JungleIDE make it more so.

Xaron(Posted 2015) [#8]
Nice ideas guys! So could someone of you take care of the competition part in all these different locations? Actually I'm a bit limited with my time to do that as well. I'll just give the pro version. :D

spintop(Posted 2015) [#9]
Hi, I also have two suggestions. The news of this competition can be announced outside this official forum.

1. Since Monkey language is for indie developers, informing indie developer world is necessary. It seems that many indie developers like to visit this forum:

2. Since Monkey language is based on BASIC language, it is nice to tell the BASIC world the news of this competition. Many BASIC users and developers of BASIC languages like to visit this forum:,4.0.html

RenK(Posted 2015) [#10]
As someone learning and still without a Pro-license for now, a little Game Jam of sorts would be pretty motivating :)

Paul - Taiphoz(Posted 2015) [#11]
ok since xaron is time limited and because I really don't want this idea to stall, this is all just suggestion and open to change so if you read it and spot something dumb let me know I will edit it, its better we get it right before we post it on other forums, and Xaron let me know if this is ok dude since your the one putting up the prize I would appreciate your opinion.

Possible Theme Options and Idea's

Theme : "Catch something that's falling"
Theme : "Avoid something hazardous"

Welcome to the First Monkey X Jam
Sponsored by
Martin "Xaron" Leidel

First of all let me introduce you to, Monkey is a flexible affordable and powerful development tool for making games and app's, which can then be deployed on a lot of platforms. some of the main targets include Html5, Flash, Windows, Linux, Android and apple but there are many others, Monkey has already been used to make commercial games which can be found on Apple and Android as well as Steam.

This Monkey X Jam Event is open to everyone, the Event will take place over 1 week at the end of which all entries will be accepted and judged, good luck all.

Theme : To be announced on the start date.
Start Date : Friday 6th March 2015
End Date : Friday 14th March 2015
Judged/Announced : Sunday 15th March 2015

1. All entries must be original works created for this event.
2. All entries must be based on the provided theme.
3. All entries must be Zipped and e-mailed to the Judges.
3.1 Entries should also be submitted to the Monkey-X app's section and the source posted in the apps subsequent forum post.<Link>.
3.2 Zip files must be under 20 meg for the site, and as small as possible for the e-mail, if issues arise via e-mail due to size then please upload the zip and e-mail the judges a link.
4. All entries must be PG rated and not use any copyrighted asset's, art, sound or music.
5. Use of Third Party Modules is permitted and encouraged but not required.
5.1 All Modules / source used must be Free so that judges can compile/run

1st - Monkey Pro Licence
2nd - Ignition X

Be sure to send your submission's to both judges.
Xaron martin.leidel@...
Playnix monkeyjam@...

Competition Art Assets.
The following Art or other game related media is for use with this competition and or event, each piece is the property of the creator or author.

Simple Game Tutorials in Monkey.
Video's by InvaderJim who no longer use monkey as far as I know, but his video's are still relevant and well worth a watch.

By - Taiphoz

Three Player Ships, a Shadow Ship and a Flash ship for when you take damage. 3 bullets to match the 3 ships, some aliens in a static or two frame anim, some random asteroid type rocks, an explosion anim and a cloud anim for little explosion fx, oh yeah there is a few ship fragments as well for when you want to blow your player ship up.

TeaBoy(Posted 2015) [#12]
Perhaps no third party modules, just vanilla monkey?

Find out what peeps can do with it

Paul - Taiphoz(Posted 2015) [#13]
I was thinking that letting them use 3rd party would possibly make things easier on them, but yeah you make a very solid point. Xaron ?

GW_(Posted 2015) [#14]
my 2 cents.
A game jam is a great idea. I think any module is fair game, but everything else should be coded in the timeframe of the jam.
Also, the entries should be judged on the Javascript version, to keep some uniformity.
In regards to the first post: An annual licence is a terrible idea IMO.

Playniax(Posted 2015) [#15]
Guys, this is a great idea!

I throw in Ignition X license if people are interested as one of the prices.

an annual licence is a terrible idea

Not if you want Mark to keep making money...

skape(Posted 2015) [#16]
I think Mark could make another load of cash by releasing a Mojo2 module (with more graphical abilities), as a separate module, for sale... That way people would get something that's needed by some people for desktop games, and Mark could make some more cash working on Monkey, without any subscription stuff.

Regarding the jam: sounds like a great idea!

Paul - Taiphoz(Posted 2015) [#17]
Playniax that's very generous of you, I have updated the post above to include your name as well as a second prize, so no major issues with the post then guys ? if not the cool.. how about throwing possible theme suggestions in here as well I will amend suggestions to my post.

Danilo(Posted 2015) [#18]
What about including 1 or 2 weekends in the time frame? Saturday to Friday, or Saturday to Sunday?
Just in case somebody has a job, Monday to Friday... ;)

How long before the event it will get announced? It may require some time to learn the language and command set.
Maybe announce it one or two weeks before the start of the event.

Xaron(Posted 2015) [#19]
Sounds good Paul! :) Go for it! So where do you want to post this?

RenK(Posted 2015) [#20]
One thing I always thought was pretty cool about the Game Maker: Studio Community forum Game Jam is the extra prizes people from the community would offer up. Like reviews, free game assets, and so on. Could be a good community builder to try and push something like that for this one :)

Paul - Taiphoz(Posted 2015) [#21]
@Danilo : Yeah I was thinking a week because the longer we make it the higher the chance people might lose interest or focus, some times keeping it short is a better option, I agree tho having more weekend days in the time frame might be a good idea, how about Friday -> Sat and then Judge and announce on the Sunday night ? that would give a 9-5 worker 3 full weekend days plus the two Friday nights where there work would be less of an issue, anyone else got any thoughts on this ?

@Xaron : We should probably start a list of places to post, the obvious locations would be Twitter with the #IndieDev #GameDev hash tags, Facebook on BRL's page as well as other dev related pages ?? and then of course forums, so if people can list or start suggesting specific locations for the post to be placed I will amend a list above .

@RenK : Yeah that would be nice, would work for anything really, Art, Sound, Music. 3D Models?

Why0Why(Posted 2015) [#22]
I think this is a great idea!

Derron(Posted 2015) [#23]
Because "assets" might be a problem:
Make future competitions in a way it allows to reuse assets of other (prior) entries. Of course people might keep their assets "non-reuseable" but I assume some of you (and me) do not have problems when other users reuse assets (in a non-commercial way).

For me it is harder to find suiting music than fiddling around with blender/gimp/pshop. But for games I think "music" is easier reuseable than graphics, because I often do not have sound volume high enough to even fully "experience" the sfx. But I do not lower the brightness of my screen :p.


Paul - Taiphoz(Posted 2015) [#24]
I spent some time today and did some pixel art for this event, it's free to all entrants but will cost anyone else wanting to use it 18 Yen, I know its genre specific and might not be applicable to the final chosen theme, but I did what I knew so I could do it quick..

I might do more later.

arawkins(Posted 2015) [#25]
This sounds like an awesome idea, I just wanted to chime in a tiny bit of feedback on the contest post:

Monkey is a flexible low cost affordable and powerful development tool

I don't think you need to say both 'low cost' and 'affordable' (you could just say one or the other), and I'm not sure you need to say either one. I think giving people the impression that it is a low-budget solution could potentially dissuade them from taking it seriously. The price is easy enough to see on the website. You are also giving away a copy of it as a prize, which could be seen as less valuable if the overall product is being pitched as low-cost.

Just a thought I had while reading it, everything else sounds good! Hope it generates some buzz.

funkygallo(Posted 2015) [#26]
if needeed I can provide a free space, in other word banner, on my web site, to promote the contest.

Paul - Taiphoz(Posted 2015) [#27]
Every possible location would be nice..

Ok guys, unless anyone has anything else to offer up in terms of prizes or suggestions on the post itself ?, I think it's time we start talking about the time frame, when do we hold this, how long do we make it last and are Xaron and Playnix both fine with being judges, you guys will need to communicate during the judging phase to figure out who wins etc are you both cool with that ?

IN terms of time frame I have already suggested and then emended that we do it from Friday X till the following Sat and then be judged on the Sunday, that will give any entrant 3 full weekends, an extra Friday night and the 5 weekdays which I think is more than enough time for a small game jam, we also need to decide when to start this would this coming Friday be to soon?

Unless anyone has a better idea please let us know.

Onto the subject of publicising the event, do we have 1 person make a load of posts/tweets/facebook updates or does a bunch of us gather and plaster it everywhere.

Paul - Taiphoz(Posted 2015) [#28]
oh yeah and we still need a theme, I think Xaron and Playnix should come up with a theme choice, perhaps a theme each and let the entrant's pick from them both ?

Xaron(Posted 2015) [#29]
Woah a theme choice. Well that's a tough one. Let me think about that. It should be easy to do, ideas?

Derron(Posted 2015) [#30]
Keep in mind that entrants might use "MONKEY X 77A" because this is the official version provided in the free version.

So contestants should somehow start with equal chances (I do not know much about changes since then - especially regarding features).
ELSE I would say someone should provide an update pack (for all provided platforms: win, mac, linux) or at least a complete guide how to build an up-to-date- version based on the available source files.

I ask for this, because we want to have the entry barrier as low as possible. Even the "guide-part" could be something stopping potential users of taking part.

Another thing the competition posts should contain: Links to "get started"-tutorials so people could jump in even NOT knowing Monkey yet.


Paul - Taiphoz(Posted 2015) [#31]
Tutorials is a good idea , got anything specific in mind ? Monkey-X already comes with a dir full of example code which people can use to get to grips with the language, we all know the documentation sucks but there is nothing I can do about that.

As for monkey version, I really do not see that as being an issue since the judges, I assume would be judging the final game not the source code.

Derron(Posted 2015) [#32]
Like said, I do not know if there are issues with "77a" (things which should work, but just do not work).

Just things to get started with. The "example code" provided in the download is exactly what it means to be: example code / samples. This is not comparable to tutorials guiding you through different stages.
Depending of which target group you are aiming for, these guides could be "my first game"-style or to show up the language itself (loops, case-sensitivity, ...).

If "html5" has specific pitfalls regarding setup, caches, deployment ... then these should be taken care of too. Like said: try to pave the path as much as possible (without writing the entry for the contestant :p).

IF there are too many entries having a too low level of "quality" then you should consider having two competitions (simultaneously or month A - month B - month A ...) targeting different groups: beginner and advanced. "beginner" might not need to submit a complete game while advanced means, there should be something enjoyable at the end.


Paul - Taiphoz(Posted 2015) [#33]
Tutorial is sorted, which should cover everything for the total beginner . I hope, at least its better than the samples in the example dir.

bazmonkey(Posted 2015) [#34]
My 2 cents. As Derron says, keep the barrier to entry low and the fun factor high.

7 day Monkey Jam:
Aim: 'Make an awesome demo game using Monkey'. Max 500-1000 lines of code (or ignore this). External frameworks allowed if freely downloadable. Public domain sounds/graphics allowed (or req all to be made during jam, like LD). All code to be included as open-source. Theme: "You're a monkey". ?

Paul - Taiphoz(Posted 2015) [#35]
Should the source be required? I think it would be cool if it was but some people seem to hate sharing code lol.

I'm up for adding that source needs to be shown but if were hosting the games here in the app section then where will they post the source specially if their source is long or spread over a ton of files, asking people to upload a zip for people to download would then mean that person needs some where to upload to, we dont all have dropbox or ftp servers, I know there are tons of free hosting sites around for files but its just one more thing were asking them to supply.

I'm on the fence need more people's opinion on this.

bazmonkey(Posted 2015) [#36]
... It doesn't seem to put people off LD, but you're right, any restriction can do that, in which case make it optional. It would just put more Monkey code out there. Depends on the aim of the jam. I think a jam should encourage new code/ideas, small projects, not too much reworking of old code/projects.
Anyway, a detail. Good to see this moving along.

Paul - Taiphoz(Posted 2015) [#37]
I never thought about people re-using old already done code, yeah I think were gona need to see the source.

How about...

Entrant's Zip their Project and mail it to Playnix and Xaron for judging (project MUST compile and run - any third party modules used must be free) - free because the judges might not have it.
Entrant's Submit their App/Game to this sites app section within their app's forum they post their source code.


Xaron ? Playnix you guys ok with letting entrants e-mail their games to you both to be judged ? PS, post what e-mail address should be used so I can put it in the main thread.

Playniax(Posted 2015) [#38]
Sure, they can send it to


Xaron(Posted 2015) [#39]
And mine is: martin.leidel@... :)

Duke87(Posted 2015) [#40]
Yeah, that's a great idea! I would love to participate the competition.
Maybe we should start with a very simple competition theme like a simple Quiz or something. Without using any 3rd party modules. Or if, we maybe should agree to a "whitelist" of 3rd-party modules, with links to them in the Competition Desciption.
Another question is: what if i would need something like a sort-algorithm or something, that is already written (no matter if on the Code-Section or by yourself) ?
Maybe - i have not thought about for long - the participant could "register" the Code that he will use -and was written before - 3 or 4 days after the Competion's announcement, so all have the chance to use it as well?
and i would say, we should'n say "1000 Lines of code" but maybe 1kb sourcecode filesize. Because, it's possible to put more instructions into one line, and that would make the source some kind of messy. (Just an idea)
What target must the Game Run on (at least) ?
I think 14 Day's for the time is ok, or do you think it's to long?

so long Duke

Paul - Taiphoz(Posted 2015) [#41]
With regard to modules I think anything as long as it's free and the link's to the module location are provided for the judges so they can get it if they don't already have it.

I think grabbing a handy function from some one else' is fine within reason, clearly taking 90% of an existing source and then calling it your's wont fly, but if you for example grab some one's bubble sort, or distance function that's ok, only so many ways you can actually code them anyway so even if you did write your own it would probably look a lot alike.

I'm also not to bothered about file size, the only concerns in that regard might be can the e-mail servers handle a large file, and of course the 20 meg limit on the app section of this site. but I'm sure that given the short time period most projects will be small anyway.

Now that we have all that sorted out, the very last thing that I can think of to sort is going to be the Start/End time/date and the theme, with regard to the theme, I think both Xaron and Playnix are going to both suggest one and the entrant's will be able to pick which one they take on board.

So really just the start/end time and date to sort out, and how long to make it.

Duke87(Posted 2015) [#42]
Another question i thought about, what will be the evaluation weightening?
Something like: 20% Visual effects, 20% Idea, 20% user-experiance, 20% (user-fault-tolerance (I mean, has it bugs on unexpected user inputs and stuff) ...
That should be clear before the contest start i think.
That would be a nice feedback (for me, and i guess for others) to see where you can improve your programming skills.

bazmonkey(Posted 2015) [#43]
One option is to use gamejolts jam hosting - - they do the hosting, and features such as blog/feedback. might help get the word out too.
EDIT - offers something similar.

I took part in the last 7 Day FPS jam and felt that 1 week was quite a nice timeframe. Doesn't mean you spend whole week on it, just more flexible. LD requires total focus on those 2 days, but does also encourage a simpler approach.

Best thing to take from LD is that *its the taking part thats the main reward*. You made a monkey game! And the community is very supportive of everyone taking part.

MikeHart(Posted 2015) [#44]
I think it should be targeted at beginners and so no use of 3rd party modules. Just simple blank Monkey/Mojo.
I also suggest that the contest is only for non-pro owners.

Paul - Taiphoz(Posted 2015) [#45]
@baz I'v literally only just uploaded something to gamejolt although I registered on it ages ago iv hardly even looked at it, it's possibly something to look at tho if there are more of these , it's important to remember that all of this has come about due to the generosity of Xaron and Playniax who are offering both prize's we would not be doing this if not for them.

@Duke that's something I hadn't thought about at all, I was thinking they might just pick the one they like the look/play/idea of the most, what about a simple 5/5 scoring for Art/Sound/Gameplay and then a sum of the 3 would be the entrant's score? this is another thing that needs Xaron and Playniax to comment on as their the ones that need to agree on it.

@Mike I'm really trying to keep this as simple as possible specially on the judges, but I wonder if we could simply tell the attendee's to send their game to the judge responsible for the thing they want to win, so pro users might send to Playniax and not Xaron, while new users might send to both ?

Paul - Taiphoz(Posted 2015) [#46]
Actually I'm looking at the gamejolt jam setup and it looks kinda cool but the voting side of things seems to be either open to all users of the site, or open to the people who submit entrant's, there does not seem to be an option for set judges. gamejolt might be something to look at if we do this again.

MikeHart(Posted 2015) [#47]
so pro users might send to Playniax and not Xaron, while new users might send to both ?

Naaah, sounds weird. One competition, the winners will picked by a team and combined judgment. Or a community voting. I would prefer the later.

Paul - Taiphoz(Posted 2015) [#48]
I think we will leave it as is for now and let Xaron pick a winner to give the pro licence to and Playniax can pick a winner to give his module to.

I think if this all works out and there is interest in a second jam then gamejolt would be the best place to host it where the winner's can be votted on by the gamejolt community which is much larger than ours, regardless of any prizes getting a regular jam going would be a big bonus for the community as a whole.

Derron(Posted 2015) [#49]
concerning regular jams you should not limit to "only non-pro users" - what happens to people once they win? They could no longer take part in the competition?
I think everybody should be able to take part - and if one wins the second time it is up to him what to do with the price (give to someone else, leave it on the hard disc for eternity, ...).

Let all sponsors pick winners on their own does multiple things:
- gets rid of the "who is sponsor of #1, who of #2..."
- allows to "weight" regarding the price (effects, coding purely with monkey+mojo)
- removes the hassle to speak with each other ("send me your ranking")
- might lead to one user win both prices
- less communication between sponsors (seen as "disadvantage" this time)

Regarding sponsor ranking: each rank gives points, both sponsors then add their ranks and voila... winner or no winner (without a winner, they silently agree to give one user a better rank to adjust total ranking ...or they sponsor it multiple times :p). Think the world wide web offers some more or less fair ranking-point-systems. Keep in mind that things might extend to more sponsors.

Hmpf somehow it already gets more complicated than excepted.


Arabia(Posted 2015) [#50]
I'm looking forward to this. No illusions about winning it, but always thought the idea of entering a code jam would be cool.

bitJericho(Posted 2015) [#51]
@Derron et. al.

This complexity is just what I'd expect from a board full of programmers! My philosophy, Keep It Simple Stupid, or Keep It Stupid Simple. How about: 1. Anything goes as long as it's a game and it's not already published, good luck. 2. Someone who's not entering will judge everyone's game based on whatever he believes is a good idea, so submit cool games!

Anyway, I'm in if I can squeeze in the time.

Paul - Taiphoz(Posted 2015) [#52]
Deff sticking with a set theme as it gives people something to work with and removes some of the time normally taken up by planning out a game concept, as well as ensuring that people are writing something fresh and not using something already written, to a degree at least.

im going to set the start time to next(not this friday but the next) Friday and will run for 1 week , Friday to Sat and then judges on the Sunday unless one of the judges objects.

Paul - Taiphoz(Posted 2015) [#53]
Post is now live. and here

Posted it in the programming section by mistake meant to post it here in General , oh well to late now lol.. good luck everyone and Xaron and Playniax again thanks guys and be sure to put your thinking caps on and come up with a theme each also be sure to let me know what it is either on or just before the start date so I can update the post, best thing would be to simply post it in a reply to the event post that way if I'm late in updating the OP people can still see the theme's

Duke87(Posted 2015) [#54]
Sorry for the stupid question, does pg rated mean something like: its even for kids? (no violent, no porn etc.) ?

Derron(Posted 2015) [#55]
pg = parental guided, so of course "Mr. Carrot" can get send to rescue carrots from the uber enemy "Big Bad Blender".

I also think that "comical violence" should be allowed. Imagine parachutists falling from the sky ... and it is up to you to press the fire button to open the parachute. The later you open it, the more score you get (Game from the "32 games in one cardrige"-game on the Atari 2600 :p).
If you do not create huge clouds of blood from the impact spot but eg. "fluffy clouds" and an angel flying towards heaven, I assume this will be ok.

Same for "porn", no genitals in explicit situations, but your game might be still showing nude sceneries - if it is something educational. What about a game in which you need to use condoms because you else might fetch some illness? If there is a funny small 4x2 pixels penis, I doubt you could call it "porn".
Of course "US of A" or some countries in the southern East will surely think differently about such things than we in western Europe do (but therefore "violence" is something we rate differently).

Edit: I would more clarify that religious things should be avoided (a "jesus shoot'em up" etc.). Same for other topics regarding tolerance (racism). BUT not allowing such things disallows satirical elements. Double windmill...


Paul - Taiphoz(Posted 2015) [#56]
Yeah that was more to try and avoid the trolls submitting falling penis and flying jobby games that you some times see cropping up in jams.

Derron(Posted 2015) [#57]
@ some text written to the official "jam" thread
I try to not furtherly dillute the officlal thread, so I write here

Question was something about "original work", limit of users doing one project etc.

@team size
I think there should be no limit of the team size. If people code and gfx together, they will - at the end - also have to share a potential price.
If you really get up a team of 10 members, the result will surely be of higher quality and "gameplay depth" (because of more "man hours" within the time period). And this is something good for "monkey x" (showoff-effect).

@original work
Does this only care about "source codes" or also assets?
I ask this because I am quite fast with "Blender" and once an 3d model is created, I could reuse it again and again. Of coure I might rotate it, light it differently, change colors and whatever, but a "barrel" stays a "barrel" regardless of being brown or blue+"danger"-sticker.
When doing pixel art I could recolor the pixels, add some pixel here and there - and it just looks "similar" but not "the same".
Both cases allow to save some work amount for the next jam. The ladder one seems less obvious in many cases, so It might get used without recognition from outside judges/players.

What about "actors"? Imagine I want to take part in such jams but have some kind of main characters (maybe also opponents, special "targets" like peach the princess, a pink cupcake to catch in all games, ...). I would reuse my hero in all games to have some kind of "collection" which eg. could tell about the adventures this hero survived (or not :p).

I understand to avoid "reusing" existing things, but I also understand that there might come up ideas and plans which need a less strict handling of specific rules. But then... which rules are "soft" and which are "hard"?

Hmm maybe the first jam will clarify things - or need a second jam to come up with refinements of the rules.


Paul - Taiphoz(Posted 2015) [#58]
The whole point of any jam is to creating something new in a really short period of time that fits with a given theme, the idea of a jam is not to simply rehash or reskin old work, that's kinda defeating the whole purpose of the jam and your only really cheating yourself in the process.

In terms of team sizes personally I really don't care, if you have a small team of 2 or 3 people working together to create something "NEW" for a jam then cool, this may change if there are further jams but in the mean time team sizes is not a factor to worry about.

in terms of creating a character and then having that character in a collection of jam games I do not have any issue with that at all, @Jayenkai is a fine example of this with his little platdude guy which is in tons if not all of his games and he tries to make a fresh game every week, actually hope he takes part in the jam would love to see what he comes up with for it.

Derron(Posted 2015) [#59]
Yes this example really fits of what I thought of - to be able to reuse specific elements because they eg. are the substance of all the games (the pretty snail princess - in game one you save her, in game 2 it is target of your main actor because this time you switched sides :p).

@rehash and reskin
Yes I absolutely understand this. Already have thought about the jam and "what do I want to learn with Blender" - so I will try to have something "sculpted" (never done yet), animate with drivers (never done too) and extending my basic knowledge of the Blender "texture paint" mode (only know it exists and did simple things with it). Think there are plenty of things left to learn but this will obviously be 3 days of that week for asset creation. Another day gets spend to improve skills in splash/title-screen creation. So some days are left to get warm with the diddy-framework (checked that out some months ago and had to extend certain parts to support things I am used from my blitzmax-framework).

So for me "rehashing" could mean to use a simple barrel (which I have created within some minutes) and modify that later on - instead of recreating a barrel again just because I need another one for the new "jam".
For me this is similar to use the provided assets (your space ships) and modifying them for another game. As long as specific efforts are done to achieve the result I would not really blame it.

But that is not my jam, not my rules, so I will have to live with whatever people will come up ... hope "theme" is something my imagination comes along with nicely.


Paul - Taiphoz(Posted 2015) [#60]
best bet is just to create something new, at the very least it will hone your skills with blender if that's what your using, but I have no objections to people using a bit of code or a bit of art here or there to get something done,

vic(Posted 2015) [#61]
Never mind :)