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Xyle(Posted 2015) [#1]
I try to do a lot of posting, mainly to plug my own site or games, yes but also to plug for MonkeyX and Blitzmax, because I absolutely love them!

After searching for Game Making Software in google, I found this...


Its a sad thing that something like Blitzmax or MonkeyX arent mentioned in the list. Coming from someone who has spent more time switching languages than actually making games, both of these language deserve to be in the list!

Ok, back to dragons...

dawlane(Posted 2015) [#2]
I think that it would be interesting to know where users heard about MonkeyX. I'm surprised that isn't one of the questions asked when you sign up to a free account.

Xyle(Posted 2015) [#3]
Actually I found MonkeyX by completing my first Android game in Java, then when I was thinking about what it would take to port it to Iphone, I remembered someone mentioning a cross platform language on the BlitzBasic forums. I searched in there and found MonkeyX, a month later I had my game re-written in MonkeyX and ported to Android and Iphone, it was beautiful!

Need to setup a poll so people can see where others came from, thats a good idea!

I didn't see Monkey X or Blitzmax on the page above, but I did find them in a few lists of game engines/ language links at the bottom of that page.

I Just know the monster it is advertising/ promoting a website or game, I don't know what kind of avenue BRL uses to promote MonkeyX but would definitely like to see it out there more.

GW_(Posted 2015) [#4]
Maybe we should go over to rosettacode.org/ and start solving tasks in Monkey.

TeaBoy(Posted 2015) [#5]
Could always solve problems on https://projecteuler.net/

Playniax(Posted 2015) [#6]
One thing you could do is mention Monkey in your games or apps and on your website(s).
We have plans to finish some games for 2015 since Ignition X has matured so much giving me more time and we plan to plug the hell out of Monkey (and Ignition X of course).
Another thing that can help is to announce your games on Indy forums and say it was made with Monkey X.
Monkey is really great and for the price it is a steal!
If you don't own the pro version yet, buy it now!

Pakz(Posted 2015) [#7]
On twitter I tweet my programming things. I use the hashtag #gamedev and get retweets and favourites from that. Since I started programming in Monkey I now also use the #monkey hashtag. I also make videos of my things on youtube and mention blitz research products. Though I get few hits or response. I think I need to make more interesting/impressive things.
My new Monkey blog has gotten lots of hits already. Almost 400 in less then 2 weeks. But it gets its views from blitzbasic.com and monkeycoder.co.nz
My Java programming blog has been around since 2011 and I can see what is populair there and make more of that for monkey. Simple things like player jumping example is populair. Code of Algorithms is polulair to.

I am getting a good amount of money back from my appartement heating (I do not use it a lot) and will probably buy Monkey then. Maybe sooner if I notice that I keep programming in it.

Xyle(Posted 2015) [#8]
Good tips there Pakz,
I forgot all about the hashtag.

Videos are great and can give some good hits. Typically when I have an update, either website, graphics or game, I do a post on my website then go to each forum and plug it. I try to get Monkey in there some how.

My thoughts are, as others have stated, that the better BRL does with Monkey, the better it will stay updated and feature rich and so far, its my favorite tool!


EdzUp(Posted 2015) [#9]
Currently giving it a second wind with Star Rogue being a 2d game I didn't need a hulking big 3d engine like Unity so I am using monkey with it and results have been really nice :)

Once the game is complete i will be promoting monkey all over the title sequence so people know what its made in heck it would have had the Unity logo thing if I went that route so why not give monkey a mention :)

Another big plus for me its faster currently to code in monkey than in Unity and as long as I make sure I return to the main loop enough I cab easily port to any target going :)

Salmakis(Posted 2015) [#10]
i wish you good luck with your Project EdzUp,
another Thing i can say, is that alot (very much) ppl are playing browser games in School or at work, and often they cant install Unity Web Player there, so thats a Point where monkey is way up over Unity when it Comes to browser games, since Flash and an html5 browser are very normal :)

TeaBoy(Posted 2015) [#11]
Perhaps using a standard Monkey splash screen could get the word out? If someone has a great splash screen to use that could
be an idea?

degac(Posted 2015) [#12]
Quick question: is there somewhere a logo ready-to-use, some sort of 'Made with Monkey-X' ? Not just a splashscreen, something to use in screenshot or video or anything else.

Something like these test I did (I know, they are HORRENDOUS - it's just to give the idea!)

Otherwise there will be too variations... and only mess.

Amon(Posted 2015) [#13]
Hey, degac, those look cool. Any other variations? Or with the ones in your post is it possible to get ea ch at higher resolutions, please?

degac(Posted 2015) [#14]

To be honest mine work is ... horrible & ugly (very ugly!) :D
I did it just to express an idea... I hope someone more skilled than me can create something like that or bette!
And unfortunately images I created are only just some cut & paste from bitmap images... something created in 3 minutes!

I dont' know who created the MonkeyX's logo (I liked a lot the first version, then I saw one monochrome... very cool!), surely he/she/they has a vector image to work on it.

ps: to BRL/webmaster/simon ... a 'folder' on the site with the 'official' merchandising of MonkeyX (logo, font, iconset, slogan, etc) would be nice...

EdzUp(Posted 2015) [#15]
Thanks Salmakis

I was thinking of a simple screen with made with MonkeyX on it and maybe a www.monkey-x.com text in a smaller font

Amon(Posted 2015) [#16]

To be honest mine work is ... horrible & ugly (very ugly!) :D

No, it isn't. :)

I did it just to express an idea...

Good. This is why you are a programmer/artist. To express an idea, establish a blueprint in your mind and be creative. Nothing wrong with that. Just keep that creative pot of expressing ideas going, it's the most powerful gift we have and is the ultimate way to visualizing and bringing outward our creativity to the world.

Now get cut & paste crazy. I mean it. :)

Pharmhaus(Posted 2015) [#17]
I just realized I forgot to upload the adobe illustrator files in the other topic.
You can install creative cloud (adobe CC) to open the files.
The zip contains some monkey/trans logos. The first revisions look not so pretty you can simply skip them but it is nice to know how things evolved.

degac(Posted 2015) [#18]

I just uploaded my mockup based on a SVG file I found here
Still I'm quite sure (despite Amonn's post...) I'm not so good in graphics!


Pakz(Posted 2015) [#19]
I just bought Monkey pro and Blitzmax. I will be mentioning them in the future.
Monkey is good enough for me for the purchase. I had a great time the last few weeks with it.

I will probably also start a blitzmax blog with example code in the future when I get started with it.

I already posted te image above on twitter on the #gamedev section. I got one favourite right after that.