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GC-Martijn(Posted 2014) [#1]
I want to be sure that things going to work,
before i'm going to think about an idea for a game.

The facts:
- Main target: ipad, android, and maybe Win8, Glfw, Stdcpp
- simple 2d graphics
- 2 player multiplayer over the internet (only wifi, because 3G is just lagging I guess)

I see that there is a brl.socket class now. And that you have to use async requests.

- Is this class stable enough ?
- Is it fast using delta * or/and I was thinking not sending the X,Y coord. but only the direction and stop.
So if someone is walking to the right, than I only send that to the other client.

In other words, can I use brl.socket now for multiplayer games ?

Thanks for the info!