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Kaltern(Posted 2014) [#1]
I've been here for about a week, asked a couple of q's and got pretty much immediate answers.

However, I notice that most of the forum is very quiet. Is this indicative of the 'life' of this product - is it still in active development, and are there a lot more people using it than this forum would suggest?

EdzUp(Posted 2014) [#2]
All forums gp through quiet periods where either Pele are working, socialising, sleeping etc

Gerry Quinn(Posted 2014) [#3]
It's summer, at least in the northern hemisphere. And the World Cup is on. I suspect few programming sites are at their most scintillating right now...

Sammy(Posted 2014) [#4]
Yeah, I agree, the web in general, even the mighty Reddit is slow at the moment.

Raul(Posted 2014) [#5]
we are working at our projects.

ziggy(Posted 2014) [#6]
It's a small community, but very active. It would have more frequent messages if it was bigger, but the number of users is increasing lately, and hopefully it'll continue growing.
For me is perfect, when things get bigger, useful information gets lots under tones of repeating questions.

Lindsay(Posted 2014) [#7]
I wouldn't take it as a bad sign - as you say, you get fast answers when you ask a question, which proves we're all checking in regularly :)

Neuro(Posted 2014) [#8]
Eh..its always been fairely quiet on these forums. Unless something controversial comes along then the whole forum will flare up. Maybe thats what we need :-D?

Salmakis(Posted 2014) [#9]
I check out the forums like 2-3 times a week, but often im to stupid to help others so im mostly silent :P

SLotman(Posted 2014) [#10]
I'm working like crazy here, getting things done for Casual Connect :)

Supertino(Posted 2014) [#11]
I'm like Salmakis I just like being in the gang even if I can't contribute too much.