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Paul - Taiphoz(Posted 2014) [#1]
While having a bit of a debate with a fellow dev on twitter about how important Art is it got me thinking, this forum has everything we need, or does it ?

We have no Forum for Art, or Sound and I think that's something we should rectify as soon as possible.

With specific forums for art and sound people could post their work, not only that but it would be the idea place to showcase your work, or even offer up free art , music, sfx for those who do not have the talents in those area's.

We have code covered, we have targets covered, we need to think about Art and Sound.

So.. if you think Having an Art forum and a Sound/Music forum where artists, and musicians can post their work, ask for coders, or coders seeking artists then click the really hard to see little STAR top left of this post, OR leave a comment bellow.

Something like this , I think would be perfect (the description would need work tho lol)

MikeHart(Posted 2014) [#2]
Very good suggestion. I would love that.

ziggy(Posted 2014) [#3]
Agree. Very good idea

SLotman(Posted 2014) [#4]
What about something like the Unity asset store? People could give away or even sell art, code, sounds... all in one place.

Nobuyuki(Posted 2014) [#5]
+1 for asset store, particularly a unified place to host not just assets of art, music, but code snippets and frameworks essential to the community. I'm having a vague memory that there used to be a community like this for BlitzBasic or two....

AdamRedwoods(Posted 2014) [#6]
a monkey asset store?
sorry to be the negative nancy, but i think the community is too small for this. i'd rather see an existing asset store being used for monkey items.
i'm also tired of seeing solo asset stores for specific products-- like Leadwerks store, unity store, construct2 store-- i really wish i could go to one place and use any assets for any software.

Timber(Posted 2014) [#7]
I think two new forums would be really good, cant wait to see lots of art being posted, I love looking at new art, and listening to new music will be really cool as well.

in terms of the asset store which is a whole other topic and should get its own thread, I think its a good idea, Adam I also think one location would be nice but people are pack animals and tend to like to stay in their herds, hence the unity store and any other tool specific store, I think having a monkey store would be really cool and now with the Free version the way it is, getting an account and being able to submit assets to it does not mean you need to buy monkey pro so the store's assets could potentially come from anywhere.

Another major plus is of course the fact that Mark or BRL could take a small cut from any assets sold which would in turn help support the company, and that cant be a bad thing, in fact I cant think of a single bad thing that would arise from having an asset store as long as it allowed for free and paid assets to be listed.

but again, that's a whole other topic and probably deserves its own post.

dave.h(Posted 2014) [#8]
i think an asset store is a great idea ive created loads of different sounds for explosions,lasers ect with several synths ive purchached over the past couple of years and would gladly give them away for free to help the community.

Paul - Taiphoz(Posted 2014) [#9]
Thought I would share this reply I got from them.


Thanks for the suggestion. I’ll add it to the list of improvements to be made during the next website update.

Simon Harrison,
Blitz Research.

So looks like in the next update there is a chance we might get these two new forums. :)
Thanks Simon.

computercoder(Posted 2014) [#10]
This would be neat. I really can't draw much of anything. Stick figures and basic shapes are my forte in the drawing department :) Plus having some music and sounds at our fingers here would be nice too. SoundRangers has been taking my money there for a while now. It'd be nice to try somewhere new, and among fellow developers alike.

I'll be interested to see what comes of this!