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FelipeA(Posted 2013) [#1]

This is the first time I would ask for help in this matter, but as I am more of an artist than a programmer I am a bit forced to do this.

I am looking for someone to make an Xtify module for Android and iOS. ( http://www.xtify.com/). It's very urgent.

I don't know what is the money expected by a programmer in this circumstances, I don't have a very large budget for this. I hope $200 USD through PayPal could be good.

If anyone wants to contact me, please do it through this post or send me an e-mail to f.alfonso.espinosa@...


FelipeA(Posted 2013) [#2]
After playing around with Push Notification systems I realized it wasn't that hard, the only problem is that I had to make a very nasty hack of mojo. Anyway, I won't be needing help for now as I've developed my own push notification modules, one for Xtify and other for Parse.

Thanks anyways.

dooz(Posted 2014) [#3]
Hi, I am using parse from Monkey, but have been unable to figure out how to do push. Would you consider sharing the parse notification work?