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boomboom(Posted 2013) [#1]
Hello, I have an upcoming project and i am currently tooling up. The platforms I will be targeting will be mobile devices, mainly tablets, but also phones on both android and iOS.

I am looking for a framework or libraries that can help me with the following features:

Scene management
Load and play high quality 2d animated images with transparency
Play animated video clips with synced sound, but full screen within the game, not as a video.
Easy sprite movement control, preferably with effects (similar to sprite candy)

My project will feature a lot of prerendered full screen animated movie clips, so I would need a way to play them, but have interactivity over the top, so they couldn't go in as just a movie, but rather as an animated image with synced sound and the ability to layer other sprites over the top.

Any advice on achieving this with monkey, or should I look at another toolset (suggestions welcome).