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jondecker76(Posted 2012) [#1]
Has anyone been successful in compiling Monk for Linux? I just tried with BlitzMax. The first problem is a reference to a non-existing window_icon.png on line 37. After putting a dummy image there, it does compile but segfaults. I'll probably start looking into it when I get a few days off of work, just wondering if anyone else has taken a peek at this or not...

jondecker76(Posted 2012) [#2]
Ok, I had a few minutes to play around. I have Monk running on linux!

First, I had to create a dummy window_icon.png in src/monk

Next, I followed this post and downloaded the trans_linux and makemeta_linux and placed them in the bin folder

Lastly, I edited monk.bmx around line 1400 or so, and added:

With that, Monk compiles under linux with BlitzMax. I haven't had time to put it through any paces yet, but wanted to post incase others wanted to follow along or join in on getting everything running under Linux. I've seen posts where others have a Linux Target for GLFW and of course posts with patches to get everything else running on linux. With how easy this all seems to be, I still can't figure out why Mark wouldn't just go ahead and make Linux support official...

Shinkiro1(Posted 2012) [#3]
On linux I always found it suboptimal to code in MaxIDE/Monk so I used Gedit with some plugins:

It shouldn't be too hard to set up and you have Textmate style completition, tab triggers and so on.
There is also a program out there that converts Textmate bundles to Gedit bundles.

slenkar(Posted 2012) [#4]
how do you compile from gedit?

monk is a nice option too thanks

Shinkiro1(Posted 2012) [#5]
I didn't try it with monkey but for BlitzMax i wrote a tutorial for Ubuntu 10.04:
(all files included)

The approach shouldn't be too different.

jondecker76(Posted 2012) [#6]
Ok, I now have the Monk IDE calling trans_linux and working fully as an IDE. The only change that was needed (aside from the ones listed above) is somewhere around line 6630 you need to add: