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simonh(Posted 2011) [#1]
There were reports with the RC version of IE9 that the Chrome Frame plug-in (which provides canvas rendering for IE6, IE7 and IE8) shows a pop-up installer when viewing apps, which it shouldn't do - IE9 supports canvas rendering.

For people running the final release version of IE9, can you please let me know if the pop-up still appears or not?

dopeyrulz(Posted 2011) [#2]

I've got a feeling I did have this on the final version. I need to install IE9 on my server tomorrow so will try it and let you know. From memory it dropped the frame rate down as well.

Perturbatio(Posted 2011) [#3]
I get it running IE9 version 9.0.8080.16413

impixi(Posted 2011) [#4]
Not here. IE9 9.0.8080.16421. Win7 64bit. Unless the "Internet Explorer restricted this web page from running scripts or ActiveX controls." warning is what you're talking about. There is no mention of "Chrome Frame" plug-in though.

simonh(Posted 2011) [#5]
I get it running IE9 version 9.0.8080.16413
A Google search seems to suggest that's the RC version.

Hopefully if impixi's report is correct, it doesn't happen in the final release version.

dopeyrulz(Posted 2011) [#6]

Yep - installed on my server and received the Chrome Frame prompt - v9.0.8112.1621 WS2008 R2 x64.

Indiepath(Posted 2011) [#7]
Yeah I got it too - most disturbing...

impixi(Posted 2011) [#8]
Interesting that others are seeing the prompt. I recently reformatted my HDD and reinstalled Win7 from scratch, installed IE9 fresh, no upgrade from beta or RC. Perhaps that had something to do with it?

Amon(Posted 2011) [#9]
I get it too. That's after a fresh install of Wind7 and the Release Version of IE9.

skid(Posted 2011) [#10]
impixi, the ActiveX warning is an equivalent problem.

Hopefully the chrome team will update the cfinstall script soon, in the mean time I think the CF stuff should be dropped.