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degac(Posted 2011) [#1]
This is a request do Simonh about (if any) update on MonkIDE.
At the moment I'm using V31 (and Monk IDE v0.34 ).

1. fix the .bmx extension when you want to save as 'myname' (it adds .bmx instead of .monkey) - this is something already asked

2. when you press F5 a new dialog (for the target platform) pop up.

Can you add some per-target customizations?

ie: when choosing HTML5 (of Flash) as output Monk could offer to the user what browser want to use - without messing with the config.txt file - handy to see the different speed/results on the different browser/platform.

3. a direct link to the config.XXX.txt file to change the parameters (at least open the .txt file directly in the IDE) - the best option should be a dedicated window...

4. the possibility to 'define' the SCREEN/CANVAS sizes directly in the Monk-ide config file: should be the quite easy to 'change' on the fly the different file

5. highlight of the commands: I can't live without it (and now with the 'case sensitive' thing typing is becoming tedious...
At least make an extern file where we can add (manually) the commands we like to highlight if an automatism like in MaxIDE is no planned or too complicated (at the moment) to implement.
By the way in case of error Monkide 'suggests' a proper solution (ie: AddLast - perhaps you meant 'AddLast'...

Sorry if I stress out, but monkey is really a great product (and I understand that there were different priority) but the IDE is - for a complete newbee - the 'first contact' with monkey.


PS: is there around an 'open source code' of the MonkIDE like for BlitzMax?

taumel(Posted 2011) [#2]
Regarding copy&paste:

a) I would very much welcome if copy&paste wouldn't add a space in front of the copied content as i almost every time have to remove it, for instance when replacing one variable with another one.

b) If marking something like a variable by double clicking only would mark the name of the variable instead of its definition as well. Mostly i use it for copy&paste in order to insert the variable name somewhere else. I almost never need its definition.

DGuy(Posted 2011) [#3]
* The ability to specify which monkey source file to use as the "MAIN" source file (i.e. the one with the Main() function in it). This was a very nice feature of the IDEal editor.

When working with several interrelated source files, having to always explicitly click on the MAIN source file before building is annoying.

DruggedBunny(Posted 2011) [#4]
@DGuy: You can select the main file, then choose "Lock Build File" from the Program menu.

(Admittedly, it'd be nice if this selection was saved with the project.)

DGuy(Posted 2011) [#5]
@DruggedBunny: Thanks! I was wondering what the "Lock/Unlock Build File" options where all about.

skid(Posted 2011) [#6]
Simonh is not the author of Monk.

1. The default .monkey extension issue was fixed in previous update.

3. What feature are you changing directly in the ini file?

5. Highlighting of mojo commands is planned.

degac(Posted 2011) [#7]
Sorry, I confused SimonH with you! Just noticed in the about window your name!

In any case (Monkey v.31 + MonkIDE v.034) the issue about the file name extension is still present.

1. Create a new file
2. Save AS 'myname' (delete completelty the untitle1.monkey with myname)
4. the tab's name will show 'myname.bmx' and in the folder is present a file 'myname.bmx'

Here a video

So unless there is around another version an I'm stuck in some stupid error this bug is still present: nothing really important btw...

3. What feature are you changing directly in the ini file?

To test HTML5 code I would like to see the differences between FF3 /FF4 and Chrome. Accessing directly the .txt file allow me to change this things on the fly (ok, I can open C:\monkey\bin... and do it manually, but I'm lazy)
Moreover: in future other SDK (Flex or Android) could be released, so testing application with 2 or more SDK version will be important.

5. Highlighting of mojo commands is planned.

Hurra! Thanks!

Corum(Posted 2011) [#8]
I'd like to ask for a valuable feature.
Since the monkey capability to split instructions across several lines with no separators (or simply by simple spaces on the same row), the brackets highlight feature is a must have, to avoid confusion and (later) madness. :-)

one more request: when hitting F1 key while cursor blinks on a keyword, I'd like to see again the relative call signature, with parameters and all, before being redirected to the help page with a second hit.
Maybe it's just a scheduled task, but it's really important (IMO).
Thank you.

degac(Posted 2011) [#9]
Another thing: when you create a project (ie: Jump) could be interesting create already the sub-folder ( - as it is required for app resources.

And when a 'new' tab is created why don't automatically put the basic-skeleton for every Monkey app? A sort of template with Function Main(), Class Jump extends App, method OnCreate() and so on...

muddy_shoes(Posted 2011) [#10]
I'm not sure if this is an IDE thing, but is it possible to set additional module directories? I want to keep my code out of the monkey directory and my library code separate from individual projects.

pinete(Posted 2011) [#11]
I agree with Degac, to have the posibility to choose the browser you like could be great, and in some cases, a need :)

degac(Posted 2011) [#12]
I'm working on a my own variation of MaxIDE/MonkIDE to support some new features (and one of these is the 'select player')
I think for this week end I should have something working (at the moment the IDE is working - it has highlight supports for Monkey's commands, and this help a lot! - but it is still in an 'alpha' stage).