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Playniax(Posted 2016) [#1]
Pyro for monkey2 basically has 3 main modules. There is the low level ‘framework’ module, a scenegraph module and a gui module. The framework module contains various helpers for graphics, math, base64, serialisation, screen managing, pixel collision, arrays, pathfinding, texture packer, xml and more. I am working towards a first release now so hopefully somewhere this month! The framrwork module will be made available through the Monkey2 module manager and our download page. The framework module of Pyro will be free! Just to be clear, this does not include the scenegraph and gui module! ( scenegraph and gui are commercial products ) I just need to wrap up the docs and examples.

With all this out of the way I can continue work on the editor:

EdzUp(Posted 2016) [#2]
looks nice :)

Playniax(Posted 2016) [#3]
Thanks... Btw, the code to load the level data for Pyro would look something like this:

scene=New Scene

sceneBuilder=New SceneBuilder
sceneBuilder.LoadScene( "asset::level.txt" )
sceneBuilder.BuildScene( scene )

Playniax(Posted 2016) [#4]
It's now possible to open multiple projects and copy sprite maps between them! Tiles will be a bit harder.

Oh, and I added a context menu! But it doesn't do much yet except look pretty...

Playniax(Posted 2016) [#5]
From now on 'Pyro for Monkey2' will have a 'new' name simply Pyro 2

I think this makes more sense...

Playniax(Posted 2016) [#6]
I just uploaded a new Pyro 2 preview due to some Monkey 2 changes...

diemar(Posted 2016) [#7]
This is great. Can't wait to see MonkeyII and Pyro2, synergeticly hit the html5 design community, setting new standards of quality and eyecandy.

Playniax(Posted 2016) [#8]
Can't wait to see MonkeyII and Pyro2

The last bits are always the hardest in my experience...

Paul - Taiphoz(Posted 2016) [#9]
would be nice if your editor let you draw polly's for collision detection, like drop in some random image and then click a few points around in making a collision shape. looking really nice either way mate nice work, programming editors I am convinced kills what little brain cells i have left and Im sure it would drive me to jump off a cliff so the fact there are people like you who love it and can do it well is a really really good thing :)

Keep it up.

Playniax(Posted 2016) [#10]
would be nice if your editor let you draw polly's for collision detection

Will make it in there..

Playniax(Posted 2016) [#11]
Phew, got rotation of multiple objects working!

Playniax(Posted 2016) [#12]
I made some changes to the ( pixel perfect ) collision layer module today. With Ignition X and Pyro you needed a little editor to create image pixel masks. The editor is able to create a mask automatically but Pyro 2 can now do this without using an editor. It uses the alpha channel to create the pixel mask. The collision layer can also adjust its size automatically now ( before you had to set the size your self ).

These demos use the pixel perfect collision module:

Playniax(Posted 2016) [#13]
I continued porting the Duel demo to Pyro 2 today. Lighting is not in yet so it looks weird.

Pyro 1

Pyro 2 ( without lighting but will be added )

Playniax(Posted 2016) [#14]
Whoohoo! Mark just added Chipmunk2D Physics to Monkey 2 so I decided to play around and test it with Pyro 2!

Playniax(Posted 2016) [#15]
I had to make some massive improvements to the Pyro 2 engine but the editor can now handle tiles! Basically the sprite mapping system is handling the tiles now ( tiles and spites were 2 systems blend together in Pyro 1 ). Of course tiles are still possible and Tiled maps can still be used but this is the only sane way to deal with this in the editor without resorting to all kind of sub editor modes.

rIKmAN(Posted 2016) [#16]
Looking good Tony, keep up the good work!

Playniax(Posted 2016) [#17]
Thanks! Will do!

Playniax(Posted 2016) [#18]
Whoohoo! Crushed some particle engine bugs today.

I am very tempted to resurrect the particle editor I started to make a while back but I need to stick to the plan or it will never make it out there. Will do this later though...

Playniax(Posted 2016) [#19]
And... I got iso sorting running!

zxretrosoft(Posted 2016) [#20]
It looks fantastic! ;-)
It's an editor for Pyro released?

Playniax(Posted 2016) [#21]
It's an editor for Pyro released?

No, not yet. Working on it...

In te meantime you can try the Tiled map editor. Pyro can load TMX files.

zxretrosoft(Posted 2016) [#22]
Thank you, I look forward to!
In Tiled Map Editor, there is still TSX file. I need it likely. Without it, I can not load the map :/

Playniax(Posted 2016) [#23]
I think that should work also...

Playniax(Posted 2016) [#24]
Btw, I got lighting up today!

And working on bananas and tutorials right now... Yay!

zxretrosoft(Posted 2016) [#25]
This looks very nice! Useful! I look forward to ;)

Tiled Map: I still got the error: Base64 compression is currently not supported by Tiled importer.... I can not get over it.
I'am trying:
Import playniax.pyro.encoding.base64

Playniax(Posted 2016) [#26]
When you save a map from Tiled make sure that compression is turned off! ( map properties )

Saving as XML, Base64 ( uncompressed ) or CSV should work!

Playniax(Posted 2016) [#27]
Just uploaded the latest Pyro 2 preview to our support page. Massive changes to the tile system!

This is probably the last preview version. I expect to have some kind of release this month!!!

Thanks for all the people supporting Pyro 2 already by buying Pyro 1.

Playniax(Posted 2016) [#28]
And... I just uploaded a demo of the pyro-framework module:

I uploaded it now mainly for testing so any feedback is appreciated!

The pyro-framework module is a collection of Monkey 2 helpers to make your coding life easier and will be available for free!

There are helpers for arrays, base64, xml, bitmap fonts, collisions, delta timing, graphics, math, pathfinding, texturepacker and more!

( although I left out the pixel collision and xml for now because of some bugs )

After some more testing I will upload it so it can be used by the Monkey 2 module manager.

Playniax(Posted 2016) [#29]
It looks like the official release date of Pyro 2 will be the first of December! :)

This will include the Pyro-framework, scene-graph and gui module, docs, examples, templates and demos.

I am hoping to release the editor in januari 2017 in some shape or form!

Note that if you purchase a Pyro (1) license before the first of December you will get the editor later for free ( our way to say thanks for the early support ).

Playniax(Posted 2016) [#30]
Monkey 2 just had a major update! It includes ‘Ted2go’ as the default IDE and the free version of the pyro-framework module.

More information:

therevills(Posted 2016) [#31]
Exciting news!

Playniax(Posted 2016) [#32]
I really need a feature stop if I want to finished V1.0.0 before the 1st of december but I couldn't resist adding a 'debug' editor to the gui system for help with positioning gui objects :)

Pakz(Posted 2016) [#33]
Would be nice if there were some youtube videos showing how to use pyro with monkey 2. I have barely the clue on how to use the monkey 2 modules. I recently installed the emscripten. Took a while rebuilding but it compiles. I did get memory errors when i tried to run something i compiled with it.

I do like monkey 2. I have spend quite some time getting to know it. Might need to start donating.

Playniax(Posted 2016) [#34]
Pyro 2 and the CrashTest Art Pack are here!

DruggedBunny(Posted 2016) [#35]
Aw, go on then... bought the pack. Will give P2 a go over the weekend!

EDIT: Think it's in Module Manager, but it just shows as Pyro-***, is that the right one?

EDIT2: Think it is, as the download version looks to have same names.

Never used a framework, so no idea if it's my kind of thing, but will be interesting to see.

MikeHart(Posted 2016) [#36]
Congrats on the release.

Playniax(Posted 2016) [#37]
Thanks DruggedBunny!

Yes, download all 3 modules starting with 'pyro-'

Playniax(Posted 2016) [#38]
The Pyro 2 modules are now visible in the Monkey 2 module manager so it's now very easy to install ( install all 3 ). Just start the Monkey 2 IDE, find module manager, install and after installation just build and you should be good to go! Get the from our download page for the bananas, demos and templates.

Note that our website is not up to date yet. Sorry for that!

DruggedBunny(Posted 2016) [#39]
For what it's worth, it built automatically for me after install, though it took a really long time, looked like it was rebuilding everything from scratch. (As in all M2 modules.)

P2 worked well, though, nice examples!

One suggestion: maybe the examples ought to be worked into a separate pyro-examples module somehow, as a separate zip download is going to get missed by a lot of people who just install the new modules they find.

Playniax(Posted 2016) [#40]

is going to get missed by a lot of people who just install the new modules they find.

Not happy about this myself. Problem was that the Module Manager only allows 2MB for download so I solved it like this for now.

muddy_shoes(Posted 2016) [#41]
Is there a repo somewhere or are you only distributing via the module system and zips?

therevills(Posted 2016) [#42]
Is there a repo somewhere

I was going to ask the same thing, are you open to community changes?

Playniax(Posted 2016) [#43]
Is there a repo somewhere

Not yet.

are you open to community changes?

Yes, but give me some time to set it up. Not much experience with it yet.
In the meantime, don't hesitate with sugestions...

Playniax(Posted 2016) [#44]
Just added a simple demo loader to the CrashTest Art for Pyro 2.

Playniax(Posted 2016) [#45]
Just added the Pyro 2 Tiled Converter to the shop. Early birds get it for $6 USD if you purchase it within the next 3 days ( normal price $9 USD ).

Playniax(Posted 2016) [#46]
There is a new GUI template available for Pyro 2.

The template has a loader, start, settings, help, about and in-game pause screen for a portrait oriented game ( landscape coming soon ).

The release includes all graphics in png format and Monkey 2 / Pyro 2 source code files.

We will release updates and new themes regularly.

Make sure you have the latest Pyro 2 installed!

Btw, if you don't own the CrashTest Art pack yet, 9 hours left before the price goes up to $9 USD!

Playniax(Posted 2016) [#47]
And another new GUI template [a[/a] for Pyro 2.

Same structure as template 1 but different theme.

Make sure you have the latest Pyro 2 installed!

Playniax(Posted 2016) [#48]
And another new GUI template available for Pyro 2.

Same structure as template 1 but different theme.

Make sure you have the latest Pyro 2 installed!

Playniax(Posted 2016) [#49]
If you haven't played with Monkey 2 or Pyro 2 yet I have created a zip with everything pre-installed!

Visit our download page and download the file ( large file! ).

Just unzip the file to your drive ( not to deep paths ) and run the IDE.

You still need to download the Pyro 2 though ( bananas,demos and templates ) also from the download page.

Only Windows desktop for now! Next I will have a look at the Mac.

Playniax(Posted 2016) [#50]
Just updated the with some better tile examples. Check our download page!

Playniax(Posted 2016) [#51]
We have created a 'store' page at for Monkey - Pyro 2 ( pre-built for desktop ) for both Windows and Macos.

This saves you a lot of building time!

Just unzip the file to your drive ( shallow paths please ) and run the IDE.

You still need to download the Pyro 2 though ( bananas,demos and templates ) also from the download page.

Playniax(Posted 2016) [#52]
Added 2 demos to the product pages showing the GUI templates in action:

Car theme:
Cartoon theme:

These templates are intended to give your project a quick 'polished' look when prototyping but we don't mind if they end up in the release.

You can get them in our asset store.

MikeHart(Posted 2016) [#53]
Either the buttons are not functional or its doggy slow on my old ipad or it crashed. Car theme tested.

Playniax(Posted 2016) [#54]
I think Monkey 2 doesn't handle touch yet in a browser. I will ask Mark about this ( again ;)

Pakz(Posted 2016) [#55]
I experienced a lot of slowness with monkey 2 empscripten on the ipad mini 1. No idea what causes it yet.

Playniax(Posted 2016) [#56]
Any specific demos or all of them? I will have a look myself...

Pakz(Posted 2016) [#57]
I just ran the 2 links from here on the ipad mini. They seem to run ok. Does not tap though. Mouse released does not work in emscripten (ipad) yet then either? That explains things to me :)

What I ment was that what I tried cooking with mx2 so far did not perform wel under emscripten. Also when the memory is increased in the config file they won't work on the ipad. I need more experience I guess.

Playniax(Posted 2016) [#58]
Got an early version of the Particle Editor running for Pyro 2 on Pyro 2!

Playniax(Posted 2016) [#59]
And working on an update for the CrashTest Art pack

Playniax(Posted 2016) [#60]
Animation test

Xaron(Posted 2016) [#61]
Nice! I have a question regarding fonts. I really like this outline feature of fontmachine. E.g. you have a white font with a 1-2 pixel black outline. That way you can always read it no matter if the background is bright or not. Can I achieve something like that with your bitmap font support?

Playniax(Posted 2016) [#62]
Pyro 1 has an example included on how to use FontMachine.

With Pyro 2 you will need to 'program' it yourself. You can use a trick by drawing the text 2 times. First for example black and after white with the x and y shifted a bit. You can override also the GUI Draw calls to do this. Let me know if you need an example.

Xaron(Posted 2016) [#63]
Thanks Tony,

ah yes I mean Pyro 1 at the moment. BTW: Is Pyro 1 still maintained? I will move to Monkey 2 at some point using Pyro 2 then but at the moment that's not possible yet. Would be awesome if you could show a small example if you have the time. :)


Playniax(Posted 2016) [#64]
Both Ignition X and Pyro 1 will be maintained although it was at a lower pace lately because of my commitments to Pyro 2.

I will post example(s) ASAP!

Playniax(Posted 2017) [#65]
Woohoo, the editor can now mix tilesets with sprites between projects!

Xaron(Posted 2017) [#66]
Fantastic! I know this is the Pyro 2 thread but can I use this editor for Pyro 1 as well?

Playniax(Posted 2017) [#67]
Yes, I plan to do exporters for all our frameworks.

Xaron(Posted 2017) [#68]
Excellent! :)

Playniax(Posted 2017) [#69]
Working on asset packs update:

Playniax(Posted 2017) [#70]
New animations in the works:

Playniax(Posted 2017) [#71]
The crash test art has an update!

Added lots of animations to the dumbot character and introducing a new character.

Also more objects such a doors, coins, gun, bullets etc. ( including animations ) and sprite images that can be used to create visual effects like particles, explosions etc.

Next up : More weapons & animations ( wall sliding, climbing, etc )

Playniax(Posted February) [#72]
We thought is would be cool to have our own t-shirts to promote Playniax when we are at some indie meeting or whatever so we made these and just in case you also would like one :

dubbsta(Posted February) [#73]
cool gear!

Playniax(Posted February) [#74]

Playniax(Posted March) [#75]
Dumbot - The Game

We didn't plan to make a game with the CrashTest Art but because some of you asked and because Pyro 2 needs more showcase material / stress testing, it can't hurt.

Now a few things before you start the game. The level used in the demo is just a TEST level!!! So not really a good game or gameplay. Also not all collision is in so you can not get killed really. It's not optimized yet and this online version will probably run horribly slow on a smartphone / tablet and doesn't support touchscreen yet. Desktop PC / laptop or Mac should run fine.

The robot can only run and jump.

To Start / Jump use SPACE or LEFT Mouse.

To reset the game press R ( if you get stuck or whatever )

Now see Pyro 2 in action!

Soap(Posted March) [#76]
The sound you used for running is really loud! Maybe look at the later megaman games for sound ideas.

Pakz(Posted March) [#77]
Nice game.

Playniax(Posted March) [#78]
Thanks Pakz

The sound you used for running is really loud!

Sounds I always add last but this one is just a test to sync it with the animation so yeah it will be tuned down...

Playniax(Posted April) [#79]
Pyro2 version 1.0.02 is up!

• Added DrawFader command
• Added DrawTiles command
• Added DrawLine command that can use an image to draw a line
• Added HighScoreManager class
• Completly rewrote the content manager!

• Fixed countless bugs!

You can grab the module files here or wait until Mark has updated the modules in the module manager.

Or you can download a zip file containing a precompiled version of Monkey2 / Pyro2 + examples!

Playniax(Posted April) [#80]
So far the dumbot game ( that uses the CrashTest Art ) is progressing nicely!
Did not spend a lot of time tweaking my gif recorder but the game runs very smooth of course!
The tools I use are Monkey2/Pyro2, Tiled converter and the Pyro editor.

Playniax(Posted May) [#81]
Our art packs ( and Pyro 2 Tiled Converter ) now temporary lower in price ( from $9 to $4.99 USD )

Offer expires after 48 hours ( starting about now )

Visit us at

Xaron(Posted May) [#82]
Thanks, that's very kind of you! :)

Playniax(Posted May) [#83]
Thanks Xaron!

I am having so much fun with Monkey2/Pyro2 right now! A very productive month.

Dumbot is picking up speed, made a lot of progress with the Pyro editor and I even had time to start a new project, a sequel to Defenstar... Revengestar!

Dumbot and Revengestar have priority ATM because I need some new games on the app stores!

Here is a sneak peek I did this in just a few days! All running very smooth on my iPad 3

Xaron(Posted May) [#84]
Nice stuff, Tony! :) I'm always amazed about your talent.

Currently I have not so much fun with Monkey 2 because I simply miss a good IDE like JungleIDE. Atom is ok but still miles away from ziggy's masterpiece. But yeah, Visual Studio is nice too and C# such a lovely language.

Playniax(Posted May) [#85]
Thanks Xaron,

Did you try Ted2Go?! I know it still has it's imperfections with quirks and all but I really love using it!
If your not liking it you may try to communicate to Nerobot and see if he is open to suggestions, I know I will soon...

Xaron(Posted May) [#86]
Yes I've tried it but it just feels... wrong. Sorry. I know nerobot is doing an awesome job but you know, when you've worked with real IDEs you simply cannot go back. ;)

But thanks for your help. I'm going to continue to use Atom or Mollusk.

Playniax(Posted June) [#87]
Monkey2 / Pyro2 game coming soon!

Neuro(Posted June) [#88]
Awesome stuff! I likes the title screen :).

Playniax(Posted June) [#89]
Because of the recent BRL news ( ) I have decided to make Ignition-X and Pyro also open source.

You can download it here:

I will keep maintaining Pyro 2 and side projects but focus mostly on creating GAMES and Tools!

Good luck Mark with Monkey2! Monkey2 is awesome!