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Paul - Taiphoz(Posted 2016) [#1]
Just in case anyone else might find this of use, got linked this by a fellow artist and had a play with it, it's more than upto the job for what most people will use it for and its free and easy and most important, intuitive.

Check it out.

SLotman(Posted 2016) [#2]
I've been using Piskell (offline) to draw some characters.

The program is good, but has a lot to improve. Modifier keys for the tools is something I really miss (I'm used to in Paint Shop Pro to just hold CTRL down when using the pencil to turn it temporarily into the eyedrop tool) - also, I never get how the copy / paste works, is totally un-intuitive and different from every graphics program I have ever used in my life :P

Paul - Taiphoz(Posted 2016) [#3]
Middle Mouse click to eyedrop, I think there are other little tricks like that but i'v only messed with it a a little.