Now Animated green dragon model with Blender!

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Xyle(Posted 2015) [#1]
I finished rigging and animating my Blender made green dragon model!

Check out the youtube video!

Read the blog about it here...

slenkar(Posted 2015) [#2]
Looks good

Why0Why(Posted 2015) [#3]

sereschkin(Posted 2015) [#4]
That looks not bad, but I think if you want to create a more realistic dragon you should care somehow about its skin. It looks a little bit too synthetically. Just my two cents.

Xyle(Posted 2015) [#5]
Thank you!
I kept quite a bit of details out. The dragon is going to be used to make some 64-128 pixel sprites so any details like that would ultimately get lost.

In order to get really nice looking skin like that I would have to unwrap the model and apply textures/ bump maps to it. A pretty long process that wouldn't really show up too well in my small sprites.

I appreciate the info though! Thank you!