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Karja(Posted 2014) [#1]
So, apparently my game Spandex Force: Champion Rising was selected for the Indie Prize Showcase at Casual Connect Belgrade. I thought I'd drop in and meet some people and see what it's all about - I've been to conferences in other business areas, but never casual games.

Anyone else going there and want to have a chat about the relative greatness of Monkey, or complain about how hard it is to get noticed, or anything else? I'll just book a few meetings over the days - so my schedule will be pretty free.

Or maybe you've attended Casual Connect events and could offer some hints about how I could maximize my time there? My goals are to catch any low-hanging fruit for distribution possibilities, to investigate what genres I could move into for optimizing performance, see if it's worth going into social casino games, and possibly find developers to cooperate with (or outsource development work to).

SLotman(Posted 2014) [#2]
First of all: Congratulations :)

I was in Casual Connect SF!

You definitively will meet Yulia, the one who organizes Indie Prize - please send her my regards =)

You won't have much free time to attend meetings or anything else: you basically spend all your day talking to people about your game - make sure you have a "script" ready to talk people through your game. Try to talk to your neighbors in the Indie Prize area, you're bound to make some new friends :)

Don't forget to take lots of business cards - they'll fly fast.

The only day I had meetings was the last day, usually the "calm day", where everyone is already very tired - so not so many people to talk to.

Also be ready because you'll talk to a lot of people trying to sell you ads for your games.

All in all, Casual Connect was really fun - I had the pleasure to meet some fine people over there!

Edit: One thing that worked for me on the first day... is that I was *in costume* - to represent my "Escape from Alcatraz" game, I used a stripped shirt, and a small hat - and voilá, instant prisoner ;)

Look at me over there:
(Sorry for my awful english...!)

Karja(Posted 2014) [#3]
Thanks for the hints! Business cards are ordered, and I'll prepare some elevator pitches and standard talks about the game :)

I'll have to think about how to handle the meetings vs lack of time. I'm dragging my wife along - and she graciously agreed to stand in now and then if I have to run off. But if it's as busy as you describe I may not get the chance anyway. I was actually hoping that Belgrade would attract fewer people than SF. (But then again, I assume I'll get even more choked with people trying to sell ads or services in that case. Prejudiced, me?! Never!)

The note about being in costume sounds awesome! It looks great in the video, and I can definitely see how it's a marvelous attention grabber. Since I have a superhero game it does make perfect sense for me too... I just don't know if people want to see me wearing spandex. :) I wonder if I can get one of those fake washboard things to have underneath the costume...

Cheers, and thanks a bunch!