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BlitzSupporter(Posted 2014) [#1]
In this thread, BRL indicated they wanted help getting the word out about Blitz. So I have done that in the best way I know how, by creating a Greenlight Concept:

Greenlight "Concepts" are defined as follows:
This item is here to gather feedback from the potential customers and begin building a community. If you like this project, feel free to rate it or favorite it. The voting here serves only to give the developer data and reactions and doesn't work toward getting the game distributed on Steam.

Please rate, comment, and "favorite" this concept to show support for BRL. If you do not want your screenshot of video to be used on this page, please tell me and I will immediately remove it. I think we can agree that getting the word out about Blitz is important for this community.

dawlane(Posted 2014) [#2]
I see you have finally come to join the rest of us on the Monkey-x madness Josh. When do you think that we will be seeing Leadwerk for Monkey?

Sammy(Posted 2014) [#3]
Monkey X would have been more appropriate IMHO, as it's a better all-round product.

Paul - Taiphoz(Posted 2014) [#4]
I was thinking the same thing, why blitz and not monkey, monkey being the main product at the moment seems way more appropriate and really is the tool chain we should be pimping no ???

Why0Why(Posted 2014) [#5]
I think they are doing it because Steam is generally more desktop oriented and Max is stronger in that category. I think Monkey should be up there too.

MikeHart(Posted 2014) [#6]
It looks like the concept was created by a user at first, not BRL. So without that, there would ne a steam concept.
Unless "Josh Klint" aka "Leadwerks" aka "A potted plant" aka "BlitzPR" is now working for BRL. (I wish people would stick with one nickname)
Actually I would not be surprised about that, judging by how communicative BRL is in general :-)))

Josh, how does that work that you create a concept and then hand it over to BRL so they become the "Author"?

BlitzSupporter(Posted 2014) [#7]
It's a "concept". I created this to drive support for BlitzMax and demonstrate there is a big market for it, and I know how to reach them.

Danilo(Posted 2014) [#8]
User uses "BlitzResearch" company name and doing public relations stuff (BlitzPR) for the company, without mandate?

ziggy(Posted 2014) [#9]
@Danilo: As this is being made public here, I suppose he's got the approval from Mark. It's curious to see Learwerks CEO helping BRL, but very welcome. Josh is a good guy and quite good at selling stuff. I honestly doubt he's doing all this without explicit permission from Mark.

@Josh: Thanks!

BlitzSupporter(Posted 2014) [#10]
Mark and Simon both have the account password.

Danilo(Posted 2014) [#11]
@ziggy: No problem, just wondered what's happening. Looks like he is using multiple accounts in BlitzMax forums, too.

Personally I am still not sure about the future of BRL products. I have mixed feelings, and don't know
if it is a dead horse already.
Blitz3D was not enhanced for many years (necessary bug-fixes only), now it is free and OpenSource.
BlitzMax was not enhanced for some time (necessary bug-fixes only). It is not actively developed any further.
Now a user with changing names starts an advertisement campaign for this old product? I am really confused.

Will Blitz3D SDK and BlitzMax also become free and OpenSource now? Later MonkeyX/Mojo completely free and OSS?
Is it over (retirement for BRL), or should we expect any future products from BRL?

A blog/news update would be nice, maybe some things changed for good within the last few month!?
Without any news, I see MonkeyX in a line with Blitz3D and BlitzMax. Abandoned, discontinued.

Feels like everything is in an uncertain state. Mark said: "But 'Monkey 2' (as it was evolving into) is right now on hold.",
and 'on hold' is somehow uncertain. Maybe development continues when things go better, maybe not.

It is the uncertain state of MonkeyX that is not a good thing in my opinion.
Not good for customers, possible customers, and the reputation of the product and BRL itself.

BlitzSupporter(Posted 2014) [#12]
I can turn this around for BlitzMax, and can do the same for Monkey if I am asked to help with it.

Danilo(Posted 2014) [#13]
We (users/customers) can only do mouth-to-mouth advertisement. For such an (somewhat official) campaign on Steam,
only Mark can decide that, in my opinion. There may be other guys officially involved (Simon?), but I don't have any informations
about those involvements. Just seen that Simon sometimes answers for Mark (which I find also confusing). :)

Like I said, I think it is in an uncertain state now. Doesn't help if we advertise and spread the word, and Mark
decides to retire and release everything as free OpenSource software.
Usually interested people are careful when it comes to paying for a product, if it is already declared as 'on hold', discontinued, abandoned,
maybe becoming free OSS within some weeks or month.

BlitzSupporter(Posted 2014) [#14]
In that case you should favorite and rate this concept, so that it gains traction and demonstrates a way to move forward. We all know what the alternative is.

tiresius(Posted 2014) [#15]
Interesting idea, I hadn't heard of the "concepts" section until this post. I will definitely favorite it when I'm logged in to Steam proper. Thanks Josh !
(I also think Monkey might be better to push as it is the newest thing. Maybe give Mark a reason to beef up the Desktop target?)

Btw, the Tommy Tronic game is written in Blitz3D, not BlitzMax. I don't know about the others.

BlitzSupporter(Posted 2014) [#16]
Please rate it up to five stars, and then I will talk about the next step. It's currently got 4:

BlitzSupporter(Posted 2014) [#17]
BlitzMax is the most popular concept this week:


Soap(Posted 2014) [#18]
>Steam is generally more desktop oriented and Max is stronger in that category.

There are several Monkey games on Steam now by different publishers. I'm not sure how many BlitzMax ones are already up but probably still more. However so far there has been no problems which could not be solved with Monkey. BlitzMax has strengths, but many of them are becoming less relevant in time, while Monkey has its own desktop strengths which may be more relevant for longer. I think most of the popular BlitzMax modules already have Monkey equivalents?

Paul - Taiphoz(Posted 2014) [#19]
A few things bothering me about this, first of all Monkey is still not there as of the last time I checked and that just boggles the mind given the points above by Soap, not only are those games made with monkey but as far as I can tell their actually more successful as well, the second thing that's bothering me is that as I understand it Josh is doing this off his own back which is Brilliant and I commend him for it, but it seems , and I quote that "SEEMS" as tho Mark does not really care either way.

Which makes me wonder just how valuable or viable is this community lead GreenLight / Steam push if Mark does not care about it. ?

I hope I'm wrong we all know Mark can be very tight lipped at the best of times.

rIKmAN(Posted 2014) [#20]
Someone posted in another thread a link to Mark posting on an Occulus Rift DK2 thread somewhere, maybe this is where his attention and curiosity is now with regards to coding?

Paul - Taiphoz(Posted 2014) [#21]
Yeah but you goto wonder if he's working on rift support for monkey, or if he's fed up with monkey and working on something with the rift unrelated to anything monkey ?

MikeHart(Posted 2014) [#22]
My guess is the later one. Or it is just a hobby to get relaxed after his dayjob.

rIKmAN(Posted 2014) [#23]
Yeah I would also say it's a hobby/interest and nothing to do with Monkey+Rift (sadly) :(