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SLotman(Posted 2014) [#1]
I just received an email from them, telling that from now all all games submitted to them will have to have the Samsung SDK implemented to be accepted on their store (even if you don't use it?!).

Quoting their email:

This is to inform you that Seller Office's app submission policy will be changed from July 1, 2014. the changes are listed below.

1. When submitting new app in Seller Office, you are required to submit app that was developed using Samsung SDK.
» Samsung SDKs are the tools that help sellers to make apps using Samsung device-specialized functions such as S Pen, Finger Print, Gesture, Motion and more. Please visit SAMSUNG DEVELOPERS ( to download Samsung SDKs and obtain additional information.
» In case of existing apps registered in Seller Office, the apps can be updated without using Samsung SDK.

2. Samsung Seller membership will be terminated for those who registered before February 20, 2014 (GMT +09:00), but have not submitted any apps to Samsung Apps Seller Office. (Membership termination date : June 30, 2014)

Did anyone also received this? My past games got a good amount of downloads there, so I wouldn't like to drop Samsung at all... but really, having to make special build just for them sounds a little crazy to me :P