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Raul(Posted 2014) [#1]

I need your advice again. I was playing Watch Dogs and for some reason the game is freezing and I have frame skips at every a few seconds. On MEDIUM DETAILS :))

That is quite sad because my nvidia Experience optimize my game on FULL details

i5 CPU 750 @2.67 Ghz
8.00 GB Ram
GTX 760

My 3D Mark tests:

A friend of mine told me to check my HDD. I installed and tried some programs, but I have no ideea what to do next.
CrystalDiskInfo told me I have some errors.. but I don't know how to read them.

Anyone have an advice from me?

Thank you

Raul(Posted 2014) [#2]
just finished an Error Scan with HD Tune Pro. No errors. Only the Health warning (you can see in the screenshot)

just realize my CPU Usage is 90% - 100%, even on Low details.
and the temperature is almost 100 in game. 60 in windows idle mode..