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Nobuyuki(Posted 2014) [#1]
hmm, a new competitor to DirectX / OpenGL, or another gimmick that no one will support? Mantle offers the temptation of the specialized-hardware era of console programming, on your PC, with similar gains over more generalized chips of that era.

The problems AMD have are basically: 1. Struggling to maintain relevance, and 2. A heavily entrenched AAA games industry which might not give a crap about this if it means heavy codebase fragmentation, or worse, provide lazy ports which don't take advantage of its benefits.

NVidia's response to the whole thing appears to be finding games which support this new API, and provide their own tweaks specific to these games in their own driver so that they appear to run faster on various benchmark tests. Hmmmm! Gaming the system a bit there, but you can google those results for yourself (driver 337.50 Beta)

Thoughts? Beginning of a new era, or an evolutionary dead-end?

Sammy(Posted 2014) [#2]
APUs are the way ahead IMHO, low power, low cost and low noise levels when compared to CPU + discrete GFX cards. No where near as powerful(yet) but they are quickly approaching a very usable performance. Mantle takes out a lot of the intermediate layers that both DX and OpenGL impose on the coder when trying to get access to the hardware. Something that console developers have been enjoying for years. So I'm a great advocate for it, obviously, but will it be able to overcome the hold that the major players have on this market? I'm not sure TBH.