Microsoft is playing with pixel art filters

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Goodlookinguy(Posted 2014) [#1]

This actually looks pretty neat. Microsoft seems to be experimenting with a sort-of EPX-like filter that smooths edges a little bit better than pre-existing filters.

Edit: Let me be clear that I don't know the age of the research. So whether or not it's actually gotten anywhere is beyond me.
Edit 2: Okay, so it's from 2011-ish. It really hasn't gotten anywhere though...still interesting to see though.
Someone actually did a video using the filter on Mario:
Full research link:

Raz(Posted 2014) [#2]
That hq4x one doesn't look half bad. The rest on the other hand.... no.

SLotman(Posted 2014) [#3]
HQ4X still reigns supreme :)

Oh, thanks for the video and research links... I was thinking about how a game would look with that!

zoqfotpik(Posted 2014) [#4]
MAME has a number of filtering options. Streetfighter doesn't look too bad at all with some of those.

Gerry Quinn(Posted 2014) [#5]
Very interesting paper.

Mind you, with current gaming trends, the big money is probably in turning vector or 3D images into 8-bit pixel art ;-)