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semar(Posted 2013) [#1]

I have some English text on my Website, but since I'm not a native English speaker, there are some syntax error here and there.

I would be very glad if someone could spot the wrong text and suggest me the right one.

The website is here:

Thanks a lot in advance,

rIKmAN(Posted 2013) [#2]
Long post alert!
Here is what I would change, hope it helps. :)


This site is about my software development, expecially especially game programming.
I'm focusing on games here, firstly because I have fun while programming it them, but also because making a game is a task which holds involves several important aspects of programming - such as logic, A.I., pathfinding, networking, and so on, And that will deeply teach you how to code and unleash your creativity.

Do you want to challenge your friends in a frantic deathmatch duel?
Then get BomberLAN, a remake of the legendary Amiga Bomberman. It's also playable in over a LAN.

Asteroids, lots of it them., and your satellites are out of order. At your disposal are fire bows, aiming rockets, spinning stars and blue energy.

Are you a space rider ? Is this meant to be rider or raider?
Then don't miss Asteroids Ultimate, and be prepared to save the planet - and yourself ! - from wawes waves of stones, debrits debris and crazy robots.

If you are brave enough, you'll able to save your score in the hall of fame and become famous worldwide!

Are you good at 3D First Person Shooters?
Do you think you have no rivals?

Wait before you try Dangerous Robots. Take a deep breath and jump into the arena.
Dangerous Robots is hard to master, very hard. Don't say I didn't warned warn you !!


Asteroids 70's
A remake of the legendary Asteroids, featuring endless levels with increasing difficulty.

This remake allows you to also record and playback a whole game session, which can be later played randomly. Three default playback files are included, and new ones can be recorded and exchanged with other players.

An interesting application of this feature would be showing the playback in a shop - and watching the customers being become hooked... ;-)


Check out this remake of the legendary Dynablaster Bomberman!

This fully functionally multiplayer game can be played between 2 players on a local pc or in a network (LAN), and brings lots of fun!
This version is very closed to the look, feel and speed of the Amiga version. Joystick and keyboard are fully supported. A With fast paced background music - (written by me :-)) brings old memories back..

Challenge your friends in a frantic bomberman duel !!! Note: do not use the spacebar during the game, this will be fixed in the next version ;-)
Who will be the Bomberman Champion?


Dangerous Robots
You are a very good robot manifacturer; manufacturer and unfortunately, your business are is running into debts.

There is a choice chance to win a very important contract, which will would solve all the economical troubles, and yet still have enough money to fly in to some paceful peaceful Carribean Caribbean island.
But However, in order to win that contract, you have to prove that your robot is the best. one.

Dangerous Robots is a quite an addictive fast paced FPS shooter. Despite its easy simple graphics and the lack of sfx, it shows a nice A.I. which could be hard to beat.

Controls are: arrow keys to move, alt to strife, and left control to fire. You can repair the armor armour by picking up the repairing box that drops from time to time., B but the opponent robots can also do that... A new version, with sfx, is coming soon, so watch this space...


A funny joke about a friend of mine, Alex, in a really hard working journey...
Suddenly he has lots to do, and then more to do, and then even more... Features a 3D head model and alphablending sprites.


So To Speak
So To Speak is an application which uses the internal Window's Speech Syntesizer, which is normally installed on Window operative systems.

What it does, it It 'reads' what you write in a text box, and speaks it at the speed you like.

You can even load a text file and let the program read it for you. Since the source code is included, you can tune it for your own application to generate dynamic talking.


TCP Tutorial
Soon or later, you'll meet this magic word: Networking.
It brings a new lease of life in to your games and applications, allowing the users to communicate with each other in real time.

But nNetworking could can also be a pain to implement, if you don't know how to approach it.

Well don't let you get down! Once you break the ice, it all becomes easy.

The following tutorial is aimed to newbies, but also to intermediate coders as well.

Not only does it guides you step by step through a complete client/server chat application, but it explains to you each command you need with straight forward comments, and in minutes you'll be able to run a complete chat application which runs flawlessy flawlessly in over the Internet or in a local network. You'll be amazed by your own progress...

Here is the link to the Blitz community code archive entry: TCP Internet Chat

Alternatively, you can read the tutorial directly

Another tutorial about LAN brodacasting broadcasting - extremely useful when you need to find a game server on a network.

UDP Scanner
Again, you can read it directly from this link: UDP Scanner

A big Thank You to the people which have e-mailed me stating that this these tutorials are a 'must to read' :)

semar(Posted 2013) [#3]
Hi rIKmAN,
thousand thanks for your time, I've *really* appreciated your work !

You definitely own a pizza and a beer, drop me a line if you plan to travel to Germany someday ;-)

By the way, let me know if you need an Italian translator ;-)

Best regards,

rIKmAN(Posted 2013) [#4]
No problem semar :)

People on here help me out when I need it, so when I am able to return the favour to others I'm more than happy to do so.

I will let you know if I ever come to Germany, and I might take you up on that Italian translation offer in the future, thanks! :)