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silentshark(Posted 2013) [#1]
I'm not affiliated with this service, but I think it's quite cool.

It's a bit like a smart version of the URL shortners (bit.ly etc.). The twist with http://rdrct.it/ is that it lets you define a single shortened URL which redirects users in a "smart" manner.

For example a single URL to a game can redirect the clicker to Google Play, the Apple App Store, the Windows Store or elsewhere, depending on the device they are using. For example - the following link for my game, Swerve! will take you to Google Play, the Apple Appstore or just our facebook page depending if you're clicking from an Android, Apple or other device.


I thought this was neat anyhow..

rIKmAN(Posted 2013) [#2]
Did you forget the link?

The links for Swerve in your sig use bit.ly?

silentshark(Posted 2013) [#3]
Oops, I did forget it - fixed. Thanks :-)

ElectricBoogaloo(Posted 2013) [#4]
Handy, I guess, but twitter will still manage to fudge the link into a t.co for you, anyway. I really can't stand that..

It's vaguely ok when you JUST use Twitter, Directly, On it's own, but if you (for example) link your twitter account to facebook, and indirectly type something like..

"Today at AGameAWeek.com, This awesome game! (http://bit.ly/SGL_OST)"
it ends up splodging onto Facebook as..
"Today at http://t.co/squigglybop, This awesome game! (http://t.co/squiggilydiddlybop)"

.. I realise that the end link is still the same place, but.. Come on, Twitter. You're breaking all the rules!! That's just a bloomin' great big horrible mess.

I'll stick with linking to my own pages, then having folk click on from there. At least that way I can use Analytics and stuff, to count clicks myself.