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Paul - Taiphoz(Posted 2013) [#1]
is there any details on this yet ? any of you got plans to use it when details become available ? if so what kinda game you planning to port over.

just feel like chatting about this to see if we can find out anything new.

charlie(Posted 2013) [#2]
I imagine it's self publishing as in you don't need a publisher, rather than them letting you just port stuff. You'll likely still need a game sony want and you'll still need to become a licensed sony developer.


Raul(Posted 2013) [#3]
PS4 it's for AAA games. All indie games from PS3 are looking like an AAA game. First we need to make a real nice game and then, trust me, you will publish anywhere you want :)


Paul - Taiphoz(Posted 2013) [#4]
So still no good information on the ps4's indie publishing .... Oh and ps3 and 4 are tottaly different when it comes to indie games it's going to be more like the 360 and its arcade . At least that's what all the gossip points toward..