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Soap(Posted 2013) [#1]

AdamRedwoods(Posted 2013) [#2]
no iPad 1 support.
must i really buy a new device?

therevills(Posted 2013) [#3]
no iPad 1 support.

Didn't they stop support in iOS6... I know my iPad 1 has only iOS5 installed...

But yeah it sucks... I "guess" its good marketing as it forces users to update.

slenkar(Posted 2013) [#4]
Looks like its still got that same rubbish keyboard,

I like the android keyboard where you can just trace a line between the letters of a word

Soap(Posted 2013) [#5]
@AdamRedwoods If you are making money from apps you should at least get an iPad (New/3) for retina testing. And reading! It's a good device for that compared to many available options.

The new Android keyboard is super good - agreed.

dopeyrulz(Posted 2013) [#6]
Looks like it been ripped straight from either Windows Phone and Android. Not a lot of consistency across the various areas of the platform - round, square, transparent buttons...

Also like how they sued Samsung for the swipe to unlock and now they've ripped the swipe up straight out of Windows Phone and even the Zune.

Sorry but Apple have finally 'jumped the shark'...

skid(Posted 2013) [#7]
Wo, way cool:

therevills(Posted 2013) [#8]


(Also wonder what the price will be!!!)

Why0Why(Posted 2013) [#9]
Almost every ios 7 feature I read about is ripped straight from either android or Windows phone 8. The new look: meh, its ok I guess. I had the first 5 iphones but by the 4S I was tired of the lock down and even more tired of the small screen.

I have a friend that has been waiting to buy a Mac Pro, I am sure he is excited. They have always been impressive machines, though wildly overpriced.

Skn3(Posted 2013) [#10]
Im liking the new ios7. I didn't have an issue with the old UI, but the refresh is nice :D

but the mac pro.. wow.. I want it!