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semar(Posted 2013) [#1]
Dear all,
I'm coding a quiz program, where students grouped in two teams are challenged with questions about English grammar and the like.
For each question there are four answers provided, one of which is the right one.

The goal of the game is to score more points than the other team.

You can see the quiz game in its early stage here:

The game is not completed, but I would like to have your opinion about how can I make it more (visually and not) appealing.

I've thought about a specific sound effect when an answer is wrong or right (like an 'oooohhhh' or an applause for instance).

But what at the moment really concerns me, is the graphic content.

How could I change the layout of the game, in order to make it more interesting ?

A screen shot of your ideas would really help me.

Thanks in advance,

Paul - Taiphoz(Posted 2013) [#2]
Layout wise I think your spot on, All you need is some non intrussive but nice looking sprites for those buttons, to make it all just look nicer.

Gerry Quinn(Posted 2013) [#3]
It looks fine, very clear and straightforward.

You could have sound effects, and wrong answers turning red, before the right answer is shown. [Or, if it's against the clock, go on to the next question and allow players to see the correct answers at the end.]

Of course, if you want animations for team members etc. it's a whole different ball game. But what you have looks neat for the core of the game IMO.

Soap(Posted 2013) [#4]
The best option would be to hire a designer. is a good place to get leads. Don't except people to do anything of quality for free.

It's generally more user friendly to have buttons at the bottom of the screen. You could have some just say ABCD and be squares next to each other with some space as an additional way to select the answer. If you are targeting to students it would be a good idea to get feedback from actual students. Always listen to negative feedback.

SLotman(Posted 2013) [#5]
What's the target audience? If kids, you need some characters in there, reacting as they get the answer right or wrong.

If teenagers, you could add power ups... there are loads of stuff that can be done. but you need a target demographic first.

semar(Posted 2013) [#6]
Thanks for the tips so far.

What's the target audience?

The audience is composed mostly of adult young people, aged from 25 to 40.

They are preparing itself for the Cambridge Certificate of English.

The teacher who prepares them has asked me to develop such a quiz game in order to challenge the students in a funny manner, so that the students should not only have fun with, but also learn from the game itself.

The teacher will provide me the English questions.

SLotman(Posted 2013) [#7]
Just out of the top of my head, you could at least give in the program some sort of "aid":

- "Hints" to each question, and it's correct answer - or even "tips" from the teacher itself.

- Lives? If the player gets xx questions wrong, it's game over

- The option to show the correct answer. Ex: if you guess 5 questions correctly, you get the "bonus" which allows you to see the answer to 1 question

- high score! Let the students compete to see which can be the best with most correct answers in a row.

monkeyben(Posted 2013) [#8]
I would put a fullscreen animation on the screen when an answer was chosen, like they do on tenpin bowling scoreboards when you get a strike, or like the stickmen brawl used to show before the result was given.