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Waldo Reed(Posted 2013) [#1]
I'm posting here a good lesson to show something you create or work on will not always be used as intended. This 'gotcha' is something I've used over and over again in the ten years of testing software and has allowed me to find special defects other testers have missed. I don't agree with cheating and I plan to do my best in making any application I release to be secure. Not that I would want any game I release to be used for real money gambling. (Especially if I don't get a % LOL)

The current version of the Open Face Chinese Poker app found here:
has been used to cheat some prominent players in the professional poker community.

One of those prominent players is Barry Greenstein who with the help of his son, a programmer, discovered the app was not secure and could be compromised to aid in cheating. Read the blog here:


According to the developer, the issue has been fixed and the new release is awaiting approval from Apple:!strategy-blog/c1uh9

Floyd(Posted 2013) [#2]
Trivia note, before he became a full time poker player Barry Greenstein was a very high level programmer. He was one of the key guys at Symantec.

That was long before tablets and smartphones, so he may not know much about programming them.

Waldo Reed(Posted 2013) [#3]
I interned at Symantec - Santa Monica in '95-'97. The first months there I was told of Barry Greenstein who left Symantec for poker saying he could make more money at poker. I laughed thinking the guy was nuts. When poker became televised in 2003, I learned of his success. Since then I've seen him play in the high stakes area at the Commerce Casino in Los Angeles.