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Supertino(Posted 2013) [#1]
I aim to code in a consistant style using Strict and to stick to the damn rules;

- All-caps case (eg: 'ALLCAPS' ): Constants.

- Pascal case (eg: 'PascalCase' ): Globals, functions, class, methods, properties.

- Camel case (eg: 'camelCase' ): Fields, locals and function parameters.

Shinkiro1(Posted 2013) [#2]
The whole point of a coding convention is to make the code more readable for everyone so it's a good thing.
What also improves readability is NOT shortening variable names. I still can't believe why in C++ everyone seems to shorten variable names like this (actually this is from a homework assignment)
int idx;
or function names like
Maybe these people assume you can read it faster, which is not the case (because we read whole words, not letter by letter). And having to type less is not really an argument because you do that only 10% of the time anyway. Oh and there is code completition too :)

PS: As far as I see it, most monkey coders follow the coding conventions suggested in the docs (part of which are in the 1st post). The only thing I would add is:
- add a space after keywords such as if, while, for, ... to distinguish them from functions
But then again, it's just personal preference.

smilertoo(Posted 2013) [#3]
My new years resolution is 1280x720, i got a lumia920.

GfK(Posted 2013) [#4]
I just did that joke on ;)

Why0Why(Posted 2013) [#5]
I just bought this to code at home(I have a 30" at the office), so mine is now 2560x1440 :) I can highly recommend it. The panel is gorgeous! I also have a Lumia 920, which is great!