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Silverwolf(Posted 2012) [#1]
Hi all,

I'm new here, looks kinda great this code translating way.

There is a couple of tools you may find will work well with Monkey:

Gleed2D Level editor:

Spine 2D animator (still in demo beta, no export yet...):

On a fun note, any of you played the original Elite?
Well they are trying to make a new version that controls like the original at kickstarter:

Well that's my what I think are interesting links put up.

I am glad that Blitz is making it into the mobile dev world. Blitz I spent many a year working on Blitz Basic projects when I was much younger. That was simply FAB and am hoping will have joy with Monkey. Not sure about the name Monkey can lead to many innuendos :)

Waldo Reed(Posted 2012) [#2]
Welcome Silverwolf,

Thanks for the links! Don't forget to share Monkey Coder links at other game related sites you visit.

I try to refer to Monkey Coder when spreading the word about Monkey so there's less ambiguity.

Silverwolf(Posted 2012) [#3]
Yes sure if I start using it much, but I am really still evaluating it for my serious game development.

I am looking for a easy way to get my game on IOS which A) is not going to cost too much and B) supports Game Center in landscape and is stable with it on iphone and ipad.

It is actually hard to find something that does both A and B. I am hoping Monkey will, although currently waiting for a link or something to source that shows how to use Monkey with Game Center in a stable manner in landscape orientation on ipad and iphone.

If A and B turn out to be positive then I will certainly carry the Monkey Coder flag to other sites :)