Why is my libgdx app crashing?

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MrHanson(Posted 2012) [#1]
I have set up a basic libgdx project using the gdx_setup_ui and imported it into eclipse my eclipse workspace. The program run fine both on an android device and on the desktop. I then imported another project into that same workspace with my own custom class that the desktop and android version share. It's just basically my own custom sprite class with added functionality. The desktop version runs just fine when I use this class but the android version crashes. What step did I miss? So I then just decided to place the code of the class into the same source files that the setup ui created and deleted the project that had the custom class from my eclipse workspace. Now when I use build all on the workspace no class files are generated and the desktop version won't run either. What did I screw up by deleting that project that had my custom class from the workspace?