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Why0Why(Posted 2012) [#1]
I posted this on the Blitz Forums, but I know some folks aren't registered there. I am definitely looking forward to a Metro target(or Modern UI now.)

A Surface was sitting on my desk when I arrived this morning. Fedex must have been out and about early. Some very quick impressions after getting it up and running.

Packaging: The box and design were nice and felt high quality. It was easy to unbox and the presentation was nice.

Fit and Finish: It has a very nice feel and the quality is excellent. This will sound crazy, but it is the nicest power adapter that I have ever seen or felt. I think you will have to hold it to understand. Apple’s look nice, but they feel cheap because they are made out of plastic. This has the nice look, but it is metal? Or something that feels like metal and it is black. It is very nice. I had read that the magnetic adapter wasn’t as nice as magsafe and that is correct. It could do use with a little more powerful magnet.

The keyboard cover is very nice. It has a felt back. I find it very easy to type with. It actually seemed very natural switching between the touchpad, keyboard and screen. All the reviews said 4 or 5 days to get up to speed. I don’t think I will have that issue.

Screen: This was a big deal for me. As some background, I am seriously into screen quality. I have a 30” Dell IPS panel with 2560x1600 res as my primary and I have a Pioneer Kuro Plasma at home. My laptop has an RGB LED, anyway, you get the picture ;) When I heard that it was 1366x768 I was skeptical, even though MS said they did all this mumbo jumbo to make it look good. Well, MS was telling the truth. The screen looks great and if I was guessing resolution, I would have guessed much higher.

Usage: It feels very smooth and the touchscreen is very responsive. Setup was easy and Windows 8 is very at home here. I definitely think MS put it in the best light. I have been using iOS for years, but for me it has felt more like a toy or presentation layer. I have never used it as a productivity tool. I really think you could take this on a trip and do some serious work but you can also remove the cover and use it as a straight tablet. I have been using Windows 8 for about a month on my laptop and I like it, but it definitely feels more at home on the tablet.

AdamRedwoods(Posted 2012) [#2]
nice review.

Two questions:
1. can the surface be used as a laptop as well? ie, can it sit in your lap as you watch TV and is typing possible?
2. how heavy is it?

silentshark(Posted 2012) [#3]
..and how much will/ does it cos vs iOS and android tablets?

Why0Why(Posted 2012) [#4]
1. You can use it as a laptop, but it is difficult in your lap because the cover is thin and because it has a kickstand. but it can be used that way.

2. 676 Grams, roughly 1.5 pounds. Virtually identical to the iPad.

$499 for the 32Gb with no keyboard cover. $599 for the same with the cover.

Gerry Quinn(Posted 2012) [#5]
Surface Pro sounds sweet. The RT wouldn't interest me, really, I want my full suite of Windows apps.

Neuro(Posted 2012) [#6]
I got to play around with the Surface RT at the microsoft store the other day. Its definitely a refresh from the sea of iPads and Androids tablets. Although not sure if it can replace my iPad as the tablet of choice yet. My friend has a Samsung Slate tablet and while it can run the full version of Windows 8, its definitely not something i would want to carry around as a tablet. Gonna wait for the Surface Pro...