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Xaron(Posted 2012) [#1]
Now that Nokia Lumia 920 looks incredible interesting to me:

I'm curious how the price will be but I think Windows 8 will hit the markets and shift them. Probably less Android, more Win 8 and stable iOS.

Great video about that PureView feature:


Why0Why(Posted 2012) [#2]
I will be the first one in line. I have had iPhones for the last 5 years. I just traded my 4S today for some cash and a Galaxy Note. As soon as the 920 is out I will get rid of the Note. Can't wait!

dopeyrulz(Posted 2012) [#3]
Yeah - this phone looks awesome! Will be upgrading my Samsung Omnia 7 once it's released. Nokia really have stepped up on both the hardware and software (apps) front.

This video shows just how well the camera does work compared to some of the competition: