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EdzUp(Posted 2012) [#1]
Well having used Unity for the last few weeks its quite a nice system so I will be using it for all future products, to this end I will only be visiting here every so often.

My account will remain heck I paid for some of the languages and beta tested others but I wanted to get everything under one roof and Unity does seem to fit the bill for me at the moment. I will occasionally visit and may even post but to be honest some of the posters on the forum seem to be getting more and more annoying as the days/weeks go on. I can still be reached via email if anyone wants any help with projects and things :)

So yeah its the end of an era I been frequenting the forum for over twelve years but I think its time to try something that seems to actually be going places.

I could never get to grips with monkey with its cryptic error messages or just plain crashing so I let it fall by the wayside, but for those who have actually made things with it I wish ya good luck.

So I bid ya all adieu....

slenkar(Posted 2012) [#2]
You'll be back

c.k.(Posted 2012) [#3]
Shiva would be cheaper.

Good luck!

P.S. haha, Slenkar! Maybe he's rich. ;-)

AdamRedwoods(Posted 2012) [#4]
As for Unity, I've been thinking the exact same thing. it's quite the product. But I'm an underdog kindof guy and I like to use well-made, well thought products, of which i find monkey to be of that caliber.

i don't know if unity forums will be any less annoying.

I may move to Unity at some point, but there's no reason one can't bounce between both. I find multiple projects keep the creative juices flowing.

I've also thought about creating a drag-n-drop editor for monkey, as Unity essentially is, but I'd need to get wxWidgets working as a monkey target first. But to do all this and work full-time, I'd need a magic genie in a bottle to double the hours in a day and to change diapers on the young'un.

Sorry for the ramble, blame coffee.

Beaker(Posted 2012) [#5]
I use both. They both rock. As much as I like the features of Unity Pro, I'm slightly resentful of the high price which has to be paid every year to keep iOS and Android targets working smoothly.

Unity forum is far more annoying than this one. There are many great people there, but there are also a lot of people who use Unity Free, and expect everything to be free, including Unity Pro features and your time & effort.

slenkar(Posted 2012) [#6]
Theres nothing really WRONG with monkey, I something that Unity does better?

Neuro(Posted 2012) [#7]
I could never get to grips with monkey with its cryptic error messages or just plain crashing

I agree that some of the error messages are a bit "cryptic" but by using Jungle, i was able eliminate 90% of the issues right off the bat. Other than that, everything i've done so far in monkey has worked surprisingly well - on all target platforms i've tested without much effort.

EDIT : ok so maybe the PSS platform isn't quite up to par yet but its still not officially supported yet :).

zoqfotpik(Posted 2012) [#8]
I absolutely love Monkey. The only real bear of a problem I've run into has been getting Android ads working. But that's not really a Monkey issue.

Monkey's error messages cryptic? Breakpoint debugging is the answer to all woes.

Pretty sure Unity does 3D a whole ton better and easier than out-of-the-box Monkey. If you think I'm wrong take a look at Interstellar Marines which has been developed by a very small team. I can't even imagine attempting that in Monkey. Unity has a fully-featured 3D engine.

Since I'm not doing 3D I couldn't care less about this.

I have a number of issues with Unity as well, there are some things I didn't like about it.

Cygnus(Posted 2012) [#9]
Just wanted to pop my oppinion in here-

I use Unity primarily, but after coding and releasing two 2D games in Unity, I really, really, would not recommend it for 2D projects.

I have gone bald- honestly, haha.

Theres nothing really WRONG with monkey, I something that Unity does better?

Provide a powerful 3D engine and WYSIWYG Editor and a choice of languages in which to code?

That's not attacking Monkey, it's just how it is.

Why0Why(Posted 2012) [#10]
I looked at Unity and came to the same conclusion as Cygnus: It looked great for 3D but 2D, not so much. Since I don't do 3D at the current time(and don't see it happening in the near future), here I am!

Tibit(Posted 2012) [#11]
My reason for Monkey is also the 2D one, however I really do not have a good basis for it.

I'm very interested to hear what parts Unity lacks or excells at in the 2D department compared to Monkey. I lot of the time I find myself asked about Monkey vs Unity. Would make it easier to recommend or argue for Monkey to other developers.

I see the biggest benefit with Unity being their Asset Store, and maybe one can even buy a 2D development kit there?

Beaker(Posted 2012) [#12]
I agree that Unity can be a pain for 2d, having used it quite a lot for just that, but when you get to grips with it and get your head around using 2d in 3d (and use some great plugins like RageSpline, SmoothMoves and ex2d) you can achieve far more with less effort than you can currently with monkey, particularly if you want to mix great looking spline objects with bitmap and complex animated stuff.

Admittedly I've torn my hair out several times along the way. :)

CopperCircle(Posted 2012) [#13]
I have not used Unity but I do feel Monkey is getting better all the time, I am currently making two games, one using MiniB3D and one with Box2D both of which are working well on all platforms. I am also planning to release my 2D editor with Box2D support to go with my Box2D framework.

I think the community is very helpful and I always want to give back what I can.