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Dabz(Posted 2011) [#1]
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Right, I picked up a bug the other night, and cannot replicate it, but its there somewhere, what happens is your playing away and the game locks up, now, this is the first time I've saw this and have been tinkering with this game for weeks, nothing has really changed regarding the code, so, the only thing I've did is upgrade monkey to v46, there's nothing else I can think off in terms stuff thats been fondled.

I've had a scan through the code, and there's one place that "could" cause a lockup, but, it shouldnt, so, since I cannot replicate it on my own, I thought maybe the more people play it, the more chance it will show its ugly head.

If the code does lock up, and it just sits there, I've added a KeyDown command that would free the execution in the area I'm presuming is barfed... So, if the game locks, hit the A key, if it frees itself, I'm in the right field and can go over the logic again (Even though it looks right, lol).

Cheers! :)


muddy_shoes(Posted 2011) [#2]
I played it until I'd cleared all the boxes/chests and didn't see any issues. If it's that hard to replicate I suggest that you code an automated player that you can leave running as a soak test.

Floyd(Posted 2011) [#3]
I spent a few minutes, with Chrome and IE9.

With Chrome I first see a mostly orange screen, a black box and a "click to start" message. I do that and the game starts. I clicked a bunch of images, sometimes swapping adjacent ones and even getting "three in a row". There are no obvious problems.

But then I closed the tab the game was running in. Trying to run it again failed. A new tab opens. It is solid orange. Clicking various places on the screen I eventually got a window with left side blue and right side orange. But that's it. The game never starts.

Quitting Chrome and relaunching fixed this. I could again run the game once, but closing the tab made the game unrestartable.

This doesn't happen with IE. I can play the game, close the tab and restart.

dave.h(Posted 2011) [#4]
i played it for 10 mins and found no bugs but i did get upset however cos ive nearly finished my first match 3 game and yours looks graphically better.Did you create the graphics yourself or download them from somewhere like google images.

Dabz(Posted 2011) [#5]
Thanks fella's! :)

I'm going to go with the flow that it was due to the upgrade, I deleted all the build folders prior to building that flash version above, so maybe there was a little glitch with something, odd, yes, it probably should never compile if it was that, but you never know.

I'll leave the link up there for now, carry on building and if it does reappear, I'll be on it like a car bonnet!

@Dave - Combination of everything really, I cannot draw off the cuff, so more intricate images I either buy 3D, render then, then use that, or render them and use them as references... If I get stuck on something, I google for them, either in Google images or try to track something in tutorial sites! :)

If I'm totally dismayed and dont find anything, or cannot do something, Gfk usually lends a hand and knocks something up for me... Top fella! :)


Dabz(Posted 2011) [#6]
Fixed! \o/

Deleted a bunch of code where I eventually sussed where problem was, roughly, lol, I wasnt sure... Rewrote it, everything now seems tickety boo! :D