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dave.h(Posted 2011) [#1]
hi all ive just downloaded this bundle for 59 dollars

- Curvy 3D 1.6 by Aartform $85
- TwistedBrush Pro by Pixarra $99
- Genetica 3.0 Basic by Spiral Graphics $149
- Dj D Artagnan
by John Somnitz $20
- Project Dogwaffle 4.1 by Dan Ritchie $59
- Archipelis Designer 2 by Archipelis $49
- Texture anarchy by Digital Anarchy $129
- AnyFX for Prj Dogwaffle by Pixelan $24
- DAP by Mediachance $49.95
All the apps in bundle

its available at

i must admit i was worried that it was a bit of a con but i did some checking before i bought it.Everthing works great on it and if you buy it now you can upgrade to the full version of twisted brushes for 20 dollars. That makes it 79 dollars altogether and the latest version of twisted brushes is retailing at 99 dollars.Ive tested most of these already and if your on a low budget then this really is a fantastic deal.The only slight drawback was you have to email twisted brushes for a code to activate it but they had emailed me back with it within 2 hours.

ps i dont work for any of these i just know it can work out expensive to get good art packages cheap