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hardcoal(Posted 2011) [#1]
I have a hard problem sitting infront of a computer screen.
Im goint to try a 120hz monitor because i belive it may be that the
refresh rate is to low for my eyes (or brain).

So im taking it slowly and sitting infront of the computer only 1 hour at time (and still get head aches)
My eyes are getting infection.
This is my daily reality so I cant really give my 100% abilities like that.

Ill keep trying until Ill find my solution.
I have good days when I dont suffer and very bad days that I cant
even look on the screen.

Waiting for Oled to be developed allready for computer monitors.

anyone with something similar?

matty(Posted 2011) [#2]
Sounds more like conjunctivitis.

matt(Posted 2011) [#3]
I think go see a doctor and give your eyes a break 24/7 for a while

hardcoal(Posted 2011) [#4]
I went to a neurologists and he talked nonesense.
i have good days and bad days
2 days ago i had such a pain in my left side where the eye is
that it become physical pain.

another strange thing happen is sometimes i get a blind spot in the middle of my eye which means i cant see what is written.
not to talk about annoying beep sound in my brain.

im sure that soon this issues will resolve when monitors quality will improve.

ive sufferd for like 25 years and thats the main reason im not a pro programmer as i should be.

the thing is a i fell althow im using a screen sheild that the monitor is glaring

ok enough crying.. everyone has his issues i belive.
lets get back to programming the world :)

things are going pretty well for me, im starting to understand monkey
more and more and i love it. (must admit.. mark is a blessing)

Raz(Posted 2011) [#5]
The blind spots and the sound you can hear sounds like a migraine to me.

Have you tried turning the brightness of your monitor down?
Have you tried coding with white text on black, instead of black text on a white background?

hardcoal(Posted 2011) [#6]
yea all of this ive done
and yes its much better this days..
i mean i have some days that its like i have no problem
and a half month that it is hell.
it comes in waves. like its accomulating each time.

It is hurrible sometimes.
now for example while i type looking at the white screen doesnt do me so well so i type fast just to get rid of this white screen.

on programming i really use dark colors which makes much nicer to me.

there are people who are more sensitive then others it is proven,,
im very sensitive i guess..

tomorrow ill be the LG 3D screen every one says it has a great picture.
and it works on 120hz

MikeHart(Posted 2011) [#7]
What kind of screen do you have now?

xlsior(Posted 2011) [#8]
The only way I can look at the screen comfortably for any amount of time is by adjusting the gamma way down (ati catalyst) and making it significantly darker.

I have a few more profiles that can boost the brightness back to normal under a keyboard shortcut for hard-to-see images.

hardcoal(Posted 2011) [#9]
i got fujicom F-W2005S12-D its the type of monitors like you have on
laptops where the screen is glossy.
I like those types of monitors since they glare less.

ive seen some todayís led lcds on the shop and noticed that they reduced
the glare issue significantly.

ive always had problems with TV's, projectors as well but less.
the only common thing i found among all this display types are the refresh rate.

besides, those of you who has similar issues like i do with monitors
should know that its an outcome of many variables.

ive noticed for example that if you sit on a computer straight after waking up while the brain half asleep it may turn into a head ache.
if you are sick then you are more sensitive to head aches in general.
if you do exercise then you are more protected somehow..
its like the body immune system becomes stronger
playing 3d games put much strain on the brain causing us to get 10 times faster.
When I play 3d games I prefer less shiny graphics and more motion smoothness.
The quality of our programming and problem solving are reduced when you cannot think
Clearly so I take break and sit on the bed and solve problems like that.

Its good to invest on a good screen because the screen is what we face while we sit on a computer.
Another issue is noise.
Ive made a hole in my wall and I put the computer outside of the house in a box so I donít have
Fan noise at all. All the wires are going inside from the hole ive made.
Totally silence! And more space.
Noise is also something that can make you crazy.
All those things put together can make you depressed and you donít know on what to put the finger on.
Iím sure many people donít admit there issues but everything has a solution And a reason.
A person should also find the right position for his computer desk.
For example sitting when the door is behind you makes you feel less confident .
And moreÖ ok enough .. I wasting time here instead of programming err.

must finish database.. must ... mmm

hardcoal(Posted 2011) [#10]
I got a new screen 3D maybe its not professional
but lets see how it will go for me
its the samsung SA950 3D

Glossy Type.

it has strong brightness.
good quality picture and good black level
i set it to 120hz on 2d mode as well.

xlsior(Posted 2011) [#11]
i got fujicom F-W2005S12-D its the type of monitors like you have on
laptops where the screen is glossy.
I like those types of monitors since they glare less.

There may be less glare, but there is more mirroring/reflection.

Personally I find the glossy screens much harder to work with, because my eyes keep trying to focus on the mirror reflections instead of the computer image behind it. With a matte screen, there's less distractions.

the thing is a i fell althow im using a screen sheild that the monitor is glaring

Having a separate screen shield may increase your problem, since they tend to make the image blurrier, which means that your eyes will work much harder trying to bring everything into focus... Which leads to more eyestrain thanks to tired eyes.

AdamRedwoods(Posted 2011) [#12]
exercise your eyes as well. look up for a few seconds, then down, then left, then right. the roll eyes clockwise, the roll eyes counter-clockwise.

hardcoal(Posted 2011) [#13]
I never found the mirror effect you discribe distracting althow you raise
a good point xlsior
I have no light source behind my back so I dont see reflections.

They made this type of screens because you get less glare and deeper colors.

the more you look on white pages the more you get tired.
always use darker colors but not deepressing black :)
colors effect our mood!

I take rests and move my eyes and also change sitting position.
I have no problem reading a book for hours btw.

anyone who is interested on the latest about screen technology (Oled)
this is the place

now lets see how i will get along with this screen

back to monkey..