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*** Where did my bug report go? *** (locked) (sticky)simonh1simonh (2011)
html5: js print command clashes with window.printBeaker1Beaker (April)
Build process breaks on latest Android toolsSoap8Xaron (April)
Non-radian trig functions - no double precisionGerry Quinn1Gerry Quinn (March)
Bracket nesting level exceeded maximum of 256JaviCervera8JaviCervera (March)
glfw goes black after being minimized.Paul - Taiphoz4Paul - Taiphoz (2017)
iOS horizontal white line on iPhoneBoulderdash3Boulderdash (2017)
httprequest example Get using https:// fails.Paul - Taiphoz8Paul - Taiphoz (2017)
TED not working on OSX Sierra Public BETAAaronK16Soap (2016)
Mojo 2 Fraps unloading memory access violationSoap1Soap (2016)
reflection module not foundslenkar1slenkar (2016)
Upgrade to Google Mobile Ads SDK, 7.0.0 or highertherevills12therevills (2016)
HTML5 (Samsung S3/Android Browser): Databuffer Bugmaverick691maverick69 (2016)
HTML5 (S4Mini/Android Browser): Audio Bugmaverick691maverick69 (2016)
HTML5/Firefox: Umlautsmaverick691maverick69 (2016)
Touch input bug with iOS 10Peeling5Peeling (2016)
Since v84d Android AdmobInterstitial Failstherevills20Soap (2016)
Sound problem on IOSpit2pit (2016)
Backspace not registering (Android)secondgear4marksibly (2016)
Mojo2 possible light bugXaron1Xaron (2016)
All iOS apps MUST support https by the end of 2016Xaron5Xaron (2016)
All iOS apps must support IPv6-only (repost)Trion9marksibly (2016)
Android String Compare fails with Turkish Localetherevills3therevills (2016)
Memory leak with String[]? (reposted)Peeling6Peeling (2016)
Invalid encodingcanadianGamer3dawlane (2016)
GLSL Shader uniforms bugmalublu1malublu (2016)
Mojo2 DrawText Imagecanvas not working correctlyPakz1Pakz (2016)
404 response not read (Android)secondgear1secondgear (2016)
Update to generated iOS templaterIKmAN1rIKmAN (2016)
PlaySample failed to play sound - Android 6.0therevills9therevills (2016)
glfw: GL_STENCIL_TEST no longer workingNobuyuki3Nobuyuki (2016)
SetDeviceWindow() Crashing Under Windows 7Sledge1Sledge (2016)
Reflection ignores inherited methodsarpie4arpie (2016)
V86E: 'WritePixels' doesn't offset properlyImmutableOctet(SKNG)5ImmutableOctet(SKNG) (2016)
WritePixels missing frame valueEdzUp11EdzUp (2016)
monkeydocs not parsing properlybitJericho1bitJericho (2016)
[mojo.ios.cpp] Crash in BeginRender/EndRendermaverick691maverick69 (2016)
Missing KEYCODE_DPAD_CENTER in Andoid targetDifference2Difference (2016)
[HTML5] Synchronous XMLHttpRequest deprecatedShinkiro117Shinkiro1 (2016)
DeviceHeight() misreports when using renderer.Richard Betson4dawlane (2016)
HTML5 full screen scale buggy (mojo 1, Monkey 85e)Xaron3marksibly (2016)
No sound on Microsoft Edge & tactile problemsVignoli6Xaron (2016)
Mojo2 crashes in Glfw3/Mac when setting fontLeo Santos4Leo Santos (2016)
OnClose() automatically calls EndApp()PixelPaladin3PixelPaladin (2016)
Ted on v85e does not come bundled with Qt (OS X)JaviCervera7PrismaticRealms (2016)
#MOJO_AUTO_SUSPEND_ENABLED = False on HTML5k.o.g.6k.o.g. (2016)
Spaces in file name causes compilition issuetherevills4therevills (2016)
Crash accessing AppArgs after SetDeviceWindowPeeling2marksibly (2016)
Keyboard InputPaul - Taiphoz2SLotman (2015)
MX2: Crash instead of syntax errorPharmhaus1Pharmhaus (2015)
glBindTexture fails on HTML5 when binding tex 0JaviCervera4marksibly (2015)
Mojo 2 crash on Nexus 5 (Android 6.0)teoretik14teoretik (2015)
Problem with brl.FileSystem and #GLFW_APP_LABELDeadFall3DeadFall (2015)
Mojo2 SetViewport()Richard Betson3Richard Betson (2015)
GLFW: Extremely slow due to joystick/gamepad issueMichael Flad4Neuro (2015)
Edited: Compiler needs GC mode 2 :)Peeling26Peeling (2015)
Mojo2 object scope and clearing ILayer/ILightRichard Betson3Richard Betson (2015)
GLFW2 Brazilian keyboard problemSLotman1SLotman (2015)
{V85A+}: Input Bottleneck in 'BBGlfwGame'ImmutableOctet(SKNG)5marksibly (2015)
Ted terminates on kill process (Linux).Richard Betson4Richard Betson (2015)
For loop variable can't be a field !!Brucey13DruggedBunny (2015)
GLFW3 SaveState -> wrong directoryFred7Fred (2015)
Socket / Stream - Android V4 & V5 - Possible Bug?Yeshu7773Yeshu777 (2015)
Should drawView be suspended too?Ferdi3Ferdi (2015)
When MonkeyStore fails to open, it gets stuckedFerdi6Ferdi (2015)
WP8: HttpRequest works only the first timeXaron17Xaron (2015)
'C:\Program' is not recognized as an internal ...Xaron11Xaron (2015)
iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plusjjunior7MikeHart (2015)
Android: Int()eme6414marksibly (2015)
mojo2 fails on AndroidDuke871Duke87 (2015)
mojo2fontmachine android compilation error.hub1hub (2015)
iOS Submit wrong flag in plistXaron1Xaron (2015)
Interface methods aren't compileditto3itto (2015)
Mojo2 OSX build issuesoXes4GC-Martijn (2015)
HttpRequest: Feature requestXaron2Xaron (2015)
GLFW+ANGLE MSVC Project OversightImmutableOctet(SKNG)2marksibly (2015)
Mojo2: loading image / material never failsSkn32marksibly (2015)
Mojo2: DrawLine alignment is "off"Skn32marksibly (2015)
mojo2 compiles fine fails on executionEdzUp3EdzUp (2015)
mojo2 image/canvas creation orderDruggedBunny4marksibly (2015)
Parsing bug with #REM #END and unpared quotesdawlane1dawlane (2015)
LoadString not working with mojo2peterigz5marksibly (2015)
Mojo2: Canvas.SetScissor not working properly?Leo Santos12Danilo (2015)
KeyDown() / KeyHit() issue.Danilo9Danilo (2015)
RequestFile docs - save:BoolDruggedBunny2marksibly (2015)
Error opening file: $SOURCEJaviCervera4JaviCervera (2015)
Small oversights in Mojo 2; minor typos, etc.ImmutableOctet(SKNG)3therevills (2015)
Compile problemartidomedesX2dawlane (2015)
Ted crashes when Macbook comes out of standbyBoulderdash30Rieha (2015)
problem with android kitkatslenkar17slenkar (2015)
Mispelled keywords, functions or methods errorEdzUp7EdzUp (2015)
Broken Glfw3 Print functionHezkore3EdzUp (2015)
Enable Keyboard on AndroidPharmhaus2Shagwana (2015)
Super & PropertiesPharmhaus3Pharmhaus (2015)
FileType fails for files in data folder (android)Skn36Skn3 (2015)
Cannot Extend on android.DomDom5DomDom (2015)
GLFW3 Print (lots of them, MonkeyXPro83a)nullterm2dawlane (2015)
Reflection filter brokenziggy11ziggy (2015)
float->int->string inconsistencyslenkar4slenkar (2015)
android.permission.GET_TASKS required for Admobstherevills1therevills (2015)
Import incorrect file does not produce a warningShagwana9marksibly (2015)
V82(B): Generic Cyclic BehaviorImmutableOctet(SKNG)11marksibly (2015)
Typo in builders\glfw.monkey (v81b)Trion4marksibly (2015)
[Monkey 80c] Bug with Desktop compiling.EdzUp17Difference (2015)
83a Ted Find in Files -> Start Dictationnullterm2marksibly (2015)
Compiler crashPeeling8dawlane (2015)
Compiling on more than one platform problemEdzUp4EdzUp (2015)
Potential Bug - Building For Android TargetPoliteProgrammer3PoliteProgrammer (2015)
iOS Audio Session Categorynullterm1nullterm (2015)
Memory access crash under heavy resource loadNobuyuki15marksibly (2015)
Trans fail with flash target after forever commandPakz2marksibly (2015)
Interfacing with C / C++Pharmhaus1Pharmhaus (2015)
XNA - ReadPixels clears render bufferpantson1pantson (2015)
MonkeyStore Android: service binding exceptionsecondgear5marksibly (2015)
MonkeyStore: handling interrupted purchasessecondgear6secondgear (2015)
MonkeyStore: Cant open store on Androidmaverick693marksibly (2015)
reference not updating... bug?Nobuyuki5Nobuyuki (2015)
databuffer utf8 issuek.o.g.5Nobuyuki (2015)
AsyncQueue queue overflow & DataBuffer MAVk.o.g.3k.o.g. (2015)
WP8 - Out of memory on Image load, discardBinaryItch6BinaryItch (2015)
iOS GLES20 LoadImageData crashnullterm3nullterm (2015)
brl.json & win8.1Pharmhaus9k.o.g. (2015)
android: added ActivityResultCallback (pull req) (locked)AdamRedwoods1AdamRedwoods (2015)
Bug with default valuesPharmhaus4ziggy (2015)
Bug with checking for static uses of 'Super'ImmutableOctet(SKNG)1ImmutableOctet(SKNG) (2014)
{GLFW3}: Small bug with Mojo's 'GetChar' commandImmutableOctet(SKNG)7sereschkin (2014)
MouseX, Y not returning values in GLFW3Koradin5Koradin (2014)
Modpath error: Duplicate identifierV. Lehtinen5ImmutableOctet(SKNG) (2014)
V82(A): Possible bug with 'Void' and variablesImmutableOctet(SKNG)1ImmutableOctet(SKNG) (2014)
New Android Target Admob v79d& v79e - Build Errortherevills14jayparker (2014)
Abstract method undefinedPharmhaus4Pharmhaus (2014)
Array in debuggerPharmhaus3Pharmhaus (2014)
Import not importing?Pharmhaus3marksibly (2014)
V82(A): Bug with the 'Alias' keyword.ImmutableOctet(SKNG)1ImmutableOctet(SKNG) (2014)
DataBuffers PeekByte() returns negative valuesPharmhaus8marksibly (2014)
Web Audio IssuesTimotron6skid (2014)
DataStreamPharmhaus2ImmutableOctet(SKNG) (2014)
Jungle just deleted my source file without asking. (locked)Peeling1Peeling (2014)
Android Pre dexing libs every compile (API 10)slenkar1slenkar (2014)
Node-related bug?impixi4impixi (2014)
String FindLast bugimpixi3impixi (2014)
Possible SetEnv Mac OS X Yosemite issuedawlane4dawlane (2014)
activetopics issueskid1skid (2014)
(V80c) Issues using 'IntObject' with 'Abs' & 'Sgn'ImmutableOctet(SKNG)5ImmutableOctet(SKNG) (2014)
Image MidHandle flag bugimpixi1impixi (2014)
App crashing in emulator when starting because ofRaul6Raul (2014)
Monkey uses Google V2 Billing version?Xaron8Snader (2014)
Can override methods/constants but not fields?MikeHart6MikeHart (2014)
Small bug with function and method namesImmutableOctet(SKNG)2marksibly (2014)
Match Up Demo brokenskid5ombinar (2014)
DrawPoly bug?SLotman7SLotman (2014)
brl.socket crashesk.o.g.5marksibly (2014)
HTML5 SetColor 'cross-origin' bug (locked)DruggedBunny1DruggedBunny (2014)
Android Fullscreen Keyboard does not display inputStoneFaceEXE6marksibly (2014)
Android Home doesn't stop some looping soundsGrey Alien1Grey Alien (2014)
JoyX/JoyY(0) locked to nonzero valuesNobuyuki5Nobuyuki (2014)
Joystick mappings weird on Macskape3Erik (2014)
Bug on C++ GCziggy7marksibly (2014)
Forum mobile - new Topicsk.o.g.2Nobuyuki (2014)
BBThread is privateLandon3Landon (2014)
GLFW v80b #GLFW_APP_LABEL not working ?Fred3Fred (2014)
GetChar always returns 0 on linuxEdzUp3EdzUp (2014)
DrawPoly2 is not implemented for Flash target NEWprogrammer3programmer (2014)
IOS not copying files/folders from target properlySkn34Skn3 (2014)
Missing file/linkStoneFaceEXE6StoneFaceEXE (2014)
preprocessor addsSkn35Skn3 (2014)
For Next parsing bug on transziggy10rIKmAN (2014)
Problem import NDK LibsPixtel2marksibly (2014)
Extern static membersPixtel2marksibly (2014)
v79e glfw "monkey://data/" not foundFred1Fred (2014)
v79e desktop/glfw continuous memory increase..?Skn310Skn3 (2014)
Missing context.Validate in DrawPoly (image)Skn32marksibly (2014)
ToString() causes function overload confusion (locked)Skn31Skn3 (2014)
GLFW Joystick bug in v78h (including fix)mr_twister2marksibly (2014)
Forum bug??SLotman3therevills (2014)
v75: android: filestream open does not workAdamRedwoods3mr_twister (2014)
Possible image async loading bug? Not sure :(TeaBoy9mdgunn (2014)
{Android} Optimization bug with constant variablesImmutableOctet(SKNG)2marksibly (2014)
Admob - Deprecation of the Standalone AdMob SDKtherevills12therevills (2014)
Android keyboard in landscape mode buggedskid10marksibly (2014)
Encapsulation bugziggy14ziggy (2014)
PlayMusic doest work anymore until restart MSServeRaul4marksibly (2014)
TED:Overwriting existing file when creating a newMikeHart3MikeHart (2014)
Android: Resize for array of strings not workinganawiki6Goodlookinguy (2014)
Signing error WinrtCopperCircle5CopperCircle (2014)
Not a bug report "per se"... OpenAL in GLFWSLotman3SLotman (2014)
Alpha >1 || Alpha < 0 = Flicker on Androidtherevills27ziggy (2014)
Bug with async loading sounds in html5Timotron9impixi (2014)
Documentation: DataBuffer.PokeFloats()Danilo1Danilo (2014)
glTexImage2D/glTexSubImage2D gles20/html5DaveC3DaveC (2014)
Writepixels broken in Visual Studio 2013Damon979Damon97 (2014)
json-parser failes with gc_mode=2Hans4Hans (2014)
Windows RT/WP8 Keyboard not workingCopperCircle8CopperCircle (2014)
DrawPoint issue on Desktop (GLFW) on WindowsPowelly9Powelly (2014)
mserver_macos has BlitzMax iconDanilo5Danilo (2014)
Sound issues if another web page is playing soundsRaul2marksibly (2014)
Can't run Monkey on Mac OS X MavericksBozRetro3BozRetro (2014)
NOT A BUG: Trans commandline parametersziggy13marksibly (2014)
WinPhone: IAP not working?dragon11dragon (2014)
WP8 after resume got no musicKslam3Kslam (2014)
[V78B] {DESKTOP} Possible method optimization bug.ImmutableOctet(SKNG)5marksibly (2014)
Curious compiler error message.ziggy4Citty (2014)
Memory access violation erorrCitty11rIKmAN (2014)
Monkey compiler bug? (maybe)ziggy12Goodlookinguy (2014)
v78f: Flash (async image loading)dragon5dragon (2014)
Path to run iOS Simulator.nikoniko2marksibly (2014)
78f: WP8 IAP crashes during startupXaron2marksibly (2014)
Altered images don't update in buildOddball1Oddball (2014)
v78f: XNA (async image loading)dragon2dragon (2014)
WinPhone8 - Music Volumedragon24Xaron (2014)
Parsing bugGoodlookinguy4marksibly (2014)
Windows 8.1 supportLinderBoss10LinderBoss (2014)
MServer 0.3 returns incorrect Content-typenikoniko2marksibly (2014)
Map Enumerators: Proposed changeAdamRedwoods3AdamRedwoods (2014)
Socket server acceots only one clientXaron6Xaron (2014)
Error (EXC_BAD_ACCESS) in Garbage collector (IOS)Timotron17Timotron (2014)
Ted editor - 3 issuesSkn311Kslam (2014)
MServer: Server failed to bind socket to port:5060Raul5Raul (2014)
v78c iOS: Accelorometer with SetUpdateRate 0Shinkiro11Shinkiro1 (2014)
Invalid text file type: filename ?Fred3Fred (2014)
Desktop - 'CPP_DOUBLE_PRECISION_FLOATS' (V78B)ImmutableOctet(SKNG)2marksibly (2014)
Undocumented feature or awesome bug?Goodlookinguy3Goodlookinguy (2014)
XCode 5.1 defaults to 64bit architecture nowRaph2Raph (2014)
Minor doc error, OPENGL_GLES20_ENABLED missing?Raph1Raph (2014)
Desktop compile error @v78aXaron3Xaron (2014)
HTML5: Import brl causes runtime errorMikeHart7MikeHart (2014)
very weird compilation bugziggy3ziggy (2014)
iOS 7 status barRaph4marksibly (2014)
Android Icon Resource Suggestiontherevills4dragon (2014)
MonkeyStore - Store unavailable = RuntimeError!?therevills13Danilo (2014)
v77a - EachIn loop broken for extended Map class (locked)itto1itto (2014)
v77a - Parent class method not seen by interfaceitto9Gerry Quinn (2014)
MServ 0.3 doesn't free build foldernikoniko1nikoniko (2014)
Android - Reflect All issues...therevills3therevills (2014)
v76d / glfw: PlaySound() fails if channel > 21Nobuyuki7Nobuyuki (2014)
WP8 - SetChannelVolume has no effect on audio.SLotman8marksibly (2014)
v77e: missing targets and compile errorsXaron3Xaron (2014)
v75d+ LoadAsync DatabufferIronstorm1Ironstorm (2014)
Image.Discard() not working - iOSrIKmAN9Grey Alien (2014)
Inherited interface corrupts mem from DataBufferNobuyuki4Nobuyuki (2014)
Cannot play apps with ChromeRaz4Raz (2014)
Lolly Smash Adventures???therevills1therevills (2014)
WP8: PlaySound crashes in some casesXaron9freedo (2014)
v77f: iOS Compile error with admobjjunior2marksibly (2014)
v75+: OS Module errors out on non-glfwAdamRedwoods2marksibly (2014)
v76:-Wno-dangling-else breaks older XCodeAdamRedwoods7marksibly (2014)
httprequest on iOSnigelibrown4nigelibrown (2014)
WP8: LoadImage does not work for all imagesXaron2Difference (2014)
V77C: SetUpdateRate(0) on HTML5 causes Runtime ErrMikeHart3MikeHart (2014)
WP8: Deploy to store not possibleXaron3Xaron (2014)
httprequest on iOS over 3G/MobileSkn34marksibly (2014)
[iOS] Status bar overlaps screen.Xaron2marksibly (2014)
WP8: Bug when ressources are in subfolders (76d)Xaron2marksibly (2014)
Bug in HttpRequestSkn32marksibly (2014)
[Android] ViewHeight function neededXaron3marksibly (2014)
java.lang.NullPointerException with ArraysVolker9Shinkiro1 (2014)
Access volition 76d OSX 10.9 GLFW Full Screendawlane1dawlane (2014)
DrawLine acts differently on platformsGoodlookinguy2dawlane (2014)
OpenAL Windows Drivers link brokeblueFire15Paul - Taiphoz (2014)
V77C: SaveState errorMikeHart1MikeHart (2014)
Html5 Audio issue with Chrome.Paul - Taiphoz6Paul - Taiphoz (2014)
GetData millisec always zeroziggy6ziggy (2014)
Debug Uncaught SyntaxError: Unexpected token )therevills4therevills (2014)
PlayMusic with flag=0 (no loop) is bugged in xnaErik2marksibly (2014)
TED Console Copy/PasteMidimaster2marksibly (2013)
Infinity, negative infinity, and NaNGoodlookinguy2John Galt (2013)
Bug in for loop syntax?Skn34Skn3 (2013)
v77b: glfw: CPP_GC_MODE = 2 not work w/miniB3DAdamRedwoods1AdamRedwoods (2013)
V75-Bug: BBThread is privateMidimaster2marksibly (2013)
New Site User Profile: hidden email link issueJason W.2simonh (2013)
Urgent: GetChar() and XT9Midimaster12Midimaster (2013)
C++ ToLower and ToUpper with UTF-8 stringsdevolonter8devolonter (2013)
v76: winnrt: BBSocketAdamRedwoods1AdamRedwoods (2013)
v76: winrt: native code gxtkSurface Discard(minor)AdamRedwoods1AdamRedwoods (2013)
v76(d): Possible Function Overloading BugImmutableOctet(SKNG)6Gerry Quinn (2013)
Ongoing TRANS Errorszoqfotpik4Nobuyuki (2013)
76d: HTML5 draw screwed upXaron2marksibly (2013)
Windows Phone 8 potential memory leakLinderBoss1LinderBoss (2013)
Canvas doesn't respond after some iOS gesturessecondgear4secondgear (2013)
iOS external events kills Monkey Sound!Difference3Difference (2013)
Signing an app in TEDMidimaster2marksibly (2013)
Please add Numpad supportGrey Alien5Shagwana (2013)
Controllers Broken - GLFWElectricBoogaloo3ElectricBoogaloo (2013)
Windows 8 Alpha bug?Leginus3Leginus (2013)
Minor doc mistake in lang.cpp (re:GC mode)AdamRedwoods1AdamRedwoods (2013)
Import form interface folder will not work (locked)Shagwana1Shagwana (2013)
Interface methods not inherited as AbstractSamah5Samah (2013)
Bug combining module imports on iOS/cppSkn31Skn3 (2013)
0 is NaN?Midimaster4muddy_shoes (2013)
OUYA - Menu ButtonElectricBoogaloo3computercoder (2013)
Android and Selecteme6417Samah (2013)
TouchDown stuck after GameCenter.ShowLeaderBoard()Fred3marksibly (2013)
PlaySound loop on Android 4.3Powelly2marksibly (2013)
Flash - fix for pixellated graphicsoutsider3slenkar (2013)
Android: Apps quit when orientation changes (75d)nori5marksibly (2013)
Xcode updated and now v76a apps won't compileOddball4Oddball (2013)
HTML5 - Google Closure corrupts the codeprogrammer2Nobuyuki (2013)
OS X Maverick is missing ant (for Android builds)Difference1Difference (2013)
HTML5 do not get focus back on iOSDavid Casual Box2marksibly (2013)
v75 : brl.json : JsonArray bugAdamRedwoods5Nobuyuki (2013)
Finaly managed to replicate "the reflection bug"ziggy1ziggy (2013)
OUYA - Identifying which touchpad is being usedcomputercoder4caffeinekid (2013)
More on reflectionziggy3ziggy (2013)
Can't use REFLECTION_FILTER="*"ziggy1ziggy (2013)
java.lang.VerifyError und Android 2.3Volker6marksibly (2013)
v75b html5: AsyncImageLoader bug w/BBThreadAdamRedwoods2marksibly (2013)
Bug with overloading? (locked)Skn31Skn3 (2013)
This code breaks Trans and Tedziggy3ziggy (2013)
Controller doesn't work properly on OS Xtaumel9taumel (2013)
GLFW doesn't register keypad enter keyRaz4Raz (2013)
Flash: SetMusicVolumedragon1dragon (2013)
Weird GLFW ProblemSui6Sui (2013)
Request: Official updated demo version of Monkey (locked)MikeHart1MikeHart (2013)
Feature request .ReadPixelsMarkus9computercoder (2013)
brl.JSON does not parse empty Object / Arrayfsoft1fsoft (2013)
Changing font size in IDEEdzUp1EdzUp (2013)
Buillding errorEdzUp2dawlane (2013)
XNA / Win8 / Sound bugdragon3dragon (2013)
No CLS = Eeeeuw!!!ElectricBoogaloo7Goodlookinguy (2013)
Error building modman from srcNobuyuki1Nobuyuki (2013)
Uh?Sammy5Sammy (2013)
Docs problemSammy1Sammy (2013)
IDE EditorMarkus2AdamRedwoods (2013)
Why can't I put " ; " in one line with IF and THENStoneFaceEXE7Shinkiro1 (2013)
Feature request: GrabImage and animsRaph3Raph (2013)
Html5 + UpdateRateMarkus1Markus (2013)
v72b: OSX, GLFW: return code 11 (fyi)AdamRedwoods2computercoder (2013)
String to Float, String to Int (again)programmer1programmer (2013)
[iOS] GameCenter ShowLeaderboard() crashShinkiro17Shinkiro1 (2013)
WP7 XNA and accelerometer [FIXED]programmer5programmer (2013)
Feature Request for CLASS App (locked)Markus1Markus (2013)
FileStream bug on XNA targetbenmc4benmc (2013)
windows8/phone8 integer bounds bugSkn33Skn3 (2013)
Inconsistent behaviour with null defaultsmuddy_shoes4marksibly (2013)
iOS monkey NSTimer pauses in certain circumstancesSkn32marksibly (2013)
Aw Snap Blink error with Mojomotosisskid5skid (2013)
v73a & v72 : XNA: BBThread and DataBuffer bugsAdamRedwoods1AdamRedwoods (2013)
TouchDown() not firing on Windows with touch/penRaph1Raph (2013)
please remove itMidimaster4Oddball (2013)
8-bit PNG won't load in GLFWSnader4AdamRedwoods (2013)
dbg_charCodeAtBelimoth3Belimoth (2013)
Empty data subdirs getting copied across to build.Skn34Snader (2013)
v72B : opengl20, iOS, compiler errorAdamRedwoods2marksibly (2013)
Windows 8 LoadImage/SoundAsync .72bPolan1Polan (2013)
Bool to FloatElectricBoogaloo5marksibly (2013)
Compiler error outputmuddy_shoes4marksibly (2013)
Hardware Back Button quits app on WP8CopperCircle5marksibly (2013)
#GLFW_USE_GCC=true not overriding MONKEY.CONFIGDruggedBunny4Pharmhaus (2013)
Android: opengles20 LoadImageData bugAdamRedwoods2marksibly (2013)
Android/Ouya: Vector errStack bugAdamRedwoods2Nobuyuki (2013)
Can tell more about an old sound problemMidimaster5Midimaster (2013)
Memory leak in iOS/OS X with String::ToCStringjjsonick4marksibly (2013)
Type BBGameDelegate not found (MAC OSX)mangus2marksibly (2013)
Could not find class 'com.monkey.c_ArrayList'Volker2marksibly (2013)
CONSTANT and IF together not possible?Midimaster6Goodlookinguy (2013)
Versions after 70e fail to run on Linuxsionco5sionco (2013)
CreateImage doesn't set handleGerry Quinn3Gerry Quinn (2013)
linux glfw: minib3d needs config addedAdamRedwoods2dawlane (2013)
Documentation TypoPharmhaus1Pharmhaus (2013)
WP8 CloseApp() or ErrorCopperCircle6MikeHart (2013)
Android ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsExceptionRaph15Raph (2013)
Error : Unable to find overload for Height(Int).Tibit2rIKmAN (2013)
HTML5: clicking outside canvas with KeyDownDruggedBunny1DruggedBunny (2013)
Unused code checkdragon2MikeHart (2013)
v71a Error: Unsafe Call!!!!!Tibit2marksibly (2013)
Bug in asyncimageloader?GfK4GfK (2013)
Html DrawImagechrisc29771chrisc2977 (2013)
: Error : Unsafe call!!!!!ziggy6Xaron (2013)
Flash: Print is brokenmr_twister2marksibly (2013)
HTML5: load image does not allow query tagAdamRedwoods3AdamRedwoods (2013)
glfw not running on older cardSkn32Skn3 (2013)
LoadImage do not load from the web (target: html5)David Casual Box6David Casual Box (2013)
v69 Rename Xcode Project = errorDifference5Difference (2013)
[LINUX] Problem compiling samples (GLFW)Plain15dawlane (2013)
HTML5 http resource path not workingDruggedBunny5David Casual Box (2013)
TouchHit(1) registered, but not TouchHit(0)?sandfella3sandfella (2013)
GLFW Xbox Controller joypad triggersRaz3Samah (2013)
V70f: Build docs requires imports to be prefixedMikeHart5MikeHart (2013)
DrawImage v66 - 70fTFT5TFT (2013)
V70e: Admob for IOS does not compileMikeHart3Xaron (2013)
Garbage code not detectedFred1Fred (2013)
Height is a private member of gxtkGraphicsZwer993Zwer99 (2013)
Characters in TED console - Russian symbols.Trion4Trion (2013)
HTML5: No sound in V70eMikeHart6marksibly (2013)
ANDRIOD_VERSION_NAME does not make its way..Xaron2Supertino (2013)
Final classes have virtual methods (c++)Shinkiro15Erik (2013)
grabscreen "Invalid pixel rectangle"dave.h6dave.h (2013)
Array bounds checkziggy4marksibly (2013)
HTML5 soundziggy1ziggy (2013)
Mod - internal errorDruggedBunny6DruggedBunny (2013)
Filestream optionXaron5marksibly (2013)
Monkey Mac not startingMidimaster8MikeHart (2013)
SaveState/LoadState IssuesPoliteProgrammer3PoliteProgrammer (2013)
Problem with full screen on OSX (v70d)EdzUp1EdzUp (2013)
Joypad+glfw issuesOddball1Oddball (2013)
Return key on iOS keyboard selects other keys.CopperCircle2rIKmAN (2013)
V70d Rebuild docs doesn't search other pathsMikeHart3marksibly (2013)
V70d Sources docs file name conflictMikeHart3marksibly (2013)
V70d Params section is not recognizedMikeHart4marksibly (2013)
[v69] DeviceWidth/DeviceHeight are 0 on iOS 5.1Steven9marksibly (2013)
TED changes the text inside a multiline commentMikeHart2MikeHart (2013)
Pro Version targets only HTML5!Tim3Tim (2013)
Internal error when comparing constSkn35Skn3 (2013)
v70: Wrong number of type arguments for class Nodetherevills3marksibly (2013)
Add versionCode and versionName to Configtherevills7Rushino (2013)
Trans ignore some classes methods (HTML 5)Rushino13Rushino (2013)
If behaviorbram7bram (2013)
Parsing float string to intbram2Gerry Quinn (2013)
Ted (IDE) (V1.11+) - Crashing & Slow startupImmutableOctet(SKNG)6Gerry Quinn (2013)
JoyHit & JoyDown - Broken in V70(B)ImmutableOctet(SKNG)2marksibly (2013)
Wish for building processMidimaster3Midimaster (2013)
V70b Android: Missing arrayLength methodMikeHart8MikeHart (2013)
loosing image handles on Android 4Midimaster5Midimaster (2013)
Distorsion on text with virtual resolution ?Rushino2ziggy (2013)
Mojo bug - Maybe DrawSubImageRectRushino11Rushino (2013)
Audio Channel ProblemMidimaster12Raz (2013)
Flash target, OnResize causing loss of bitmapDataRhodesy5marksibly (2013)
"Internal error" when compilingNobuyuki7Nobuyuki (2013)
CPP_DOUBLE_PRECISION_FLOATS bug?Shinkiro11Shinkiro1 (2013)
v66: PSM - touch downdragon5dragon (2013)
Wiki downdragon3therevills (2013)
PSM: build/run failed every 2nd timedragon1dragon (2013)
charCodes over 65536 not supported / wrap aroundNobuyuki5Nobuyuki (2013)
KeyHit acting like KeyDownGoodlookinguy8ziggy (2013)
mxmlc steals the window focus on Macprogrammer2programmer (2013)
over ride method bugslenkar4slenkar (2013)
error: class member is private in extended classSkn35Skn3 (2013)
Preprocess IF LANG<>"cpp" preventing new targets..Skn314Skn3 (2013)
Feature Request: User Config Filec.k.8c.k. (2013)
Missing InsertAfter / InsertBefore for listsSkn33Skn3 (2013)
Monkey v68c: EXTERN Global definitionsAdamRedwoods1AdamRedwoods (2013)
GLFW - Set width and height to 0 causes errordopeyrulz3dopeyrulz (2013)
Bus error with simple reflection examplefictorial6marksibly (2013)
CreateImage Windows 8 CrashNigelC1NigelC (2013)
Ted (Mac) underscore invisible until line clickBeaker4Beaker (2013)
Unmapped ALT Keysdopeyrulz3dopeyrulz (2013)
v66: Overloading Error (locked)Goodlookinguy1Goodlookinguy (2013)
GLFW Mac OS X 10.7 Quit is a nop (locked)fictorial1fictorial (2013)
HTML5 Image problemcageInfamous3marksibly (2013)
No targets listedfictorial8MikeHart (2013)
number zero converted into empty stringslenkar1slenkar (2013)
HTML5 - BugRushino2Rushino (2013)
Problem building Android Game.Xyloman12marksibly (2013)
Control and Shift keys not working in GLFWdopeyrulz5dopeyrulz (2013)
Pan issue on GLFW for MacSlopeOak4SlopeOak (2013)
v68 - cannot build my android appStoneFaceEXE7marksibly (2013)
Typo inPerturbatio2therevills (2013)
Memory access violation on private MainErik1Erik (2013)
LoadString Backwards slash in Firefox = failtherevills1therevills (2013)
Missing InvTransform(in:float[],out:float[])Skn32Skn3 (2013)
config.monkey not taking variables from monkeyslenkar6slenkar (2013)
KeyDown()-Bug in FlashZwer9913slenkar (2013)
Monkey games crashes on Android 4.2therevills11slenkar (2013)
Missing ResetMatrix()Skn39Skn3 (2013)
Update to version 65 and higher cause html5 errorsTazzy4therevills (2013)
android - onBackPressed() not trappedSkn322DGuy (2013)
Windows 8 in MonkeyPro67eErik1Erik (2013)
Error "blah" not shown in HTML5 release mode v67etherevills1therevills (2013)
Should use '#if TARGET_OS_IPHONE' not '#ifdef'DGuy2marksibly (2013)
App no longer running correct on iPhone simulatorTri|Ga|De6marksibly (2013)
Pow() returns NaN on negative decimal powersDifference3Difference (2013)
XNA - Getting random crashRushino10Rushino (2013)
edit one line in the linux makefileslenkar2slenkar (2013)
parseint of blank string crashes on androidslenkar4DGuy (2013)
Matrix transformations in Flash V67ddevolonter4marksibly (2013)
hexadecimal problem (locked)Dima1Dima (2013)
Stack.Pop() doesn't actually free?Skn35secondgear (2013)
Missing SetScissor(float[]) GetScissor(float[])Skn33Skn3 (2013)
GetChar() doesn't work for many keys on XNA targetRushino7Rushino (2013)
MServer crashes after a whileSkn38Difference (2013)
string to integerZurrr3Zurrr (2013)
GLFW: JoyY() bug/typo?mr_twister2mr_twister (2013)
Trans output/parse errorDruggedBunny7DruggedBunny (2013)
Character encoding problem STDCPPFJSoler6DruggedBunny (2013)
Print() CPP does not use UTF8AdamRedwoods1AdamRedwoods (2013)
Addition Bug in HTML5Jesse3skid (2013)
Missing GetScissor:vois(float[])Skn31Skn3 (2013)
JoyHit(JOY_DOWN) on GLFW.Paul - Taiphoz4dopeyrulz (2013)
Compiler Memory Access Violation in For/Next LoopSui5Sui (2013)
HTML5: Preprocessor/Config.monkey prob (V66)MikeHart3MikeHart (2013)
Error in output if Main is missingDruggedBunny2marksibly (2013)
PreProcessor Problemsmaverick694marksibly (2013)
Optimization of use of date in HTML5 targetdevolonter2marksibly (2013)
Weird parse/compile errorDruggedBunny1DruggedBunny (2013)
2 small things I miss on the documentationziggy1ziggy (2013)
string compare in android wont compileslenkar5slenkar (2013)
ReadPixles() / HTML5 / IE XBox 360TFT1TFT (2013)
[OSX] Gamepad Inputs wrongShinkiro13Shinkiro1 (2013)
iOS: screen orientation buganawiki5marksibly (2013)
Alias usageBelimoth3DruggedBunny (2012)
Unable to set entry for IntMap<MyInterface[]>maverick691maverick69 (2012)
Created images arenít transparent in Flashdevolonter1devolonter (2012)
wrong method gets called....slenkar1slenkar (2012)
Stream Skip bug in 67bskid1skid (2012)
Block comment + single-quotation mark = FailDGuy1DGuy (2012)
Android, Return and one-line if statementsmichaelcontento1michaelcontento (2012)
Millisecs in GLFWslenkar4therevills (2012)
Const Array in Class do not workdragon5ziggy (2012)
Small compiler bugGerry Quinn2marksibly (2012)
Resize of empty arraysmichaelcontento3marksibly (2012)
HTML5 float to string castmichaelcontento3marksibly (2012)
Manual bug reportsMidimaster2marksibly (2012)
Android launches app despite failureDruggedBunny2marksibly (2012)
can't compile for GLFW in V1.66Tri|Ga|De17marksibly (2012)
DrawImageRect preventing HTML5 from workingShagwana11marksibly (2012)
Ted bug:gets locked to certain path(Win32)EdzUp2marksibly (2012)
Error in uploading an new app to monkeycoderMidimaster1Midimaster (2012)
Ted auto-capitalise misses mouseclick outside lineDruggedBunny3DruggedBunny (2012)
Subscribe doesnt workEdzUp1EdzUp (2012)
mserver_macos closes in OSX 10.8.2 and Chrome 23MikeHart1MikeHart (2012)
repost: iOS simulator: locks up when no audioAdamRedwoods1AdamRedwoods (2012)
iOS: images takes a lot of memoryAntonM1AntonM (2012)
shouldAutorotateToInterfaceOrientation Depreciatedbenmc18benmc (2012)
Mojo Font embedded twice in FlashBeaker5Beaker (2012)
XNA needs ability to change Assembly GUIDbenmc6Rone (2012)
Ted needs to support drag and dropskid2skid (2012)
Memory Leak v66Fly-Games5Fly-Games (2012)
Image.GrabImage() bug + fixAuburn1Auburn (2012)
Android: Debug Builddragon2therevills (2012)
Defaulted Value Not Being Appliedc.k.8DruggedBunny (2012)
Bus ErrorNoOdle1NoOdle (2012)
Properties and inheritancemichaelcontento4Rone (2012)
Trans problem with glfwRushino10Rushino (2012)
How do you make monkey import a *.lib ? (locked)Rushino1Rushino (2012)
Monkey parser small issueziggy1ziggy (2012)
monkey v66: opengl modules: #config varsAdamRedwoods1AdamRedwoods (2012)
VS2012 could be supported by Monkey GLWF targetRushino1Rushino (2012)
Fix: Flash ChannelStateGoodlookinguy1Goodlookinguy (2012)
Pro 63b's Ted.exe cant start, missing MSVCP100.dllWaldo Reed6muddy_shoes (2012)
monkey v66: dataview compatibilityAdamRedwoods6skid (2012)
Monkey V66: android opengl2.0 problemsAdamRedwoods2AdamRedwoods (2012)
Ted crash if Help tab left on PDFDruggedBunny1DruggedBunny (2012)
monkey v66: html5 js. Asyncdataloader errorAdamRedwoods1AdamRedwoods (2012)
TED: Case correction inside REM blocks.benmc1benmc (2012)
KeyHit Functions unresponsive in FlashKawaCoder5KawaCoder (2012)
xna filestream bugskid1skid (2012)
browser inconsistency in HTML5Hanako Games1Hanako Games (2012)
JsonStream class is crashingRushino9Rushino (2012)
Forum linking rulesskid2skid (2012)
LoadSound doesnt Return Null if path is invalidtherevills2Anatol (2012)
No check of "undefined" possibleMidimaster4muddy_shoes (2012)
TED: Code list doesn't shwo parameters in OSXMikeHart1MikeHart (2012)
monkey v66: html5 opengl2.0 context errorAdamRedwoods2AdamRedwoods (2012)
TED crashing...A LOTsmilertoo16smilertoo (2012)
GLFW bug on MACTri|Ga|De11MikeHart (2012)
Split functionskid1skid (2012)
Monkey V66: DataBuffers: cannot load over 4096 bytAdamRedwoods2marksibly (2012)
Mungpathrickomax3rickomax (2012)
Monkey v66: asyncdataloader: already active errorAdamRedwoods4marksibly (2012)
XNA PlayMusic loop errorAmnesia2marksibly (2012)
monkey v66: brl.asyncdataloaderAdamRedwoods1AdamRedwoods (2012)
Android: Polygon Slowdown (locked)dragon1dragon (2012)
XNA: XBox Print fixskid1skid (2012)
Android memory problem v64bOrigaming7Origaming (2012)
Error : The opengl module is not avaiableStoneFaceEXE4DruggedBunny (2012)
Translation errorAntonM4Goodlookinguy (2012)
Monkey Demo back to 45C?MikeHart3MikeHart (2012)
OpenGl modules are brokenMikeHart3MikeHart (2012)
[Android] Weird LoadString behaviourChristianK3ChristianK (2012)
Error in (2012)
Ted fails to load from network pathsDruggedBunny3DruggedBunny (2012)
No. of sections exceeded object file format limittherevills7Shinkiro1 (2012)
Mouse position bug if scrolled (HTML5)Blitzbat4Blitzbat (2012)
Ted Mac: Missing these features...Difference1Difference (2012)
DataBuffer on AndroidKele873Kele87 (2012)
glfw mac osx joystickAdamRedwoods2AdamRedwoods (2012)
GLWF v64 memory access violationteremochek14teremochek (2012)
Flash Sound Bug Win 7Origaming6BlackD (2012)
String to Bool casting (locked)Samah1Samah (2012)
Array by reference wierdness (locked)charlie1charlie (2012)
Ted crashes if you try to stop building...therevills1therevills (2012)
Flash Mouse Coordinatesmr_twister4marksibly (2012)
Android: texture flushing error when restartingsecondgear5marksibly (2012)
iOS sound mixingsiread1siread (2012)
No targets selectable in TED on Mac OS X?samowitsch4samowitsch (2012)
WritePixels - DebugMode - Only in OnRendertherevills1therevills (2012)
ReadPixels - HTML5 Values Don't MatchNoOdle8NoOdle (2012)
GLFW doesnt like this preprocessor thingyslenkar3slenkar (2012)
JPG files in Ted's help windowdevolonter1devolonter (2012)
GLFW PlayMusic() - bugNeuro4Neuro (2012)
Forum not updating newTibit5Tibit (2012)
HTML5: MouseX/Y()not updated on touch devicesAlain2Richard (2012)
Imports bug reportziggy2Paul - Taiphoz (2012)
Default SetUpdateRatetherevills3ziggy (2012)
Android trans improvementsecondgear1secondgear (2012)
Arrays and inheritancemuddy_shoes3muddy_shoes (2012)
lowerCasing - Folders on MacTibit6marksibly (2012)
Weird issue with inheritance and interfacesziggy2marksibly (2012)
External class with function, export problemKalakian2marksibly (2012)
glfw dead keysNobuyuki2Nobuyuki (2012)
Inconsistent Interface Extension Behaviourmuddy_shoes1muddy_shoes (2012)
Weird compiler bug.ziggy2ziggy (2012)
String Literal tilde ~therevills6ziggy (2012)
why does this compile?ziggy8JIM (2012)
iOS audio takeoveranawiki2marksibly (2011)
SetScissor won't reset with scaled image on FlashPudsy5Pudsy (2011)
Android Release APK - debug nametherevills12Canardian (2011)