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.bmxXMLHttpRequestSend Synchronous GET or POST RequestsSpencer2015
.bbOnline CD Key ValidationBlitz3D/BlitzPlus version of online key validation with serverRaster Ron2014
.bbTCPIP 3D game exampleFramework for a TCPIP connection blitz3d game. ready to be expanded.Wings2014
.bmxGetLocalIP functionGet pc's local (lan) ip, win/mac/linuxmarkcw2014
.bmxGet External IP AddressExternal IP Addressxlsior2014
.bmxGet PC's local IP addressReturns a string containing your PC's local (LAN) IP addressBlitzSupport2012
.bbEncodeURLValue() - Function used to encode the value parameter in a URL's query string.By default the function encodes everything except 0 to 9, A to Z, a to z, and the characters: -_.~ and !'()* The last set will also be encoded if 'strict' is set to True.Zethrax2012
.bbHTTP 1.1 GET - Download a FileA simple function to download any desired file from a website via a TCP connection and a HTTP 1.1 GET requestozzi7892012
.bbHTML WEB READER BMXthis reads html code from a websitewarwulf2012
.bmxGraveyard Dogs GNet moduleModule that performs like Blitz3d's GNet module*2012
.bmxcd-key online verificationCheck if cd-key is valid with serverArska2012
.bmxMulti-threaded Code Archives downloaderDownloads all Blitz Code Archives entriesBlitzSupport2011
.bbUsing Membase (or Memcached) from Blitz+ (or Blitz3D)Membase and Memcached interfaceMahan2011
.bmxMultithreaded PHP ServerA Multithreaded PHP Server Made In BMax Based On BlitzServe2Luke1112011
.bmxGNetServerListUse the GNet server listing service with BlitzMaxOddball2011
.bbIRCLibLibrary for connecting to an IRC networkschilcote2011
.bbSnakes Client and ServerRun up to ten snake clients, will work on a LAN or even further if your more adventurous. Not very optimised - apologies for the indentation but I'm moving on from this now.Blitzplotter2010
.bmxEdzUp Network systemEdzUp's complete networking system*2010
.bbSimpleUDP2Network-Library, easy to use, very fastToeB2010
.bmxMessage-based networkingSimple example for message-based networkingplash2010
.bbLAN Network SearchingAllows your program to find others over a LAN network.Serpent2010
.bburlencode for stringparse a string and remove %codevivaigiochi2010
.bbServer and client exampleIllustrates communication between server and multiple clientsPowerPC6032010
.bmxBMax Serial COM Port - LinuxSend & Recieve Strings EasilyYeshu7772010
.bmxNetworking LibraryAn advanced client/server systemJoshK2010
.bbchatrooma programHeliotrope2009
.bmxIP Address validator (IPv4)This will validate a IPv4 IP address*2009
.bbUDP ScannerScan the entire LAN for active UDP serversemar2009
.bbBlitzPlay Lite + eNetThe easiness of BlitzPlay with the functionality of eNetGIB3D2009
.bmxNetwerksEnet-based networking moduleJoshK2009
.bmxSimple connectionsSimple socket stream connectivityOtus2009
.bmxBlitzGet MaxDeluxeUpdate to BlitzGet Deluxe for BlitzMaxBlitzSupport2009
.bbTracking multiplayer objectsEasy way to track objects over a networkRifRaf2009
.bmxGNet in BlitzMaxSimple and concise way to use GNet with your Multiplayer BlitzMax game.Chroma2009
.bmxMultithreaded web serverA simple multithreaded web serverBlitzSupport2009
.bmxHTTPStream factory+HTTPStream factory with optional proxy server and authenticationJoshK2009
.bbAccess Twitter Search APIGet data from the Twitter Search APILoktar2009
.bmxProxy http stream factoryHTTP Stream Factory with proxy serverJoshK2009
.bbWhat is my public IP?How to get your public IP on the netZJP2009
.bbSimple TCP/IP Network LibraryTCP/IP Network Library with simple example.Matty2009
.bmxImproved HTTP StreamsSupport for GET, HEAD and POST methods with authenticationOtus2009
.bbInputTCP$Input for TCP streams!schilcote2008
.bbOSALibOSAKit Communication Libraryboomboom2008
.bmxGamePoolCreates a list of public servers for a gameJoshK2008
.bmxUDP Networking ClassEasy OO UDP NetworkingJoshK2008
.bbDownload fileSupports downloading files, php sites and redirected sites. (Fast)bytecode772008
.bmxModified HTTPStreamReturns Null if the network file does not existJoshK2008
.bbBasic TCP ChatA basic TCP chat programYellBellzDotCom2008
.bbBasic UDP ChatA simple client/ server chat programYellBellzDotCom2008
.bbOnline Game CodeFor beginners-Online Game Code-Xzider2008
.bmxBlitzPing/1.0Uses the pingback protocol to ping all links on a web page.Otus2008
.bmx-Please remove--cut-Trader35642008
.bbTCP engine ULTRA FASTTCP engine 2 show prof that BLitz TCP can work flawless.Wings2008
.bmxSocket ReadingPrevent freezing or runtime errorsRetimer2008
.bmxMaxMailSends an email in BlitzMaxKed2007
.bbTCP - Sending a FileSending a File from Server to ClientXtremeCoder2007
.bbMusic SyncSyncs Music Over NetworkArem2007
.bmxFTP Clientan example of an FTP Client with BlitzMaxDirk Krause2007
.bmxURLEncodeEncodes strings for use in URLsRaph2007
.bbgetSubnetMask() & getBroadcastAddress()Useful for LAN searches ...Jeremy Alessi2007
.bmxSimple Network ModuleA simple network module similar to that of BlitzBasicrdodson412007
.bmxHTTP POST multipart/form-data send POST / UPLOAD to web addressLets you POST values and uploads to a given web addressskn32007
.bmxGNet frameworkGNet functionality that can be easily integrated into your codeGhost Dancer2007
.bmxBlitzMax ConvertIP functionconverts a string IP to integer equivalent*2007
.bbRandom ip generatorGenerates ip numbers (-1. flag)Nebula2006
.bbTCP/IP NetworkTired of always typing in IP addresses? try this!Subirenihil2006
.bbRemote File EngineEasy way to download and read remote files via HTTP/FTPAndres2006
.bbChatA chatroom I created, but don't have anyone to chat with.Ryudin2006
.bbWrong Client StopperStops unregistered clients from logging into the server.Ked2006
.bbNetGraphA small netgraphzoom*2006
.bbNemesis ChatA graphical chatAndres2006
.bmxGNet (1.16) sampleExample of GNet in BlitzMax 1.16 (uses MaxGUI)WendellM2006
.bbUDP Protocol ExampleUDP Protocol Examplecermit2006
.bmxBMax CGI moduleA simple CGI module for creating web based CGI apps.Perturbatio2005
.bmxURL String Encode and DecodeUse these functions to encode and decode a URL in BMaxPerturbatio2005
.bmxSend POST or GET dataCombined into useable codeWill2005
.bmxTCP Socket ServerAn event driven TCP Socket ServerCoderLaureate2005
.bmxSimple webserverSimple webserver exampleozak2005
.bmx[maxgui] Max BrowserA simple web browser using htmlviewBeaker2005
.bbWeb BrowserA webbrowser, without a HTML-ViewJan_2005
.bbMailmanAny new email?Andres2005
.bbHTTP PosterHTTP multi postingAndres2005
.bmxHTTP FileSize() and moreGet the size of a file via HTTP without having to download it.Yan2005
.bbTCP ENGINEA easier cleaner TCP engineBaystep Productions2005
.bbPlease delete me...Yan2005
.bbFTP Using WinInet Userlib FunctionsA program that uses the Windows Internet (WinInet) userlib to access FTP sites and transfer files.turtle17762005
.bmxgnet conversiongnet listing service for maxboomboommax2005
.bbsmal TCP/IP Game engine.This is a smal tcpip 8 players game engine.Wings2005
.bbWeb compatible URLConvert an URL to HTTP protocol compatible oneAndres2005
.bbApplication protocolExecute an application from a webbrowser with certain parameterAndres2005
.bbHTTP PostHow to Post Data to a Webserverjfk EO-111102005
.bbArem IMOpen Source IM ProgramArem2005
.bbMail SenderA mail senderoracle11242005
.bbGet integer IP from any hostname EGAllows you to retrieve the proper ip from a given hostname. Useful for udp games wanting to turn named address into usable ip address!!skn32004
.bbShort Dotted IP to Integer IP ConverterJust trying to get this as small as possible.Chroma2004
.bbFPSNetUpdateAn Updated NETWORKED FPS ExampleJeremy Alessi2004
.bbBlitz Browse (update)Simple web browser from samples folder updatedBeaker2004
.bbRelay Hunter (Hacking)This is a Proof of concept Code, for INFO use only.Paul "Taiphoz"2004
.bbBlitzLobby example programRegister your multiplayer games and launch from MSN Messenger sessions.skidracer2004
.bbHttpGet(server,path,port,proxy,proxyport)HttpGet with proxy servers. Returns a handle to a tcp streamskn32004
.bbMultiLibV1.2 FinalFree, open source network libraryAntonyWells2004
.bbUDP Client/Server SampleUDP communications program (Client/Server)Wayne2004
.bbDotted IP to Int FunctionConverts an IP in the form to an IP IntegerPerturbatio2004
.bbDomain CheckIf you want a domain check , here it is :)GC-Martijn2003
.bbCubic Spline Interpolation 3d Update3d sampling of Chroma's Interpolation CodeTyler2003
.bbQuery an DNS Serveryou wanna know an ip from a domainname ...Klaas2003
.bbPOP3 email retrievalRetrieves emails from your POP3 account...BlitzSupport2003
.bbDynamic IPs - how to workaround...Useful for testing netgamesRGR2003
.bbWeb Page Exist?Function to see if a web page existsKevin_2003
.bbBlitzServeA crude multi-stream HTTP server...BlitzSupport2003
.bbBasic multiple-connection serverHow to handle multiple incoming streams...BlitzSupport2003
.bbBlitzPlus Irc Client 0.7 (Update)This is a Irc-chat client for BlitzPlusShadowTurtle2003
.bbUse any form of Address with UDP communicationAllows you to connect using UDP, using various types of Network Address's. EG localhost/
.bbsaving files on a remote systemsaves files to a serverckob2002
.bbServer Operating SystemOperating System for 'Server Tool Programmer'ShadowTurtle2002
.bbCubic Spline Interpolation - Updated with Recursive MathThis is the recommended method to fight lag in multiplayer online games.Chroma2002
.bb[UPDATED 3/2/2003] UDP client / Serverworking example of a UDP host/client model.skn32002
.bbIP ManagementGame Host IP Management: Perl talks to BBjfk EO-111102002
.bbNetBlitzThe User Friendly UDPstarfox2002
.bbFTP FuncsA Collection of FTP FunctionsChevron2002
.bbHTTP Server ExampleHTTP Serverdendavid2002
.bbMail Functions>10 Functions for sending (SMTP) and receiving (POP) mails.Cpt. Sovok2002
.bbUDP CommunicationsSample UDP Chat programWayne2002
.bbIPManagerGets your IP, converts padded IP's into integer versionsSkully2002
.bbIntToStr$ - StrToInt%Integer conversion functions, shorter, faster.SurreaL2001
.bbFTP in a nutshellA minimalistic FTP Proggy in 8 lines.Cpt. Sovok2001
.bbBlitzGet DeluxeDownloads given HTTP (www) file to diskBlitzSupport2001
.bbLoadWebImageLoads an image from the web, straight into your game!BlitzSupport2001
.bbTCP client server chat programA full working internet chat programsemar2001
.bbBlitzMail DeluxeBlitzMail with error-checkingBlitzSupport2001
.bbHTTPGetPerform an HTTP Getmarksibly2001
.bbBlitzMailAn example of sending emailmarksibly2001
.bbBlitzFTPA simple FTP clientmarksibly2001