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.bbUSERLIB DECLS (DLL) TO CSharp (Unity 3D) converterconvert DECLS blitz3d file to standard DllImport instructionsZJP2015
.bbMumble Positional AudioDLL for positional audio in MumbleThePaiva2014
.bbImproved Registry Functions (AdvApi32.dll)Allowing Read/Write/Modify & Delete of Registry_PJ_2013
.bbMinimalist exceptionsUse setjmp/longjmp to make a mess of B3D codeYasha2013
.bbCode position identityGenerate a unique ID for each PLACE the function is calledYasha2012
.bbCloseHandlerCatch the WM_CLOSE event before Blitz handles it itself.Xaymar2012
.bbEnumerateDisplaysGet Information about all Displays avaible to the Computer your Program runs on. (C++ DLL)Xaymar2012
.bbLockPointerToWindowLocks the windows Cursor into a window defined by you.Xaymar2012
.bbChange Window IconChange Window Iconem222009
.bbSet Task-Application PrioritySet Task Priority of your Game or Appliaction for running without freezes !Barton2008
.bbHideWindow DLLHides a designated windowXzider2008
.bbBlitz3dSDK - C/C++ - Physx's Rubux Wrapper FINAL Part 3/3 - EndHow to use Physx's Rubux wrapper and B3DSDK in C/C++ ProjectZJP2007
.bbBlitz3dSDK - C/C++ - Physx's Rubux Wrapper Part 2How to use Physx's Rubux wrapper and B3DSDK in C/C++ ProjectZJP2007
.bbBlitz3dSDK - C/C++ - Physx's Rubux Wrapper Part 1How to use Physx's Rubux wrapper and B3DSDK in C/C++ ProjectZJP2007
.bbBlitz3dSDK - C/C++ - Newton's Itmbin WrapperHow to use Newton's Itmbin wrapper and B3DSDK in C/C++ ProjectZJP2007
.bbBlitz3DSDK - USERLIB DECLS (DLL) TO C/C++ converterBlitz3DSDK : How to use the Userlib/DLL in C/C++ without a .DEF or .LIB fileZJP2007
.bbEntityExists(), iterate entitiesIterate trough all entities and check for existancejfk EO-111102007
.bbDoubles for Blitz3DDouble precision calculationsRGR2007
.bbBlitz DoubleDll that enables double precisionAbram2007
.bbClipboard Image functionsUses User32.dll and Kernel32.dll declsmarkcw2006
.bbCapture Screen functionsUses User32.dll and Gdi32.dll declsmarkcw2006
.bbFreeImage Module for B3D/B+Module and Decls for FreeImage.dllmarkcw2006
.bbSave AVI with SoundSave Movies with Sound using AviFil32.dlljfk EO-111102006
.bbFrameGrabber using AVIFil32.dllUse some functions of AVIFil32.dll to extract certain frames from an Avi quicklyjfk EO-111102006
.bbWin32 constantsThose constants you never find when you need them!jfk EO-111102006
.bbBankAsImageLet a DLL access blitz imagesjfk EO-111102005
.bbBlitzPDFFor creating PDF documents with blitzSub_Zero2005
.bbSQLite 3 declsDecls for SQLite 3 lightweight database engineHappyCat2005
.bbcards.dll userlibMake playing card games easily with cards.dllSnarkbait2005
.bbCheetah DBCheetah DB declsKnotz2005
.bbMciSendStringCan be used to play Avis and Mediajfk EO-111102005
.bbUse FindWindow Without Class NameFind your window without to know the class it belongs tosemar2004
.bbRead/Write to an app/process's local memoryCould be used to modify the health (a trainer) in an external gameskn32004
.bbgdi32.dll declsA complete list of the gdi32.dllBoiled Sweets2004
.bbkernel32.dll declsA complete list of the kernel32.dllBoiled Sweets2004
.bbuser32.dll declsA complete list of the user32.dllBoiled Sweets2004
.bbggTray system tray DLLa tray DLL that relies on the app peeking for events instead of the app responding to event generated by the icongman2004
.bbkernel32.dll decls for INI accessDLL declarations for use with INI functionsgman2004
.bbadvapi32.dll decls for registry accessDLL declarations for use with registry functionsgman2004
.bbUserlib banksMemory bank userlibSpinduluz2004
.bbdelete MeWrites .log files for reviewasdfasdf2004
.bbNewton physicsThe Newton Dynamics engine fully implemented!JaviCervera2004
.bbbank -> pointer and object -> pointer conversionGet the pointer for a banks or object, and say bye bye to multiple declarations of DLL functions just for the sake of handling the "NULL pointer parameter case"Koriolis2004
.bbSystem tray iconAdd icon to your system tray area.Kev2004