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.bb2D Procedural World Map GeneratorGenerate a 2D World Map Using a Procedural TechniqueMattyApril
.bmxStrange AttractorGenerate smoothed 2d shapesGWApril
.bmxCircle/Arc drawing to pixmapdraws circles and arcs to a pixmapTomToadMarch
.bbDLA seaweedMake your own cartoonish seaweedAndy_A2016
.bbwrite/read color, alpha, of each texel of a texture, with different commandsalso an example to write/read color, maskcolor, of each pixel of an image, with different commandsRemiD2016
.bbXilvan Design's Sprite LibTwo new librairies for 2D SpritesAlex. L.2016
.bmxMode7 & live 2d tilesMode 7 and Live 2d tilesCasaber2016
.bbSprites2Go - C64 Sprite - BB3d (bb+?!)Paint Sprites or use c64 type data statement in your Code.Dan2016
.bmxPalette RotationSimulates 8 bit palette rotationTomToad2016
.bbLoad Image, Sound, Music and AnimImage with basic error checkingError checking for loading media filesDan2016
.bmxCorrect Filled PolygonA quick and dirty way of building a filled polygon where Blitzmax's own FillPoly() does not work effectively.dw8172016
.bbGuts by Jan VibeGutsAndy_A2015
.bmxUse VLC DLL to play videoSimple VLC-based video playerBlitzSupport2015
.bmxDX9 Render to TextureRender to texture for the DirectX 9 TargetGW2015
.bbImage ScalingLinear Interpolation to Smooth Scale Images_PJ_2015
.bbFont tool (select Font)Use this to select a font for your programsDan2015
.bmxFull-screen borderless window (Win32)Rough example of creating a full-screen borderless window on WindowsBlitzSupport2015
.bmx2D Grid ClassFlexible 2D grid with draw/selection functions.codermax2015
.bmx2d lightningdraws lightingAdamStrange2015
.bmxPie ChartDraw a pie chart filled with different colorsSilver_Knee2015
.bmxRandomly Generated IconsProcedurally generated IconsGW2015
.bmxMinimise/Maximise buttons on Mac OSXHow to enable and use Min/Maximise buttons on OSXGfK2015
.bbIFS Fractal Viewer 2Lot of IFS fractalsAndy_A2015
.bbGraphics resolution selectorA basic lightweight graphics resolution selector suitable for use with sample and demo code.Zethrax2015
.bmx2D Midpoint Displacement MountainsMountains made with the midpoint displacement method. Uses recursion.zoqfotpik2014
.bmx2D LightmappingSmooth 2D lighting for a dungeon mapGW2014
.bmx2D LichenGenerates Aggregate Lichenzoqfotpik2014
.bbFilled Circle in 2 dimensional arrayCode that shows how to draw filled ovals with math (function)Pakz2014
.bmxVolumetric Model to Isometric SpriteThis is a quick and dirty method of making isometric sprites.zoqfotpik2014
.bb1D Cellular Automaton ExplorerGenerates 1D cellular automaton imageszoqfotpik2014
.bmxCellular Automaton ExplorerCellular Automaton Explorerzoqfotpik2014
.bbFractal TrianglesSierpinski fractal.zoqfotpik2014
.bbLightning Effect (2d)Lightning effect from point A to near point BMatty2014
.bbIcon to Blitz ImageGet a windows icon into a Blitz imageJohn Blackledge2014
.bmxRun Length EncodingRun length encoding for game levelszoqfotpik2014
.bmxQuick and Dirty Graphic ConsoleSelf-linefeeding drawtextzoqfotpik2014
.bmxLine GraphInteractive line graph, good for UIsPineapple2014
.bmxColor Cycling and Procedural CrittersDemonstrates color effects, includes randomly generated space invaders critterszoqfotpik2013
.bbImage RecursionImage Recursion Demozoqfotpik2013
.bmxRotate and flip pixmapsRotates pixmaps CW, CCW, 180 degrees, and flips horizontally and vertically.Pineapple2013
.bbSmooth Fullscreen win8Workaround for win8 fullscreen issuejfk EO-111102013
.bmxSimple Progress BarsSimple Progress Bars in Max2DLuke1112013
.bbQuick Color FunctionQuickly Set Color-Rick-2013
.bbVoronoiCreate a voronoi mapBobysait2013
.bmxColor Correction by Level AdjustingAdjust colors by RGB channel and by luminosityPineapple2013
.bmxRotate a hollow boxRotationTAS2013
.bmxCamera Pan EffectPan your cameraCruis.In2013
.bmxCatmull perimeterUses Catmull splines to draw a closed shapeTAS2012
.bmxBitmap Font GeneratorDittoJesse2012
.bbResizeImageToFitBox() functionResizes an image to fit within a specified width and height with the aspect ratio preserved.Zethrax2012
.bbShows the ordering of pixel data in an integer valueSome code which demonstrates how pixel data is ordered within an integer used with the pixel read and write commands.Zethrax2012
.bbHalvePicHalve a pix with no original image point cuts out!EsseEmmeErre2012
.bmxSprite ScalesGUI code for my abandoned sprite scaling program.Captain Wicker (crazy hillbilly)2012
.bbShowFPSa simple code to show the screen fpsCaptain Wicker (crazy hillbilly)2012
.bmxColor ASCII routinesDrawing ASCII in CGA, EGA and VGA character setsBlack3D2012
.bmxPixel/Color blend modes144 different ways to draw one pixel on top of anotherPineapple2012
.bb3D sprite 'pixel perfect'3D sprites with 64,128 or 256 pixels combinations without any blurRaul2012
.bmxColor space conversionConvert colors to and from RGB, CMY, CMYK, HSV, HSL, HCL, YIQ, YUV, CIE XYZ, and CIE L*abPineapple2012
.bbSetting the Gfx Driver and Screen Resolutiona little something i use to allow users to set up graphics settings :)Captain Wicker (crazy hillbilly)2012
.bbMandelbrot in a nutshell273 chars in 4 lines.BlitzProg2012
.bbBMax - Accurate 2D Line Circle IntersectionAccurate 2D Line to Circle Intersection with returned intersection points, parametric points of intersection on line and normal vectors at the intersection points.col2012
.bbXOR PatternGenerates an xor patternsting2012
.bmxInt to RGBA and backconvert Int to its components and back*2012
.bbEasy Collisions ExampleAn easy example of collision detection by meCaptain Wicker (crazy hillbilly)2012
.bmxSmall animatorA small piece of code I hacked together to animate a starfieldSystemError512012
.bbCraZy Sticks!My home brewed code for an odd series of visual effects!Captain Wicker (crazy hillbilly)2011
.bmximage cache across canvas (alternative to GLShareContexts on multiple canvas)This is a solution to sharing images across multiple canvas. The module will manage creating duplicate copies so that each canvas can have its own version of an imageskn32011
.bmxTrim Pixmap (trim away alpha channel)Trim away as much alphachannel as possibleshinkiro12011
.bmxBitmaps in DefData statementsA simple method for including bitmaps in text-only listings.matibee2011
.bmxScreen-centered textCentres text on screen, split over multiple lines if requiredBlitzSupport2011
.bbFilled Rotated EllipsesPlots filled rotated ellipsesJBR2011
.bmxText like Blitz3d's :)Draw text like Blitz3d's*2011
.bmxVirtualGfxProvides virtual display/aspect ratio correctionBlitzSupport2011
.bmxAspect Ratio Helper ThingAspect ratio listing/lookupBlitzSupport2011
.bbTile2IsoConvert to Isometricpc_tek2011
.bbCartoon Sheep FunctionDraws cartoonish sheepAndy_A2011
.bbFilled Rotated EllipsesRotate an ellipse to any angle and fill it!Andy_A2011
.bbCartoon Speech BubblesFunction to create cartoon speech bubblesAndy_A2011
.bbCartoon Thought BubblesFunction to draw cartoon thought bubblesAndy_A2011
.bmxImage sheet and strip makerImage sheet makerAdamRedwoods2011
.bbTexture Filled Triangle Functiontextured trianglesAndy_A2011
.bmxAnimation Strip for bah.freeImageAnimation Strip for bah.freeImageAfke2011
.bbImage Filter Functions2D Image filter effects such as grey-scaling, lighten, darken, emboss etc._PJ_2011
.bmxFONText 1.65 for BlitzmaxUse FONText fonts and ini files from within BlitzmaxGfK2011
.bbIntersection Points of Two CirclesFind the intersection of 2 circlesAndy_A2011
.bbFAST - Scan Line Filled Polygon FunctionFast filled polygonsAndy_A2011
.bbImage PackerPacks Images From A Folder Into A New, Single ImageLuke1112011
.bmxSpaghettiSpaghetti doodle drawing codetesuji2011
.bmxTSimpleTextFXVarious Text FXtesuji2011
.bbRGB <=> HSLConverts RGB to HSL - Integer VersionDiego2011
.bbBresenham like Circle and Ellipse functionsBresenham: Circle & EllipseAndy_A2011
.bmxDraw Shadowed TextDraws text with a shadowBaystep Productions2011
.bmxConvert pixmap to greyConvert pixmap to greydegac2011
.bbCircle plotterYet another circle routine (no division/multi)furbrain2011
.bmxText ShaperDisplays text to conform to the shape on an image.zambani2010
.bmxCore2D Graphics ModuleHandles resolution scaling and puts pillars where needed.Chroma2010
.bmxNice effectNice effectjankupila2010
.bbWrapped text in rounded rectanglesRounded Rects & wrapped textAndy_A2010
.bmxSpace WriterLittle Demo for a Space WriterMacSven2010
.bmxPixmap edges and normalscalcs smoothed normals of black and white pixmapTWH2010
.bbSimple ContourCreates a simple contour map from an image_PJ_2010
.bbDiagonal stripesHow to generate stripesEsseEmmeErre2010
.bmxfixedmap fontdisplay bmax fonts as bitmap fontJesse2010
.bmxBitmap FontAnother bitmap font method.Ked2010
.bmxDraw Antialiased CirclesDraw antialiased circles with varying smoothnessImaginaryHuman2010
.bmxNinePatch ImageNinePatch image similar to the ninepatch drawables in Android OS.N2010
.bmxBasic ASCII text moduleModule for drawing text using a fixed width, ASCII ordered image font.Oddball2010
.bmxAspect correction for SetVirtualResolution()Corrects the aspect ratio when using virtual resolution, and also automatically applies letterboxing.Oddball2010
.bmxQuicktime for BlitzmaxQuicktime module for BlitzmaxAdamRedwoods2010
.bmxDeformable terrainQuick and un-optimised deformable terrain testmatibee2010
.bbscrolling textscrollin'stanrol2010
.bb2d in 3dengine to do 2d in 3dWarner2010
.bbScreenshot FunctionsTake a screenshot of the screen - not just the blitz basic program. Quick PrintScreen type screenshot.Serpent2010
.bbdraw rectangledraw rectangle with linesstanrol2010
.bmxUltra Fast Draw Pixmap on PixmapThe fastest method I could find to draw Pixmap onto another Pixmap with alphaAdamRedwoods2010
.bmxFull 2D StarfieldA starfield that scrolls in ALL directions, specifcally for space games.Galaxy6132010
.bmxFireworks 2010mouseclick fireworksTaron2010
.bmxVertical Tab StripQuicky vertical tab strip code for no good reasonN2010
.bbSimple Image EncryptionA Very simple method for encrypting an imageMatty2009
.bmxParticles!Simple 2d particlesmatibee2009
.bmxunofficial glmax2dreplacement for glmax2dslenkar2009
.bmxIsometric mouse positioncalculate mouse position on a Isometric gridEnyaw2009
.bmxGetPixmapAlphaChannel, AttachPixmapAlphaChannelA couple useful pixmap functions for getting and attaching the pixmap's alpha channel.Ked2009
.bmxARCARC, PIE, Circle PieceJesse2009
.bmxProjection MatrixProjection Matrix - Scaling your game on the fly_Skully2009
.bmxDraw a CircleOne point at a time!Matt McFarland2009
.bmxVisible collision layersGenerates a PNG format visualisation of a collision layerGfK2009
.bmxGIMP file format explorationReads the GIMP's XCF file formatBlitzSupport2009
.bmxBitmap Font LibraryLibrary for displaying bitmap fonts.AndrewT2009
.bmxCellular TexturesProcedural texture generationBlitzSupport2009
.bmxTSpriteA very basic sprite systemMahan2009
.bbImageTexturizerMake a texture from smaller picturesMahan2009
.bbArbitrary-Control Bezier CurvesCalculate bezier curves with any number of control points per bezierImaginaryHuman2009
.bbARGB ConverterSeparates ARGBsuperStruct2009
.bmxQuadratic and Cubic Bezier CurvesCalculate and draw beziers using 3 and 4 control pointsImaginaryHuman2009
.bmxFilterGraphicsModesFilters an array of TGraphicsMode typesOddball2009
.bmxColor ClassClass to handle RGBA, HSV, and CMYK colorsN2009
.bbDesaturate ImageDesaturates an Image (with Contrast Control)_PJ_2009
.bmxRetrieve image information without loading entire imageRead width/height/depth information directly from image file (no LoadImage required)BlitzSupport2009
.bmxDraw BoxDraw A Box with select line thicknessB2009
.bbPickColor()(Almost) entirely self-contained in a single function, it's a lot like BlitPlus' RequestColor() command... Only nicer!Adam Novagen2009
.bbPolygon Inscribed Inside CircleA simple function that draws polygons inscribed inside a circleblade0072009
.bmxSimple delta timing and jitter correction moduleA module to handle automatically delta timing on gamesziggy2009
.bbScreen mode selectorQuick screen mode selector without graphics :)Filax2009
.bbdarken or lighten a colorThis function lets you set a base color value then darken or lighten it. w/exampleCloseToPerfect2009
.bmxMulti-Colored LineThis function uses OpenGL to draw a line that fades from one color to another.USNavyFish2009
.bbMimic Desktop Resolution (Requires "user32.dll")Sets the Graphics (or Graphics3D) rresolution to the same as windows Desktop_PJ_2009
.bbColor GradientCreates a color gradient between some colorsKrischan2009
.bbImage Blending FunctionsSome Blendings like in PhotoshopKrischan2009
.bmxStackPixmapsPrecise & StackPixmapsFastCombine 2 pixmaps as if drawn one atop the other. Includes color, alpha, Xflip, Yflip, rotation.Medicine Storm2009
.bmxOld School tunnelgraphics transformationJesse2009
.bbSome 2D Colour FunctionsA few hopefully useful colour manipulation routines_PJ_2009
.bbVery cool rain/water efect on camkind of a work around for raytracingNate the Great2009
.bbDrawBankDraw image directly from bankBlitzSupport2009
.bbPerturbation filterShmoosh an image!Yasha2009
.bbVoronoi mapCreate a tiling cellular textureYasha2009
.bmxCubic bezier curve functionGet an array of points along a bezier curvespacerat2009
.bmx-Please remove--cut-Trader35642008
.bmxParticle TextVectortext+particlesTWH2008
.bmx2D Metaballsusing Hannu Kankaanpaas methodTWH2008
.bmxGaussian Blur FilterA true Gaussian blur filterQueller2008
.bbPie chart codeCreates a pie chart, based on x number of valuesRoss C2008
.bmxFade In/OutFade In/Out TypeTwoCorin5172008
.bb2D Alpha BlendingBlends images (as originally posted by WebDext, with a bug fixed).Ryudin2008
.bbDrawPixmapRect()draws a rectangular portion of a pixmap. DX onlyTomToad2008
.bbReplaceImageAllows you to replace certain colors in an image with other colors.Ryudin2008
.bbFractual LineDraws a rough line between xy pointsTAS2008
.bbHSL and RGB conversionConvert from RGB to HSL and backYasha2008
.bmxZoom-to-Mousewheel routine (2D)Zooms the playing field towards the mouse cursor's location, ala Supreme Commander and Google MapsUSNavyFish2008
.bmxActive window handleGet the active window handletonyg2008
.bbDot Matrix FontA scalable font for 'Retro' projectsAndy_A2008
.bb2d Alpha for b3dAlows alpha blending on imagesNate the Great2008
.bmxDraw outlines of overlapped circlesDraw only the border of shapes made of multiple intersecting circlesWarpy2008
.bbPixmapFilterDot3Convert a height image to a normal mapJoshK2008
.bbSavePixmapBMPSave a bitmap image fileJoshK2008
.bbDraw with 2D pan and zoomSome helper functions for panning and zooming around a 2d areaWarpy2008
.bmxContainer behaviorMakes position, scale & rotation relative to a container objectKistjes2008
.bbTransparent TGA (Load/Draw)Load and draw TGA images with alpha channels.Baystep Productions2008
.bmxImage Hueingplaying around with image masks and huesplash2008
.bmxARGB typepixel to colour byteselyobo2008
.bmx2D Tile map engineIntermediate tile map engineJesse2008
.bmxMouse Click LinesSimple method for drawing lines with mouse clicks.Emmett2008
.bmxOpenGL Render2Texture (FBOs)A small but simple solution for real r2t with openglklepto22008
.bb2.5D Terrain GeneratorB+ GUI for Old Skool Terrain GeneratorAndy_A2008
.bbIce/Vernis layer (b+)Graphical layer filter (with gui)Nebula2008
.bbSome filters for imageSome filters for imagezoom*2008
.bbSand texture map generatorSand colored (pixeled)Nebula2008
.bbLens balLens balNebula2008
.bbInterface maker bluegrid (b+)spacy Windows guiNebula2008
.bb3 image effect functionsUseful image manipulation functionsNebula2008
.bmxvectors part 3ball to vector collitionJesse2008
.bmxvectors part 2Ball to line collition and deflectionJesse2008
.bmxvector point to line deflectionvector line and point intersection & deflectionJesse2008
.bbGraphics / Sprite GeneratorGenerate/Draw shop Items/SpritesNebula2008
.bmxInterstellar OverdriveAnother simple 3D Starfield example with motion blurtesuji2008
.bmxBlobby Object PlasmaA plasma effect created with realtime blobby objectsImaginaryHuman2007
.bmxLoadPixmapPGMLoad a portable greyscale mapJoshK2007
.bmx[Win32] Icon to Pixmap/ImageLoad icons from files into TPixmap or TImagegrable2007
.bbTexture or graphics making partscode parts that make graphics or texturesNebula2007
.bmxTake ScreenshotFunction to take a screenshot at the press of a keyxlsior2007
.bbFloodFill - Really!!!A real, working Blitz Basic Flood Fill routine.Adam Novagen2007
.bbImage To Icon (UPDATE)Ford Escort's code updated to support a mask image.Ked2007
.bbDifferent Matrix 'Rain'This is another matrix effectboomboom2007
.bbBlitzCompComposite Blend modesPongo2007
.bmxBlur a pixmapBlurs a pixmap by a given percentagexlsior2007
.bbOGL bitmap fontogl fonts from image fileJesse2007
.bbConvert Images to CodeThis program can be used to convert any image to code, including animated images.Petron2007
.bmxCopyImageRect()Copy a rectangular section of one TImage to anotherTomToad2007
.bbRC()Not a very helpful function but...Yo! Wazzup?2007
.bmxDesaturation FaderFade a screen from color to Black-and-white, and back againxlsior2007
.bmxAmiga-like copper backgroundGenerates typical amiga-like copper backgroundsmaverick692007
.bmxYUV to RGB conversionconverts YUV data to pixmapPantsOn2007
.bmxMorphing moduleModule to allow you to morph bewteen 2 pictures in realtimePantsOn2007
.bbA nice HSV and RGB color objectThis will let you create a color object by defining HSV or RGB. :)Ryan Burnside2007
.bbRandom & Graphicsfun with the rnd command and fun visual effectschwaga2007
.bbdisplay image on desktoploads a bmp and shows it on the desktopb322007
.bmxGuided missile trail:)Jesse2007
.bmxTWindowModeSimple Windowed mode choosercomputercoder2007
.bbDraw LineDraws a line using WritePixelFastbytecode772007
.bbBatch Height to Normal ConverterBatch Converter for making Normal Mapsbingman2007
.bmxBloomBlur/Bloom using scalingtonyg2007
.bmxAdd animation frameTakes a new image and add existing loadanimimage timagetonyg2007
.bmxGame of Brutal KoloboksGame reminding Crimsonland a bit, powered by smart 2D engineMatt Merkulov2007
.bmxStarGenGenerate a high quality HDR starfield image.ninjarat2007
.bbPixel explosion effectGood for creating explosion anim/spritesMr Snidesmin2007
.bmxMirrorImageMirrors an image and adds a transparency gradient making it look like a real mirror.Justus2007
.bbBreakout Physics ..Breakout physics good for new peopleYahfree2007
.bbFlood fillSimple flood fill (like QB Paint command) algorhitm exampleMatt Merkulov2007
.bbImage FX - neighbour pixelsBlur, diffusion, emboss image FX with parametersMatt Merkulov2007
.bbImage warpingFree image transformation - smooth transition of pointsMatt Merkulov2007
.bbDeformation FXImage FX: Constriction, whirl and rippleMatt Merkulov2007
.bbImage deformationSimple deformation with bilinear filteringMatt Merkulov2007
.bbColor replacement - proportionsReplacing one color with another with smooth transition between colors using proportionsMatt Merkulov2007
.bbColor replacement - distanceReplacing one color with another with smooth transition between colors using distance from current pixel color to choosen assuming them as 3D points (r,g,b)Matt Merkulov2007
.bbImage color effectSimple linear transformation of colorMatt Merkulov2007
.bbColor2GrayscaleTurning color image into grayscale oneMatt Merkulov2007
.bbImage color FXImage color management proceduresMatt Merkulov2007
.bmxGraphics Driver ImportLet the user select a graphics driver.ninjarat2007
.bmxSetDrawModeSets the polygon drawing mode to filled, outlined, or outlined by points.rdodson412007
.bmxSpherical TextText scrollerJesse2007
.bbColourCyclingGradually changes 1 colour to another (steps with each function call)_PJ_2007
.bbPainter InspirationSurface generatorNebula2007
.bmxTDungeonGenerate perfect mazes and imperfect dungeonsimpixi2006
.bbSetRes( )Sets the graphics mode to the current desktop resolution! UPDATEDthelizardking2006
.bmxFire 2D (BlitzMax library)Realtime fire effects.Curtastic2006
.bmxDissolve EffectMakes dissolve effect by converting the screen to tiles and then shrinking.ninjarat2006
.bbFire 2D (demo)I wanted to see how unreadable I could possibly make it.Curtastic2006
.bbWater 2DRealtime water particles to play with.Curtastic2006
.bbStatische ruisNo Tv channel, and the rochard experienceNebula2006
.bbEnergy / Health / Hitpoint BarDisplay graphical informationNebula2006
.bmxSeamless TilesCreate a seamless tile pixmap from a source pixmapimpixi2006
.bmxBackground Image CreatorTool for Createing Background Images for HandheldsMarkus Rauch2006
.bbResizeImage(img,w,h,frame)Resizes an image with frame!bytecode772006
.bmxTileImage2TileImage with Scale and Rotationagent41252006
.bmxPixmap BlurBlur a pixmapimpixi2006
.bmxHeightmap Toolbox V0.3.6Generates heightmaps using various techniquesimpixi2006
.bmxShadowsHow to draw 2D shadowsSillyPutty2006
.bbPlanet generating programPlanet generation in various projectionsmarkcw2006
.bbTGA with alphaLoad and draw TGA images with alphaAndres2006
.bmxMaxGUI graphics mode chooserPre-game selection from available graphics modes. Can restrict options to specified resolutions, etc. and save mode choice to file.WendellM2006
.bmxMaxGUI: Window positioning/resizing with a canvasAllows the user to position/resize a window by clicking on a canvasFabian.2006
.bmxDX UV wrapDX UV wrap code.tonyg2006
.bmxDraw Line With MouseUse your mouse to draw a line..IKG2006
.bmxSimple Lightning for MaxCreated by plotting pixels..IKG2006
.bbConvert 2 Antialiased Images into single image with alpha channelTake 2 images which have been antialiased against a white & black background and save as a single TGA image with alphaMatty2006
.bbImage shaderTurns images into negative, greyscale, blur, etc.bytecode772006
.bmxCatmull Rom SplinesAdaptation of Warpy's Catmull Rom SplinesImaginaryHuman2006
.bmxCubic Bezier CurvesLets you play with Bezier CurvesImaginaryHuman2006
.bmxColor ModuleEasy conversion between rgb and hsvfredborg2006
.bmxScreen Capture ModA mod for capturing the screen/desktopTomToad2006
.bbSimple particle engineSupports frames, duration and velocityAndres2006
.bmxSimple Rectangle DrawingLittle painting program.IKG2006
.bbOption Window - Messages and request user responsefunction creates four standard message windows - with or without buttonsNicstt2006
.bbzoomable clickable scrollable starfield!zoomable clickable scrollable starfield!Booticus2006
.bmxPixmap paste with maskPixmap.paste doesn't take mask colour into account.tonyg2006
.bmxAnother drawimagerectSimple drawimagerect as per bbtonyg2006
.bmxGetcapsGet device capabilitiestonyg2006
.bbfull screendoesn't use full-screen modemindstorms2006
.bbTBM ImagesTransparent bitmap functions (uses banks)Andres2006
.bmxDrawLineTrapezoid()Draws the outline of a trapezoid.drnmr2006
.bmxDrawLineRect()Draws the outline of a rectangle.drnmr2006
.bmxDrawTriangle()Draws an unfilled triangle.drnmr2006
.bbGradient Fill ImageGradient Fill ImageGrey Alien2006
.bbBlitz Plus Dirty Rects SystemBlitz Plus Dirty Rects SystemGrey Alien2006
.bmxMax2D StackA stack similar to the OpenGL matrix/attrib stacks for Max2D's propertiesN2006
.bmxDrawPoly(), filled or unfilledDraw filled or unfilled polygons at arbitrary locations, and with the correct scale and rotation.Oddball2006
.bbVein R3 GUIGraphical user interface designed for Vein R3N2006
.bbImage to ASCIIDraws an image to another image with ASCII symbolsAndres2006
.bbGraphical User InterfaceA free GUI for everyoneAndres2006
.bbsilly patternssilly patternsANIMAL2006
.bmxRenderState.Push() + Pop() MethodsPush and pop the current render state off a stack! Saves and restores all render parameters. Scale, rotation, alpha, color, etc!sswift2006
.bbWatcha simple watch-animationMr. Bean2006
.bbLogistic Equation Bifurcation Diagramfractal-type explorermarkcw2006
.bbBurning Ship Fractalfractal explorermarkcw2006
.bbWritePixelFast colorConverts rgba color into WritePixelFast usable format.Subirenihil2006
.bbFireworks IIA program for doing fireworks.Subirenihil2006
.bmxMinimize / Maximize buttonsMinimize / Maximize buttons for windowed App [Non MAXGUI]Grisu2006
.bmxPicture Viewer with scoll and zoomLoad an image then scroll via mouse-drag (instead of using scrollbars) and zoom (with mouse wheel or right-click popup menu)WendellM2005
.bmxParticle ArraysParticles using an arraybradford62005
.bmxSimple screenshot functionTakes a screenshot and saves it as PNGdeps2005
.bmxparticlesvery simple particles in Blitzmax (WIP)bradford62005
.bmxBitmap font class, for use with Bitmap Font BuilderBitmap font classozak2005
.bbBitmap font routine.Small and modular bitmap font routine.VP2005
.bbSharpenSharpen 2D Imagejfk EO-111102005
.bbSwitch Graphics3d modesSwitch resolution, colour and window modesmarkcw2005
.bmxCatmull Rom splinesA short demo showing catmull rom splinesWarpy2005
.bmxNon Recursive FloodFillConvertation from Snartys FloodFill Algoklepto22005
.bmxResize image fastHow resize an image ?Filax2005
.bbAnimLineAnimating LineAndres2005
.bmxDraw Filled Ellipse Row by Row with Integer MathDraws a filled ellipse one row at a time using integer mathImaginaryHuman2005
.bmxDraw Filled Circle Row by Row with Integer MathDraws a filled circle one row at a time using integer mathImaginaryHuman2005
.bmxDraw Hollow Ellipse Pixel by Pixel with Integer MathDraws a hollow/unfilled ellipse one pixel at a time with integer mathImaginaryHuman2005
.bmxDraw Hollow Circle Pixel by Pixel with Integer MathDraws a hollow/unfilled circle plotting each pixel and using only integer mathImaginaryHuman2005
.bbAnti-alias logo onto backgroundAnti-alias logo onto backgroundGrey Alien2005
.bbProcedeual Texture GenerationCreate textures with no mediaRob Farley2005
.bmxBesenham's LineDraw routine (integer math only)Draw lines pixel-by-pixel with integer mathImaginaryHuman2005
.bbShadow TextBasic black shadow under text (and rectangle)Grey Alien2005
.bbLoading BarBlitz Plus Loading BarGrey Alien2005
.bbMirror ImageSeveral horizontal image mirroring functionsGrey Alien2005
.bbFast CircleBeshenham circle using WritePixelFastGrey Alien2005
.bmxFade In/Out and CrossFade libraryFade In/Out and CrossFade libraryFilax2005
.bmxfake paragraph graphicswell, makes fake paragraph graphicsBooticus2005
.bmxLarge 2D Image ObjectSplits a pixmap up into multiple images and displays as a single imagetesuji2005
.bmxWebcam-class for WindowsA small bmx class to capture pictures from a webcam into a pixmapMirko2005
.bbBump mappingA bit slow and buggy bit still niceAndres2005
.bbProgress BarsSimple Rect Progress Barsxmlspy2005
.bmxDrawImageRect like functionDraws a part of an imageDreamora2005
.bmxHeightmap ToolboxGenerates Heightmaps with varying techniques.Booticus2005
.bb2d continent generatorCreates a random 2d continentBooticus2005
.bmxPerspective correction to Texture 10.7.2005 !Foto to TextureMarkus Rauch2005
.bmx2D Sprites with Movement and Animation scriptingSprites that can be easily scripting to move in different paths. Paths consist of a string describing that path and the animation.Rambo_Bill2005
.bbData from an ImageCreate Data from an Image or PictureNicstt2005
.bbBullets with trailsshooting bullets with trails, ala CrimsonlandSillyPutty2005
.bmxListing Available Graphics ModesThis will retrieve all graphics modes compatible with your vide cardSillyPutty2005
.bmxSprite classSprite classozak2005
.bb5 simple overlay effectsAdditive, Multiply, Difference, Lighten, Darken.WarpZone2005
.bbReal Maximize of B3D WindowCode to Maximize a WindowKuRiX2005
.bbDrawCircularGradient functionDraws a greyscale gradient ovalWarpZone2005
.bbCoordinated FlipNo more invisible Windows Popups in Fullscreenjfk EO-111102005
.bbOverlayImageDraws "repeating"/"cycling" imageMikle2005
.bmxFast 2D Blobby Objects/Metaballs in Max2D with OpenGL extrasDraws 2D metaballs/blobby objects and then manipulates the image with OpenGL calls to produce a `band` around the objectsImaginaryHuman2005
.bmxFast 2D Blobby Objects/Metaballs in Max2DHow to draw blobby objects in 2D using just Max2D commands, and do it fast!ImaginaryHuman2005
.bbPCX loader for B+Load 8-bit palletted PCX images into Blitz PlusSnarkbait2005
.bbMouse Follow TextThe text follows the mouse with a trailn8r2k2005
.bbControl Brightness and ContrastAdjusting the screen's contrast can be difficult, here is howHowitzer2005
.bbBackground color chooserChanges the background color with the click of an arrow. Great for user customized games.n8r2k2005
.bbEdit palette in png imagesHow to change colors in a paletted png image without loading image in memoryMassimo322005
.bbSeamless tile creatorCreate seamless tiles from an imageRob Farley2005
.bbBackground or Texture creatorCreates a neat image onscreenn8r2k2005
.bbMultisided geometric shapesDraw a geometric shape of nSidesTartanTangerine (was Indiepath)2005
.bbDragable ImageClick and Drag An Image!n8r2k2005
.bbCircle MadnessCool stuff with ovalsn8r2k2005
.bmxSnow effect & image waveAn image wave effect along with color changing snowEikon2005
.bbTypeRiter Text!Finally i changed this!n8r2k2005
.bbHyper Screen FaderCurrently Uncommentedn8r2k2005
.bbFast Image ResizeUtilizes 3D Renderer to resample 2D Images. 108 times faster than ResizeImagejfk EO-111102005
.bbBlitz Scrollbar Example- Updateddemonstrates how to make scrollbars in blitz (commented yay! and updated double yay!)n8r2k2005
.bbScaleImageFastThis function scales an image an arbitrary amount on each axis, and is 80x faster than the default ScaleImage function in Blitz!sswift2005
.bbBlitz Scrollbar Exampledemonstrates how to make scrollbars in blitz (not commented yet)n8r2k2005
.bb"Marching Ants" Selection LineThis function draws an automatically animated line of dots that move along a line from the first point to the second.sswift2005
.bbTransparent BackgroundA simple effectpexe2005
.bb2D Point in TriangleThsi function tells you if a 2D point is in a 2D trianglesswift2005
.bbTake Randomness to the next leval!Pretty and Pointless!- Update 1.02!n8r2k2005
.bbAnimImage Creatorputs pre-drawn frames together into one AnimImagen8r2k2005
.bbBlitzMax Desaturation faderFade a screen from color to Black-and-white, and back againxlsior2005
.bmxBlitzMax Fading EffectsCross-Fade, Fade to Black, Fade To Whitexlsior2005
.bbTFont Antialias 2D font system for realtimeAntialias Font library for realtimePinete2005
.bbAppTitle()Scrolls the applet title and changes itn8r2k2005
.bbTextFader()a simple textfader()n8r2k2005
.bbLine Overlap CircleCheck if line is overlapping circlenawi2005
.bbGrayscaleTurn your graphics to grayscale modepexe2005
.bbTexture PopperB+ Tool to help convert photos into texturesShagwana2005
.bbMatrix EffectThe effect as seen in the Matrix triologyJeppe Nielsen2005
.bb2D Colour chooserSelects from a range of 2D colours_PJ_2005
.bmxSetimagemaskSet the mask color of an image after it has been loadeddynaman2004
.bmxDrawImageBlockDraws a portion of a TImage (frame)N2004
.bbFillTriangleDraws a filled triangle to the 2D screenTomToad2004
.bbPongA quick pong example with AI that adjusts difficulty.Jonathan Nguyen2004
.bb3D Lib4x4 matrix + 3 dim. vectorVertex2004
.bb2D particle effectPointless but pretty :)big10p2004
.bbDrawTranslucidImagedraws a picture with transpareny-parametersKekskiller2004
.bbWritebits/Readbits[PLEASE MOVE TO FILE UTILITIES]Write 8 bits at a time to a data file, and read them back againaab2004
.bbFilled QuadFills quads with a certain one colorstarfox2004
.bbOIL paintingturn any image into an oil paintingPantsOn2004
.bbGamma FaderAlternative RGB FaderMr Brine2004
.bb2d ReboundCollide() functiona 'Sort of ' 'homepieced' function made from imagecollidesaab2004
.bbFaster PixelaccesLike BlitzPlusVertex2004
.bbThree-ScrollingsThree Scrolltexts in a ScreenAL902004
.bbCollision2.0 - Motion based, very accurate.Small little replacement 2d collision system.AntonyWells2004
.bbGenImageA simple piece of code to generate opposite direction animationsPerturbatio2004
.bbB+ fast pixel functions made easy!Use the b+ fast pixel drawing operations easily. Uses sensibly structured commands to wrap the b+ LockedPixels(), LockedFormat() and LockedPitch() functionsskn32004
.bbContrast AdjusterChange the contrast of an imagePete Rigz2004
.bbCreate a maximized sized window.Creates a window with the same size and position as a maximized window.Zethrax2004
.bbFast Line Part deuxFor non straight lines.AntonyWells2004
.bbFast LineDraws a line horizonal or vertical very quicklyRob Farley2004
.bbColor FunctionsFunctions to convert integer colors to normal RGB values and backN2004
.bbDraw arrow. Draw triangle functions2 self contained functions. Draw arrow has variable head and line sizeskn32004
.bbSmart ScreenShot TakerRemembers the last screenshot taken with a data file!Kozmi2004
.bbCurved Text (part 2)Added save images to data statements and restoring directly to image buffers. Simple demo includedAndy_A2004
.bbCurved Text routine and RLE vector functions (part 1)True curved text using RLE vector functions (not the well known sine text effect). Simple demo included.Andy_A2004
.bb2D Multiple Resolution HelpersUse these functions with Text calls or other 2D calls to position or scale things correctly in higher than 640 X 480 Resolutions.Jeremy Alessi2004
.bbLine functionFairly fast Line functionBeaker2004
.bbFireworksFunctions and working code to generate fireworksRoss C2004
.bb2D follow image/smooth waypointsMakes an image smoothly(ish) follow waypointsRoss C2004
.bbtransparent sprites in b+this make transparent sprites in b+ford escort2004
.bbTextured voxel demoA landscape rendered with voxel-like raycastingjfk EO-111102004
.bblightning fast color replacereplace a color by another in a part of a bufferford escort2004
.bbShadow from an imageCreates a shadow from an imageaCiD22003
.bbFast color replace function (b+ only)Replaces all instace of a color, with an alternative colorskn32003
.bbParalax CirclesTwo circles moving in paralaxxlsior2003
.bbMessage Box functionMakes a small message box at the bottom of the screen with name, message, and pictureelseano2003
.bbDraw gradiented surface!A function which lets you draw a gradiented 2D surface between any colors!ChrML2003
.bbBlur FunctionBlurs an image either horizonally, vertically, or bothxlsior2003
.bbMonochromeConverts a color image to greyscalexlsior2003
.bbChiaroscuro/greyscale bufferIt's slow and useless! Render in chiaroscuro and greyscale...BlitzSupport2003
.bbSimple Color FadeThe Simplest Color Fade AlgorithmTechlord2003
.bbimage to iconconvert a picture in ico formatford escort2003
.bbFat FunctionsUseful graphics with line thicknessAndy_A2003
.bbMask MakerBitmap and Texture Masking Utilityjfk EO-111102003
.bbMovement with sin & cosMovement with sin & cosMiss Kari2003
.bbSimple FlakesSnow flakes for your every day winter needsAdam_1282003
.bbFast FadingA fading method that is pretty fast comapred to alpha blended fading in 2DKoriolis2003
.bbLines around ballJust some fun with lines and typesBremer2003
.bbDot tunnela 3D tunnel effect in 2DBremer2003
.bbFastLineFast line drawing in plain blitzPRJ2003
.bbThumbnail CreatorCreates Thumbnail images (any size) of any loadable image file, (Includes batch convertor for directories).-=Darkheart=-2003
.bbFull Alpha 3D Clock in 2DSame as 3D Clock in 2D, now Clock is wholly TransparentGuybrushnivek2003
.bb3D Clock3D Clock in B2DGuybrushnivek2003
.bb3D Clock3D Clock in B2DGuybrushnivek2003
.bbX-Y 2D GraphsHandles 2D graphsOldefoxx2003
.bbScaleImageFastThis code is someone else's -- a fast image scalerBlitzSupport2003
.bbKumppaThe Kumppa effect, as seen on the Amiga 500, twirling, zoomin, color fractal thingy...PRJ2003
.bbVector Graphics FunctionsVector Graphics Functions for... Vector GraphicsSSS2003
.bbBMPFontSome functions for creating and using Bitmap Fontsmaverick692003
.bbSmooth MarqueeSmoothly scroll messages across the screenRob Farley2003
.bbPlasmaTextI think the title sez it all =)kRUZe2003
.bbSinusPlayerA twisted (literally) movie playing routine :-) NJOikRUZe2003
.bbCache Map / Edge Update ScrollerVery fast tilemap scrolling at bargain CPU prices! ;)Dr Derek Doctors2003
.bbSimple Word WrapA simple function to wrap words with the Text commandWendellM2003
.bbScreen ShatterExplodes the screen into 2d shardsAnthony Flack2003
.bb2D Golf ball codeTop-down 2D Golf ball code (not optimised)DarkNature2003
.bbSkinnable App (dragable)use bitmap to skin your app / click to drag windowRed2003
.bbfade in/out imageWill fade in/out any image to any backround below, providing the backround below in staticRoss C2003
.bb2D fadefade in/out in 2D graphics modejhocking2003
.bbGetDesktopMake a snapshot of users desktopZiltch2003
.bbTextureQuadDraws an image on an arbitrary quad (4-sided shape)...BlitzSupport2003
.bbCreate seamless texture functionIt works pretty good [updated]elias_t2003
.bbLens FlaresCreate Lens Flareselias_t2003
.bbFreaky Aliens Attacking!Using cos and sin wavescbmeeks2003
.bbGradient Linegradient lineDarkEagle2003
.bbAntialias imageAntialias image functionelias_t2003
.bbFast SmileysFast Smileys moving aroundMarkus Rauch2003
.bbPointInQuadChecks whether a point is inside a given quadBlitzSupport2003
.bbQuad mapping functionMap any image to any quad shapeBeaker2003
.bbLoadAnimGifLoad animated GIFDifference2003
.bbGaussian BlurA gaussian blur functionelias_t2003
.bbSetGfx( )New set graphic resolution + gui buttonsGiano2003
.bbSimplest bullet code in the worldfire bullets and keep track of them in the most painless manner possible. Ideal for the beginner.Rob2003
.bbMappy Collision, Animation and shooting demoMappy ExampelTri|Ga|De2003
.bb3D MazeTiny Raycasting Enginejfk EO-111102003
.bbWindows ColorsGets all the Windows GUI colorsTodd2003
.bbRead and Write pixel functionsTakes the mystery out of the ARGB valuesRob Farley2003
.bbGradient RectAs the command says...Snarty2003
.bbReadImageInfo()Retrieve width, height, depth and alpha from a image file without loading it.Marcelo2003
.bbEmbossBumpmapping ?Vertex2002
.bbEmbossBumpmapping ?Vertex2002
.bbfast fading of 2d or 3d screenquick screen fade, VERY fast yet very cheated :)Tracer2002
.bbsome win graphicswin graphicsOtus2002
.bbLine With WidthDraws a line with the desired widthsemar2002
.bblightning functionthe best lightning function of all!claudio2002
.bbWiping transitionWipes FrontBuffer to reveal BackBufferNeo Genesis102002
.bbSnake CodeAn implementation of Snake in Blitz. Might prove helpful to someone.Klapster2002
.bbUnique fontsUse any font in your gameRob2002
.bbLiquid Fun + ReflectionsWith speedup help from SunTeamdjr2cool2002
.bbLiquid FunDrag you mouse through some liquiddjr2cool2002
.bbDelete MeDelete meUnknown User2002
.bbThe Perfect SignSin Wave Plot..VERY FASTRichard Betson2002
.bb3D Circle function2D circle plane for Blitz3DZiltch2002
.bbPlot a circleA sexy Beshenham circle drawing algo :)Shagwana2002
.bbLSystem FractalsSimple implementation of LSystem fractalsMuffinRemnant2002
.bb3D EngineSimple 3D engine with linear texturemapping (for Blitz 2D)jfk EO-111102002
.bb2D Alpha Blending (as an include file)An includable 2D alpha blender (Modified July 2003)Sunteam Software2002
.bbRounded RectanglesWorks very similar to the Rect() function but draws hollow, beveled rectangles instead.Glitch012002
.bbImageToBank, BankToImage functionsA simple example of loading from and storing images in banksPerturbatio2002
.bbrolling sin wave chequered flagmakes a nice (not too realitic) chequered flag effectDarkNature2002
.bbExplode!Explodes images into gravity-affected particles...BlitzSupport2002
.bbNegativeCreate a negative of an imageMuffinRemnant2002
.bbTree of PythagorasTree of Pythagoras Blitz rewritematt!2002
.bbSmall Fast Easy Flood Fillfills over the color of the starting spotCurtastic2002
.bbBevelRectBeveled version of the Rect commandKing Dave2002
.bbGetRGBReturns an RGB colour code for the red/green/blue components and back againSkully2002
.bbBezier FunctionDraw a bezier curvewedoe2002
.bbMartin ProcessJust a nice fractal patternBlitzSupport2002
.bbBlur ImageOne way to blur an image.Richard Betson2002
.bbHalf-Bright Imagesfastest way to draw transparent shadows in 2DKlaas2002
.bbPlasmaUsed for several FX. Seamless Animationjfk EO-111102002
.bbDissolverinfinite buffer-to-buffer wipe transitionsBeaker2002
.bbantialias/blendanti-alias/blend sorta like dpaint had..smitty2002
.bbPolygonDraws Triangles and Quadsskidracer2002
.bbFONT MAKERAUTOMATICALLY Create Nice Looking Bitmapped FontsJohn Pickford2002
.bbgfxMode Sets the requested mode and color bitDoclar12002
.bbOily water wavesWaves like the ones inside a bottle with water and oilwedoe2002
.bbBBThughaA quick 2d trippy graphics thingyjohnpeat2002
.bbFast Grid Drawdraw a grid quicklyWarpy2002
.bbFast Flood Fill (ProPixel Code)Flood fill code not using a stack. (ProPixel Code)Snarty2002
.bbSnarty Line (ProPixel Code)Improvement on the Bresham Line Drawing algo (For Blitz).Snarty2002
.bbSinusBobs1280 moving sinus-blitter-objectsDeath2002
.bbRebounding ballsExample of ball rebounding anglesUKAndrewC2002
.bbAlphaBlitYet another way to alpha blit.WebDext2002
.bbText box WRAPA text box, multi color support, acts as a LIST or textskn32002
.bbAnti-aliased lineDraws an anti-aliased line from (x1,y1) to (x2,y2)MikeK2002
.bbPNG exporter DLLExports an image in memory as a PNG fileBeaker2002
.bb2D Image TransitionFade from Pic A to Pic Bjfk EO-111102002
.bbScreen FadeScreen fade to any RGBNigel Brown2002
.bbAutomatic 2D collision responseMakes a second image move when a first image bumps into itBlitzSupport2002
.bbalpha_engine v.6Uses banks to precalc an image for alphablendingascii2002
.bb16-bit Image CorrectionGet rid of those ugly 16-bit rendered blues in 2DMyke-P2002
.bbTileWiper V1.2Optimizes any tileset...Popstar2002
.bbBlurPixBlurs pixels into colorful messMatty B2002
.bbFlame AnimCreate a flame animationMatty B2002
.bbThe real Mask-color !Using BB to read the maskcolor of sprites etc....wedoe2002
.bbStar fieldBasic 3d Stars Matty B2001
.bbWinXP styled menus in BlitzBasic!This include allows to create Windows XP© styled menus in your BB applicationRatchet2001
.bbFadeBlockFader/Brighten function, changes selected area of any buffer or imageSeven2001
.bbBezier Curves v1.2Simple recursive bezier curve draw functionEntity2001
.bbSimple Projectile MotionSimple example of Projectile MotionNobodyInParticular2001
.bbImage wrappinga little Image wrapping routineduncki2001
.bbMad Scientist lightning function!Raise the dead or electrocute your mates.Rob2001
.bbRotate ImageTakes an image and creates a new image containing 72 frames of the old image rotated at 5 degree intervals.Captain Darius2001
.bbBlitz3D speed timing done in 2D (castle demo stuff in 2D)Automatic game timing for 2DRob2001
.bbTexture FillAt last, a texture fill routine!EOF2001
.bbB2D-->B3DConvert 2D code to 3D accellerated 2DJohn Pickford2001
.bb2D movement timing via deltatimeMove things smoothly no matter the framerateRob2001
.bbImage Processing FunctionsW.I.P. of a set of PSP-style Image Processing FunctionsMyke-P2001
.bbBBGadTools (GUI) V1.3GUI UpdateAL902001
.bbSave ScreenshotSaves a snapshot of the current displayMurilo2001
.bbDisplay_IsWindowedChecks whether running in windowed mode or in full screenEntity2001
.bbRefreshRateReturns the current monitor refresh rate.Teddyfles2001
.bbFast Copy/Flip ImageFast way to Flip/Copy image using CopyRect. Faster then Scale Image!Richard Betson2001
.bbflood fillnon recursive flood fill routinesmitty2001
.bbStereo ViewCombine 2 images to create a 3rd image with depthEOF2001
.bbAuto-set graphics modeAutomatically sets up a comaptible graphics setting and saves it.Neo Genesis102001
.bbFadeFades the screen to blackskidracer2001
.bbDrawAlphaImageDrawImage command with alpha channel skidracer2001
.bbLens effectCircular lens effect over whatever's on-screenBlitzSupport2001
.bbReal RGBWeird results with GetColor? Not what you expect?BlitzSupport2001