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.bbSAM - C64 voice (CMD Driven)Usage of sam.exe with Blitzbasic/3dDanApril
.bb.wav samples valueLoad a .wav and access any sample value in function of its time from the beginingFlanker2016
.bmxPlay Audio using MCIPlaying Audio usinv MCI with BMaxCasaber2016
.bbPlay sound on midi (using MidiLib.dll)Midi sound function addonDan2015
.bmxfreeaudio streaminggenerate dynamic waveforms and stream them directly to a freeaudio deviceskidracer2014
.bbSimple MIDI playerThis code shows how to develop a very simple MIDI player using BlitzPlus. No Hw/Sw MIDI device check supported yet!EsseEmmeErre2013
.bbText-to-Speech (PC)Turns text to speechRadman2012
.bbSimple Channel FadingFade one channel to another_PJ_2012
.bbWAV ExaminerWAVs are easy to handle!schilcote2010
.bbOGG InfoReads Metadata and other details from OGG format files_PJ_2010
.bmxRealtime sound generation with fmodRealtime sound generation with bah.fmodWho was John Galt?2010
.bbKey Logging NoiseProgram that uses the SystemBeep.dllsuperStruct2009
.bmxPlaySound (better)A PlaySound() function that uses its position to make some 'effects'.UnderwoodNullium2008
.bbPub.EFXEFX module for enabling hardware reverb and echo effectsJoshK2008
.bmxBetter OpenALLightweight OpenAL command set.JoshK2008
.bbSounding the PC SpeakerThis little program is an example to sound some notes on the PC speaker_332008
.bbXm file reader (b+)Read display XM file (mod) commandsNebula2008
.bbBinary rhythms (32)Binary music/rhythms/speech. (bin = 0 or 1)Nebula2007
.bmx(BMX) Synthesize a simple sound sampleIt's very basic but it works, includes a primitive waveform drawing functionPerturbatio2007
.bmx(BMX) Determine length of an audio sample in seconds(BMX) Determine length of an audio sample in seconds (tested with OGG files, but it should be the same for any file)Perturbatio2007
.bbLive audio data gaming exampleSee with sound - live frogger w.i.pNebula2007
.bmxStream from Ram, File, or Net in FMod!what teh title says!ninjarat2007 Sound LibrarykochOn2006
.bbmusic trackertracker style music editorb322006
.bbRead wave and write to bb data fileFor packing wave files in executablemarkcw2006
.bbLength of mp3Determines length of mp3 song as Minutes/SecondsSonari Eclipsi Onimari2006
.bbSound libaryLittle sound libary for bbbytecode772006
.bbArea SoundAlternative to BB's 3DSound FunctionsBMA2006
.bmxOgg Converter/Wav SaverLoad an Ogg file and save it to a WavGhost Dancer2006
.bbsaving midi filesaves a 64 lines midi fileb322006
.bmxSimple FMOD - TMusic WrapperProvides some basic FMOD features in a single TypeArowx2005
.bmxOSX text to speechMake you mac talkdeps2005
.bbCDG playerCDG Karaoke playerSpace Fractal2005
.bbWaveform FunctionsSynthesizer Wave Shape functionsDamien Sturdy2005
.bbSound EngineStop Sounds overlapping, chain sound events.TartanTangerine (was Indiepath)2005
.bbCygnus RetroSoundSound system similar to that of the NES/BBC systemsDamien Sturdy2004
.bbPlaySound replacementuserlibEikon2004
.bbDistantSound()Play a sound loaded with loadsound, in a 3d wayaab2004
.bbMake Audio exampleA simple example of how to make wav filesZiltch2004
.bbMakeAudioMake your own soundsZiltch2004
.bbSong List PlayerPlays music files in a folder.Lorenzo2004
.bbmp3 Infos (including Audiframes and id3v2)analyses a mp3fileKlaas2004
.bbWindows Audio Mixer Blitz FunctionsControl windows audio mixerZiltch2003
.bbRecording example - Sample based pianoaudio functions library ExampleZiltch2003
.bbAudio Recording & extended CD Functions V2Audio Functions using MCI commandsZiltch2003
.bbMP3-InfosRead the ID3v1.0 TAGVertex2003
.bbRecording StudioUse Keyboard as Piano and record a Song.jfk EO-111102003
.bbSound Managment (replacing playsound and emitsound)Sound ManagmentZiltch2002
.bbRecording Wav FilesRecording WavZiltch2002
.bbPlay backwardsA Wav file plays backwardsVertex2002
.bbSound Card TestChecks if there's a sound card working on a PCsemar2002
.bbStreaming soundsDid you know you can stream sounds with PlayMusic(file$)?King Dave2002
.bbSound SorterEasily Manage your sounds to play according to channels that are open or by a Sounds PriorityRick2002
.bbCalculate Sound PanCalculates the pan value (-1 to 1) for a given screen positionMurilo2002
.bb3D Doppler EffectUsing Blitz3D's 3D sound commands...BlitzSupport2001