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.bmxMaze Generation Using Recursive BacktrackerGenerate a mazeTomToadApril
.bmxLCG 32bits CipherA simple and classical cipher, considered weak for initiated people, but fast and light for non-crucial data, with GUI app example.FlankerApril
.bbGet Area Of CircleReturns the area of an oval.PolarixMarch
.bmxLRU and MRU CacheLeast recently used cachecol2016
.bmxLocalization using SQLite and TMapLocalization using SQLite and TMapKrischan2016
.bmxBoids flocking algorithmAn algorithm to simulate crowd motion with simple local rulesFlanker2016
.bmxInterpolation librarylinear/bilinear/trilinear interpolations for Object ArraysBobysait2016
.bmxShuffleA simple card shufflercps2016
.bmxA* (astar) routine4 and 8 way Path finding with and without corner cuttingcoffeedotbean2016
.bmxUnreversible Password EncriptionEncrypt a password with a keyBobysait2016
.bbRooms and Doors generatorMake maps/dungeonsPakz2016
.bmxTrafficVisually simulate crowding conditions on a road of traffic.dw8172016
.bmxThe Chess Queen PuzzleSolve how to place 8-queens on a chessboard where no queen can be captured by another.dw8172016
.bbSudoku fillingAlgorithm to randomly fill a plain sudoku gridFlanker2016
.bmxTween/Easing10 different Tweens/Easing'scoffeedotbean2015
.bbPerlin noiseperlin noise function with parameters and loop abilityFlanker2015
.bbSimple Smooth NoiseSmooth Random Noise_PJ_2015
.bmxDynamic Arrayshow to manage automatic resizing arraysAdamStrange2015
.bmxCubemap to Spheremap conversionCubemap to Spheremap conversionKrischan2015
.bbCreate 3D maze in an arrayUses Wilson's algorithm to create a 3D (cuboid) maze stored in an array.Zethrax2015
.bbCreate 2D maze in an arrayUses Wilson's algorithm to create a 2D maze stored in an array.Zethrax2015
.bbCreate a heightmap using the Diamond-Square algorithmUseful for terrain heightmaps and cloud textures. Includes code for tiling (wrappable) and non-tiling heightmaps.Zethrax2015
.bbSingle Byte ArraysMemory Efficient Single-Byte Arrays Using Banks_PJ_2015
.bmxIsPow2 - Power of two testTests if a number is a power of twoBlitzSupport2014
.bmxK-Means Clustering exampleImplements the K-Means clustering algo in 2DGW2014
.bmxSimple Path FollowingGiven a list of path points, follow them one by onezoqfotpik2014
.bmxLexical scannerTokenizes input strings using regexPineapple2014
.bbMidpoint Displacement AlgorithmFor making heightmaps and suchPakz2014
.bmxDijkstra Map PathfindingPathfinding using the Dijkstra Map algorithmzoqfotpik2014
.bmxWeighted Random Numbers3 simple methods for weighted random numbers.GW2014
.bbSimple land generatorLand generator using rand()Pakz2014
.bmxElementNamingA Process for naming an element avoiding repeated nameHardcoal2014
.bbMap Generator from roguebasinFrom a description from roguebasinPakz2014
.bb2d Level GeneratorUses Random walk method to create levels.Pakz2014
.bbA Star PathfindingBasic A Star pathfinding codePakz2014
.bmxGeneric parsing and scanning frameworkAll-purpose declarative lexing and scanning utilityYasha2013
.bmxGeneralized Cellular Automata HandlerHighly flexible ruleset system, example code includes implementations of Conway's Life, HighLife, Fredkin's Automata, Seeds, and Brian's BrainPineapple2013
.bmxPick random element from list or arrayConvenience functions for getting random thingsPineapple2013
.bmxGeneralized A* PathfindingPathfinder readily adaptable to pretty much any rectangular 2D gridPineapple2013
.bmxWord wrapVersatile as hell and generally niftyPineapple2013
.bmxShuffleArray and ShuffleListRandomize the order of elements in an array or linked listPineapple2013
.bmxTop-down merge sort for arraysQuickly sort an array of objectsPineapple2013
.bbCapitalizationCapitalizes the first letter of each word in a string of words.dna2013
.bmxIntegers inside longer integersA simple way to store 2 bytes in a short, 4 bytes in an int or 2 shorts in an int.Hezkore2013
.bmxGetWord() & CountWords()Functions for easy and accurate parsing.misth2013
.bbGetWord() & CountWords()Functions for easy and accurate parsing.misth2013
.bmxcompact date time string14 digit string of year+month+day+hh+mm+ssapo2012
.bbPattern Imagedraws dots to create a pattern!EsseEmmeErre2012
.bbExtract TextAnother Splitter!TAS2012
.bmxCompute fast ceil/floor of log base 2Considerably faster alternatives to using floats or doublesPineapple2012
.bmxHilbert CurveHilbert continuous fractal space-filling curvetesuji2012
.bmx2D vector library2D vector type using doubles and with useful math functions.Pineapple2012
.bmxVery fast sin/cosGrab sin/cos values from a lookup tablePineapple2012
.bmxInterpolationLinear, cosine, cubic, and hermite interpolation functionsPineapple2012
.bmxAkima splineMake splines with akima interpolation methodJur2012
.bmx2D and 3D simplex noiseVery fast simplex noiseKittomer2012
.bmxAnnLib Example Code #1Example 'chase' programAntonyWells2012
.bmxArtificial Neural Network LibraryArtificial Neural Network LibraryAntonyWells2012
.bbVernam-Cipher | Encryption & DecryptionEncrypt & Decrypt Strings with a passwordozzi7892012
.bbRun LengtRun Length En/DecodingCompresses redundant informationozzi7892012
.bbBinary HeapsMulti-list ascending and descending binary heaps algorithmpexe2011
.bbSearch DictionaryCheck if word is in dictionary or notThePict2011
.bbBlitzMax Big NumbersAdd and Subtract Big NumbersSpencer2011
.bmxRandom number generatorFast random number generator, repeatable and possible to instanceShagwana2011
.bbLevenshteinDistanceCalculates the minimun amount of basic operations required to transmorm String1 into String2. Three basic operations are considered: Character Delete, Insert, SubstitutionCharrua2011
.bbMouse Gestures RecognUse of the LevenshteinDistance algorithm for mouse gestures recognCharrua2011
.bmxFixpoint combinatorFunctional programming for showoffsYasha2011
.bmxDetermining size of data typeShows how many bits a variable is made up of. Possibly useless.BlitzSupport2011
.bmxMinimum spanning treeKruskal's algorithm to find a minimum spanning tree of a graphWarpy2011
.bmxcircle to to arc interactionJesse2011
.bmxPerlin Noise Type2D Perlin Noise for making random mapsBladum2011
.bmxBox Packing - Guillotine methodA way of squeezing arbitrary sized rectangles into a finite spacetesuji2011
.bbRotated ellipseRotated ellipseJimmy2011
.bmxan interesting method of calculating the squarerootwith strings!!!Nate the Great2011
.bmxvectors part 7ball to arc collisionJesse2011
.bmxvectors part 6ball to ball part 2Jesse2011
.bmxVectors part 5ball 2 ball collision part 1Jesse2011
.bmxvectors part 4ball to wall collisionJesse2011
.bmxFly by wireAsteroids-style ships with a bit more controlWarpy2011
.bmxGradient of several coloursCalculate colours on a gradient which cycles through several arbitrary coloursWarpy2011
.bmxDraw evenly spaced dots along a lineDraw dots along a line, or line segments, spaced evenly. Two methodsWarpy2011
.bmxcollisionrotated image(rectangle) collisionJesse2011
.bmxLambda CalculusLazy-evaluating Lambda Calculus InterpreterYasha2011
.bmxSimple TStackA simple implimentation of First-in-last-out StacksGalaxy6132010
.bmxScaleEX: Scaling filter for 2D pixel artApplies smoothing to pixelled sprites and backgroundsErikT2010
.bmxTRL -Fixed rate update logic with TweeningFixed rate update logic with Tweeningdmaz2010
.bmxCaesar's crypting -decrypting algorithmCaesar's crypting -decrypting algorithmjankupila2010
.bbElite Planet Name GeneratorThe algorithm the game 'Elite' used to create planet namesKrischan2010
.bbCONVERTIR A HH:mm:ss (Time hour minute seg)CONVERTIR A HH:mm:ss (Time hour minute seg)virtualjesus2010
.bbNUMBER FORMAT FOR INTEGERSformat number very easyvirtualjesus2010
.bmxPosition to Iso IndexConverts from a 2d position to the x/y index of the underlying isometric tile.beanage2010
.bmxMarching Squarestraces the contours of a bitmap imageTWH2010
.bmxEnumerable bezier curveA bezier curve whose points can be enumerated by EachInWarpy2010
.bmxDistance between 2 squares (2d)Calculates the distance between 2 squares in a 2d gridMatthew Smith2010
.bbLoading BarJust a simple Loading bar exampleKrischan2010
.bmxTough Binary EncryptionGood Luck Making A DecoderLuke1112010
.bmxsmall encryption algorithm for intsencrypts most files pretty securelyNate the Great2010
.bmxFloat/Double from Bytes without using a PointerThis prototype code provides functions to convert from bytes to Floats/Doubles without pointer mathsbeanage2010
.bmxLinear Binary Search AlgorithmPerforms a binary search up to an arbitrary precision based on an initial interval and an evaluator callback.beanage2010
.bbBlitzClassPolymorphic object system using B3D banksYasha2010
.bmxQuick IfLike the ternary operator a ? b : cWarpy2010
.bbString typesUse strings to store composite dataYasha2010
.bbBit Fiddling (Blitz3D / B+ version)Manipulate/Identify bit values_PJ_2010
.bmxBit FiddlingFiddle with bits in a IntegerShortwind2010
.bmxTFactory ClassExtend TMap to a Factory class designed for Game Engine and elseBobysait2010
.bbPath following systemCreate paths made by wayPoints and let the system interpolate between themCharrua2010
.bbEnvelope - Read a Point From Curve-Interpolated Envelope (Easily)Functions to make an envelope wave and read any point within it (0-1)Streaksy2010
.bbHandy Exotic MathsLots of handy maths essentials.Streaksy2010
.bbWeighted RandomTidy weighted random number generation.Streaksy2010
.bbTimescaleKeep things moving in realtime regardless of framerate and lagStreaksy2010
.bbEncode$() & Decode() - Like Hex$() but use any character setSuper fast value refolding - Convert any unsigned integer to a string using the key. Can do hex, binary, trinary, anything you want. And convert it back, of course.Streaksy2010
.bbCurve#() - Apply a curve to a value based on a minimum and maxiumum and curve amplitudeNo need to go from A to B in a rigid line anymore.Streaksy2010
.bmxTWaveform, TCompositeWaveformSimple Waveform exampletesuji2010
.bmxTFrameManagerSimply manages frame rate.Ked2010
.bbLexer generatorUse regular expressions to describe and automatically generate a simple lexical scannerYasha2009
.bbSimple regular expressionsMatch strings against a flexible keyYasha2009
.bmxAd-Hoc InterfacesInterfaces for BlitzMax via Abstract Typesgrable2009
.bbGet vars from a stringNow anyone can make a scripting language!neos3002009
.bmxBinary Tree with Integer Keys/ ValuesBinary tree with integer Key/ Values, currently only for little Endian.beanage2009
.bmxneural networkSome bmax types to make/simulate neural networksNate the Great2009
.bbB3D 'Zelda' HeartsA similar concept to the THearts by Ked for Bmax written for B3D_PJ_2009
.bbSimple CompilerA very simple compiler, with 2 commands.neos3002009
.bmxTHeartSystemA simple heart system as in Legend of Zelda.Ked2009
.bbSafer Millisecs() IntervalObtains time intervals even over the 'Integer-Limit rollover'_PJ_2009
.bbGetParameterReturns each parameter of the commandline | Gibt jeden Parameter der Befehlszeile zurückDiego2009
.bmxLines IntersectCalculate the intersection point of two linesGfK2009
.bmxReflection (geometric!)Calculate angle of reflectionGfK2009
.bmxAim a projectile at an elevated targetShows how to find the angle to fire a projectile so it hits a target which may not be at the same height as youWarpy2009
.bmxWord Wrap - Version #1Simple Word Wrap RoutineShortwind2009
.bmxIsometricBasic Isometric tile engine.Jesse2009
.bbTMap For Blitz3DUse Hash for sorting datasBobysait2009
.bmxFastQuickSortA very fast sorting algorithm.TaskMaster2009
.bbrender in threaddeferred rendering using thread(FastPointer)Bobysait2009
.bbGame of LifeBlitz3D version of Conway's Game of LifeSytzeZ2009
.bbInteger to Base 36Converts Integers to Base 36 and backSauer2009
.bbVerlet physics with constraint collisions.Verlet physics, with constraint collisions and an interactive demoJeppe Nielsen2009
.bmxGeneric EnumeratorGeneric enumerator that will let you enumerate over anything, including enumeratorsN2009
.bbSimple Proportional Font RoutineFont routine for further usesWildCat2009
.bbSimple Tetris300 lines that make you playing tetris :)WildCat2009
.bmxConvert an Object to JSONConverts an object to a JSON stringN2009
.bmxUnordered Set CollectionAn unordered set of unique objects. Tries to adhere to the same basic rules as sets in mathematics.N2009
.bmxCross-platform CpuCount()Adding the function CpuCount which returns the, er, number of cpus on the system. Useful for multi-threading.Brazilian Joe2009
.bbSort Algorithm for positive integersFast yet simple method for sorting a list of positive integers (can be extended to negative easily too)Matty2009
.bmxCreate a string by repeating a stringBlack magic (C) to create a string by repeating another stringN2009
.bmxB-Treeslike a binary tree, but with more branchesWarpy2009
.bmxIterate over any object!iterate over a collection, after it's been cast to ObjectWarpy2009
.bbSine CircleA Drawing Method using the Sine FunctionsuperStruct2009
.bmxfilter a list using reflectionget all objects in a list satisfying a conditionWarpy2009
.bmxNotification CenterTypes to send notifications, usually between threads.N2009
.bmxCipherSimple string encryptionJoshK2009
.bmxSynchronized Data StructuresSomewhatOtus2009
.bbAnalytic Geometric AlgorithmsUses basic geometric rules to graph shapessuperStruct2009
.bmxHash TableString-keyed hash tableOtus2009
.bmxActorsActor model with threadingOtus2009
.bmxNumber mapsMaps you can put numbers inWarpy2009
.bmx2d planetary motionaccurate inversesqare algorithmNate the Great2009
.bmxShunting yard algorithmConvert infix notation to postfix notationWarpy2009
.bmxIntersection of line and rectangleFind the point of intersection of a line and a rectangleWarpy2009
.bmxtiny factorial functionfactorial in 47 characters!Warpy2009
.bmxLevenshtein distanceFind the minimum number of edit operations needed to transform one string into anotherWarpy2009
.bmxDendrogramCreate a dendrogram from a set of dataWarpy2009
.bmx*Astar path finder groupfind path in groupJesse2009
.bmxInfinitely Large +/- IntsAdd and subtract infinitely large positive and negative integers using stringsSpencer2009
.bbEstimating areaEstimates total visible area from the direction of viewAndy2009
.bbRandom Maze GeneratorMazesCloseToPerfect2009
.bmxRoman NumeralsValidate and convert between Roman Numerals and Integersxlsior2009
.bbWayPointerA pathfinding programKillerX2009
.bbSet individual bits in a bankset the individual bits in a bankAndy2009
.bmxNumber sequences and special ratiosAlgorithms/Formulas for number sequences (Fibonacci, Lucas, etc.), the Golden and Silver ratios, and an IsPrime functionplash2009
.bbPoint In OvalIs a point inside of an oval?UnderwoodNullium2008
.bmxdeHTMLStrip HTML tags from a stringxlsior2008
.bbTic tac toe that learnsLearns... slowly but surelyNate the Great2008
.bmxKnuth shuffleRandomly rearrange a set of numbersWarpy2008
.bmxCoral Snakelinklist and recursive snakeJesse2008
.bbTerm calculatorAn algorithm that calculates the result of a mathematical termNoobody2008
.bmxRegular expressionsA system for matching regular expressionsWarpy2008
.bmxTCryptType to use Xor and AES encryptionFirstdeathmaker2008
.bmxMerge Sort TListSort a TList using the merge sort algorithmN2008
.bmxBit AccessRead/Write bits in a byte.itsdanreed2008
.bbSudoku solverSolves a sudoku riddle in 1 millisecbytecode772008
.bmxdragging and slidingObject dragging and slidingJesse2008
.bbMovemouseMakes mouse bonce aroundNate the Great2008
.bmxNumber from a poisson distributionReturns a random number from a Poisson distribution with given meanWarpy2008
.bmx2D Vector moduleOOP Vector module for 2d applicationsYahfree2008
.bmxLikeStringCheck for multi Instringdegac2008
.bbmatchPatterncompare a source String with a String expressionShadowTurtle2008
.bbFactor CalculatorCalculates factorsschilcote2008
.bbRandom number with weightingGiven an array of weights, pick an index so probability is proportional to the corresponding weight.Warpy2008
.bmxSalsa20Salsa20 stream cipher in BlitzMaxOtus2008
.bmxHC-256HC-256 stream cipher in BlitzMaxOtus2008
.bmxspecial prime numbersfind prime numbers based on big pair numbersVignoli2008
.bmxEquations of Motion - Bouncing off a WallFinds the new position and velocity of an object that hits a wall.Warpy2008
.bmxMenumenu examplejankupila2008
.bbWord MakerCreates unknown words_332008
.bbPrime Number FinderYou put in a number and it returns 1 if it's a prime and 0 if it's notGIB3D2008
.bbAlphabetical sortThis function checks two strings and tells which one is higher in alphabet.bytecode772008
.bbGenerate Nice Terrain+LightmapTerrain Generator , with ColorMap and ultra fast LightmapingBobysait2008
.bmxModified Spline InterpolationX and Y spline interpolationcomputercoder2008
.bbDateInt()Converts date to int. Useful to stop a program running after a certain date.boomboom2008
.bmxPolygon triangulation - subtracting ears methodCut a polygon into triangles by clipping off 'ears'Warpy2008
.bbRound a numberRound x to the nearest y!chwaga2008
.bbAiA Good Ai ScriptThe_Black_Knight2008
.bmxBreadth-first pathfinderA simple pathfinding engine, only 4 functionsAndres2008
.bb2 Points into a rectangleTurns 2 Points into a rectangleYo! Wazzup?2008
.bbProbability_CalculationThe Functions Fac, Binom, Bernoulli and Cumulated BernoulliDiego2008
.bbAngle360 for B3D/B+Returns a 360 degree angle between 2 pointsmarkcw2008
.bbPush Ai - move baddies awayMove screen parts with mouseNebula2008
.bb2 point Angle differenceFunction Returns the differenceNebula2008
.bmxD&D Dice RollerJust a little function I wrote to accept a die roll string and return a roll + bonus.Chroma2008
.bb2D math functionsIntersection, line to point distance and line to line distance functionsJasu2008
.bmxFunctions to trim whitespace from the left or right of a stringRightTrim() and LeftTrim() functions to trim whitespace from the right or left of a string.Zethrax2007
.bmxGeneral A* Pathfinder ImportJust finds the path. Nothing game-specific.Curtastic2007
.bbRhyme detectionDoes a line rhyme.Nebula2007
.bb3D Short est PathAn implementation of Dijkstra's algorithm for 3DMoraldi2007
.bmxAppTiming moduleFunctions for controlling application timingJoshK2007
.bmxClipboard ModuleCopy and paste text or pixmapsJoshK2007
.bbMathEx ModuleSome much-needed math functions including Curve(), RGBA(), and othersJoshK2007
.bbpoint_in_polygonFast, compact function to determine if a point lies inside a polygon.big10p2007
.bbIntersectionsGet intersections between line segments and arcsSubirenihil2007
.bmxGetIntersectionLineCircle()Get Points of Intersection for Line and CircleSebHoll2007
.bbCalculateDiceFor all the RPG fans here a dice function*2007
.bmxSimple Genetic AlgorithmA short example of GA evolutionGW2007
.bbDatestampGet the number of days since 1.1. Year 1 | Bekomme die Anzahl der Tage seit dem 1.1. Jahr 1Diego2007
.bmxultra lite script languageThis is a ultra lite and very limited Scripting language written in BMX and based on ancient basic syntaxziggy2007
.bbBase ConverterConverts a number from one base to another.Arem2007
.bmxSimple Parser & ExecuterAsk and ye shall receive.daaan2007
.bmxDate DifferenceCount the number of days between any two datesxlsior2007
.bmxDay of YearReturns the day of the year for any datexlsior2007
.bmxLeap yearsRecognize Leap Yearsxlsior2007
.bbRND substituteGenerates random floats without to use RND()jfk EO-111102007
.bbsimple a* pathfindingan early attempt at a* pathfinding.Kalisme2007
.bbLand generatorGenerate islandsNebula2007
.bbPatrollingDraw patroling paths.Nebula2007
.bmxDistance to lineCalculates the distance to line or line segment fastOtus2007
.bmxPoint inside convex polygonFor the special case when a polygon is convex, it's easy to see if a point is inside it.Warpy2007
.bmxConvex HullGiven a set of points, find smallest convex polygon containing them all.Warpy2007
.bmxSparse array TreeStores sparse arrays more efficiently in a tree-like data structure.Otus2007
.bmxFixed Step Logic & Linear InterpolationLow frequency update loop combined with motion tweening gives some smooth resultsHrdNutz2007
.bbPoint In PolygonCheck for point in n-sided polygon: uses crossing methodAndy_A2007
.bbmegacalculsuse strings for mathsVignoli2007
.bbSplitSplits a string into pices by a seperator / Teilt einen String in Stücke mithilfe eines TrennersDiego2007
.bbUrlencode / UrldecodeUrl encoder / decoder based on skn3[ac]s algorithmDiego2007
.bbSmoothly moving object in 3DObject in 3D (sphere) smoothly passing thru random set of points (cubes) visiting them in certain time (triple cubic spline interpolation)Matt Merkulov2007
.bb2D turret firing algorhytmsrotation, straight, wave, forestalling, simple learningMatt Merkulov2007
.bbPoint in TriangleChecks if a point in inside a triangleRob Farley2007
.bbTrinary / TrinitätThe trinary operator as function fpr blitz/ Der Trinitätsoperator als Funktion für BlitzDiego2007
.bbMin MaxGet the minor or major of two numbers | Die kleinere oder größere zweier Zahlen erhaltenDiego2007
.bbBase ConverterConverts a Number from any Base to any other BaseDiego2007
.bmxHexToDecEvaluate a hex string to a decimal value.impixi2007
.bb"Life" on infinite fieldJ. H. Conway's Game of Life on nearly infinite fieldMatt Merkulov2007
.bbConway's Life: experimentsSome interesting additional stuffMatt Merkulov2007
.bbSmoothly moving objectObject in 2D smoothly passing thru random set of points visiting them in certain time (dual cubic spline interpolation)Matt Merkulov2007
.bbCubic spline interpolationDrawing cubic spline what is passing thru random set of pointsMatt Merkulov2007
.bbLagrange interpolationDrawing Lagrange function graph what is passing thru random set of pointsMatt Merkulov2007
.bbConway's Game of LifeDevelopment of rectangular area filled with random cellsMatt Merkulov2007
.bbBank as dynamic araySnow fx exampleMatt Merkulov2007
.bmxTokenize, GetToken, Explode, ImplodeSome usefull token related functions for blitzmaxskn32007
.bmxHex2$(), Bin2$()Allows you to select the number of digits to return.ninjarat2007
.bmxFPS moduleImport and goninjarat2007
.bbPac Man EditorTo accompany the Pac Man exampleVic 3 Babes2007
.bbPac ManSimple pathfinding in this Deluxe Pac Man exampleVic 3 Babes2007
.bbHandy string parsing functionExtract words, characters, or symbols using delimitersAndy_A2007
.bbXor ChecksummingChecksum a file to detect corruption tamperingVic 3 Babes2007
.bbBlitz2HTMLConverts Blitz to HTML for html tutorials, or printingVic 3 Babes2007
.bbBinary Tetris in ColourUses same binary algorithm as Binary Tetris, but with colourVic 3 Babes2007
.bbBinary TetrisAlgorithm for Tetris using only binaryVic 3 Babes2007
.bmxFrame LimitingCode to go with Morduun's tutorialtonyg2007
.bmxExpression EvaluatorEvaluates string expressions, with variables and functionsgrable2007
.bmxTRadialVector, TLinearVector, TPosSome OO classes to help you do vector mathsninjarat2007
.bbCalculating PrimesThe fastest way to calculate prime numbersSubirenihil2006
.bbSimple Spline InterpolationSimple Spline Function giving y values for xMr Snidesmin2006
.bbFAST Sieve of EratosthenesFind prime numbersAndy_A2006
.bbPrime FinderA program that calculates if a given number is prime.Nathaniel2006
.bmxLtoRLook()Super Simple. Great for use with RequestFile()Zenn Lee2006
.bbLine-Bezier Intersect DemoCheck for intersection between Line Segment and Bezier CurveAndy_A2006
.bbYet Another Line Intersect FunctionFunction to check if two line segments crossAndy_A2006
.bbfractionsinstead of decimalsmindstorms2006
.bbString parsing functionsLittle string parsing library.bytecode772006
.bbGetEntityBox()This function returns the entity's bounding box sizes.bytecode772006
.bbtimersblitzplus like timersmindstorms2006
.bbsqr functionreturns in radical formmindstorms2006
.bb2D Particle & Constraints physics with mouse buildmode/interactmodea 2D physics simulation with an interactive demonstrationJeppe Nielsen2006
.bbPi Calculator Rev 2Calculates PiArem2006
.bbPi CalculatorCalculates PiArem2006
.bmxTwin PrimesHow fun!daaan2006
.bmxCalculate bounding boxCalculates the bounding box (x,y,width,height) of rect that has x,y,width,height,angle,scalex,scaley,handlex,handleyskn32006
.bmxTListFfor blah = eachin list.From(start:TLink,howMany:int)dmaz2006
.bmxTHeapLightweight THeap datastructure for priority queues etcDreamora2006
.bmxVector ClassA Simple Vector Class to do some Maths on 3d VectorsKurator2006
.bmxTListExtendedextended TList type with powerfull additional features.Dreamora2006
.bmxVon Neumann Random Numbers GeneratorRandom numbers generatorsplinux2006
.bbUnHex/reHexGet a hex value out of int and reverseAndres2006
.bmxInstr2Returns the index of the specific separator number in the string.Chroma2006
.bmxSimple Verlet (physics)An example of a verlet with rotationgrable2006
.bbGUI object managementType demo for managing overlapping GUI objectsbig10p2006
.bmxEvaluate String ArithmeticUpdated on August 17th 2006!daaan2006
.bmxCircle through three pointsFinds the circle that goes through three given points.Byteemoz2006
.bbSudoku-Solverin GermanMr. Bean2006
.bmxType for Cubic SplinesCurves and pathes with cubic splinesxMicky2006
.bmxBin2decBinary string to decimal inttonyg2006
.bmxBase64 EncodingEncode data using Base64N2006
.bbarray of typesarray of types within a typebradford62006
.bmxWeekday of a date (BlitzMax)Find out what weekday a date is !wedoe2006
.bmxReverse bytes and bitsFunctions to reverse the order of bytes and bitsN2006
.bmxRC4 encryptionVery easy, fast and secure encryption and decryption using RC4 algorithmRepeatUntil2006
.bmxVery Simple GravityImplement 2d gravity in a very simple mannerIPete22006
.bmxSigned Byte & Short FunctionsFunctions to convert integers to and from signed shorts & bytesN2006
.bbRecirsive ScanDir() funca little scandir() func!bytecode772006
.bmxCRC32 checksum calculationMrCredo's CRC32 code ported to BMaxJake L.2006
.bmxTProfiler ClassAn easy to use multi-function profilerAntonyWells2006
.bmxConcave/convex polygon collisions and other useful functions.PolyToPoly, CircleToPoly, LineToPoly, PointInPoly collisions. All with transforms. And other useful functions too...Oddball2006
.bbBox, Box2 (bb & bmax)extended modulosCS_TBL2006
.bmxSearch String ArrayAllows you to search an array of strings for a string matching a patternN2006
.bmxSplitStringSplits a string into an array of piecesN2006
.bmxDate functions: JulianDay() , JulianDate() , DayFromDate().EOF2006
.bbBubble SortSorting an arrayNaughty Alien2006
.bbImage ZoomEasy to adjustQ2006
.bmxCollideImage2Function similar to CollideImage, but allows collision of images in the same layerRepeatUntil2006
.bbLineRectIntersectionThis Function determine if a Line and a Rectangle intersectMarkus Rosse2006
.bb2D Mountain GenerationA 2D Mountain makerSubirenihil2006
.bbCreating circles with a certain amount of cornersThis function will create a circle with a variable amount of cornersPhoenix2006
.bbmathematical algorithmssome mathematical algorithms5t@nKy2005
.bbSimple GravitySimple gravity effect for a platformerQ2005
.bmxSoundEx functionA simple soundEx function for BMaxPerturbatio2005
.bmxSend Multi-Dimensional Arrays to a FunctionThis let's you send arrays like MyArray[5,5,5] to a function and return it.Chroma2005
.bbConversion Log DateCounts the number of days since 1-1-00Sonari Eclipsi Onimari2005
.bmxMaxGui Program Flow via sub hookingExample of using one master hook to send events to multipul functionsShagwana2005
.bmxMove at a constant speed along a bezierMake an object move at a roughly constant speed along a bezier curveWarpy2005
.bbContainer: vectorplug'n'play vector containers which can be used to store objectsoctothorpe2005
.bbBubble SortingSimple array bubble sortingRegular K2005
.bmxCalc Angle Between Two AnglesCalculate the inbetween angle from one angle to the otherShagwana2005
.bbSmooth bezier curves between pointsDraw smooth bezier curves between pointsJeppe Nielsen2005
.bbPathfinding (Pre calculated 2D)Pathfinding routine I use in my gamesMatty2005
.bbBinary Decision TreeBinary Decision Tree AI AlgorithmTechlord2005
.bmxA medley of digestsFunctions to create MD5, SHA-1 and SHA-256 digests.Yan2005
.bbString - Int - String4 byte int values in string format (ideal for multiplayer)Banshee2005
.bbContainer: hash table(aka map, dictionary) plug'n'play hash table containers which can be used to store objects - get(key$), set(key$, value), delete(key$), iteratorsoctothorpe2005
.bbContainer: double-linked listplug'n'play list containers which can be used to store objects - push, pop, shift, unshift, delete, iteratorsoctothorpe2005
.bmxZooming In/OutZoom with the Mouse WheelCruis.In2005
.bbZooming In/OutZoom with the Mouse WheelCruis.In2005
.bbLook for duplicationsearches through a list of numbers for a duplicate numberNicstt2005
.bbSoundEx SearchGenerates SoundEx search codesDr. Wildrick2005
.bbSorting Array BASICA Real Basic Sorting methodNeochrome2005
.bbRandom 3D/2D Dungeon GeneratorA random 2d/3d dungeon generator, as the title saysErroneouss2005
.bbRotatatable movable square to movable point collisions in 2DChecks collision of a square with any rotation and any position in 2D space with a movable pointBraincell2005
.bbConway's Life AlgorithmAnother Life IterationGary B2005
.bbstar fieldsimple star field simulationPete2005
.bbInterpolate AnglesInterpolate between two angles...fredborg2005
.bbbouncybouncy sprite simulationPete2005
.bbRGB to HSB and backConvert RGB to Hue, Saturation and Brightnessjfk EO-111102005
.bmxMD5 DigestMD5 algorithm for BlitzMaxTom Darby2005
.bbSectors in stringRetrieve easily a sector from within a stringAndres2005
.bbHex$ to DecimalVery compact function to convert an hex$ to a decimalCybersed2005
.bmxHow to use tilesMap making with tiles, for beginnerKamaShin2005
.bbHow to use tilesCreating a maps with tilesKamaShin2005
.bbpositionsprite()display 3d sprites using 2d screen coordinatesD4NM4N2005
.bbCalcGunAngleReturns gun's angle to hit the targetMikle2005
.bbCreate 2D Terrain EDITCreates a 2D terrain with color wich is stored in a array.Berserker [swe]2005
.bbAllowed lettersHow to avoid unwanted letters/symbolsAndres2005
.bbPower of twoFinds the next power of two down from a positive integerRottbott2005
.bbConvert Integers to WordsFunctions to convert Integer values into String words._PJ_2005
.bbPermutations FunctionReturns the number of Permutations for 'N' valuesKevin_2005
.bbBasic Cannonballs Physics 3DUses Quadratic EquationsErroneouss2005
.bbJV-ODE Car DemoA simple Blitz3D car demo using JV-ODEVIP3R2005
.bbRate Of Exponential Decay & IncreaseExponential Decay & IncreaseErroneouss2005
.bbTowers of HanoiDepth-first (recursive) solution to the Towers of Hanoi problemKlapster2005
.bmxBurrows-Wheeler-TransformationOptimizing HuffmanVertex2005
.bbSinus scrollerA simple sinusscrollerJeppe Nielsen2005
.bmxBit FlagsFind if a bit can be found in a flag.rdodson412005
.bmxSimple TypeThis is a simple method to learn TypeFilax2004
.bbMulti-Dimensional Arrays using a Single ArrayConvert multiple indexes into a linear index for use with Blitz Single Arrays (ie: mytype.alien[100])Techlord2004
.bbAgain a new Replace commandThis command accepts a NumOfOcc parameter and a CaseSensitive parameterPowerPC6032004
.bbAlternate Replace command (2nd version)Adds a NumberOfOccurances parameter to the commandPowerPC6032004
.bbNew Replace commandReplace-command with NumberOfOccurances parameterPowerPC6032004
.bbThe Ambiguity Engine.Ffront end to a compiler/anything.AntonyWells2004
.bbAuto code indenterIndents all your code 'correctly'Rob Farley2004
.bbGet what's on the other side of the equal sign even faster.Shorter, faster than ever before.Chroma2004
.bbBox PackingPacks boxes extremely fast, useful for lightmap packing etc.fredborg2004
.bbNormal MapGenerates a simple normal map from a height map for use with Dot3TetraHC2004
.bbDelimeted string handlerFind an element of a single delimeted stringRob Farley2004
.bbCheak if 2 lines crossCheak if 2 lines crossLuke.H2004
.bbRelativePathTo get a relativepath returnedNeochrome2004
.bbBlitzODE Car DemoA simple Blitz3D car demo using BlitzODEVIP3R2004
.bbDynamic string arrayAllows one to modify / create one string containing multiple substrings.Mr Brine2004
.bbminimum distance from point to linefind the distance from a point to a line in 2DTomToad2004
.bbPush/Pop Data Functions 2Functions to push and pop data to and from stacks (created from types)N2004
.bbNeural Net EngineFeed fordward neural net engine, b+/3d.AntonyWells2004
.bbPush/Pop Data FunctionsFunctions to push and pop data to and from banksN2004
.bbCode Cleaner/De-formatterIt would be more confusing than the title.AntonyWells2004
.bbNatural Cubic SplineCubic SplineSweenie2004
.bbVarious Sorting AlgorithmsShell, Bubble, Insertion, Selection, and Quick sort functionsN2004
.bbHoming Missile Algorithmdoes what it says!Mr Brine2004
.bbshifted grid collision demoHow to do FAST 2D col-det with large amount of spritesbig10p2004
.bbPushing ObjectsReal Collision PushingNeochrome2004
.bbSmartStripSmart version of strip, for remove multiple characters of the same value.AntonyWells2004
.bb2D Collision ExampleCreate circles and lines that collide with each other.Jeppe Nielsen2004
.bbGet the day of the weekReturns the day of the weekKevin_2004
.bbKey GeneratorCreate keys for your softwareRob Farley2004
.bbMaze GeneratorCustomizable!Curtastic2004
.bbWeighted Random NumbersA simple code example to show how to generate weigthed random numbers where one number appears more often than another,sswift2004
.bbQuaternion Math libraryMost of the functions required to work with quaternionsBeeps2004
.bbMatrix Math libraryMatrix maths library including most of the functions you might use.Beeps2004
.bbVector Math libraryA simple blitz include that gives you most of the vector maths functions.Beeps2004
.bbquick math evaluatorQuick stack based math evaluator that converts infix to postfix, and then writes intermediate output according to your codeZenith2004
.bbMultiple Event triggersHandle multiple events without halting program flowralphy2004
.bbInfix to PostfixInfix to Postfix conversion (without Brackets, heh)Zenith2004
.bbDistance Between 2 RectanglesCalculates the distance between two rectangles (FAST!)Mr Brine2004
.bbSin/Cos Lookup TablesSin/Cos Lookup TablesTechlord2004
.bbUrlencode / UrldecodeActs like the php counterpartsskn32004
.bbOn a collision courseHow to calculate if two entities are on a collision course in a planeJeppe Nielsen2004
.bb- Line Helpers -- General y=mx+b type stuff -Jeremy Alessi2004
.bbAnother IsOdd() function.This is a simple, quick way to find out if a number is odd.dangerdave2004
.bbIsOddSimple function for working out whether or not a value is odd*2004
.bbDecimal to the length of the binary equivalentTakes a decimal and quickly returns the length of the binary equivalentBot Builder2003
.bbContinuous Bezier SplineCreate a continuous bezier spline using multiple splinesJeppe Nielsen2003
.bbRace Timer FunctionsAllows you to start/stop and reset a timer returning a formatted timeRob Farley2003
.bbBase 64 Encoder/Decoder FunctionsBase 64 encode/decodeAndy_A2003
.bbDataType FunctionChecks the type of data stored in a stringKen Lynch2003
.bbCRC32 - Checksum calculatorClean CRC32 - Checksum calculator for string/bank/fileMrCredo2003
.bbRound Floor Celing towards ZeroRounds towards zero. Combined Floor CeilingLostCargo2003
.bbInterpolationLinear, Cosine, Cubic and Hermite InterpolationKlaas2003
.bbIsometric collisionDetects collision in a isometric squareNebula2003
.bb2d distance calculation and approximationSweet ways to calculate 2d distance along a lineShagwana2003
.bbHoming physics ( 2D )Allow enemies to chase player, with velocity and acceleration.Jeppe Nielsen2003
.bbObject and Handle with EntitiesObject and Handle to avoid looking up an entity in thousands of typesRob2003
.bbQueueing behaviourPlease form an orderly lineDarkNature2003
.bbContainer ClassesList, Array, Heap classes for easy useMarcelo2003
.bbMathToString$(...)NEW version 1.5ShadowTurtle2003
.bbCosineinterpolytionInterpolated line with cosinealgorithmVertex2003
.bbSwift Event SystemAn event system for triggering events in your game, or animating objects.sswift2003
.bbEuler angles to quaternion and backEuler angles to quaternion and backMarkus Rauch2003
.bbSpeedLimitKeep your ships from going too fastRatboy2003
.bbQLimitLimit valuesNeochrome2003
.bbBase ConversionQuick and easy base conversion functionZenith2003
.bbRC4 Komp. Algo.De / Encoding ToolPanno2003
.bbGet what's on the other side of the Equal sign.Fast value extractor.Chroma2003
.bbRLE compressionBasic Run Length Encoding compression for files.Zenith2003
.bbZ Pathfinding LibraryA simple, easy, optimized little libZenith2002
.bbConvert Radians To DegreesRadians to Degrees Conversion Function.Chroma2002
.bbRadar Scan: Is that enemy within range?Will scan a given radius and return true/false if target is in range.Ghoula2002
.bbIs In Triangle 2DCheck if point is inside triangleDifference2002
.bbLines_Intersect()This function determines if two line segments intersect in 2D, and if so, where they intersect.sswift2002
.bbCRC32 calculator (well similar)This calculates a CRC32 for an file given, it might not be 100% correct to the algorythm though.Drago2002
.bbAny Zoom Level LineDraw a line at any zoom level..skn32002
.bbLine NormalThis function will calculate the normal of a line.sswift2002
.bbRectangle/Box overlap code (Boolean way)A faster way to tell if a rect overlaps!Shagwana2002
.bbBilliards Style Collision Physics2D circle collision response which can be used for almost anything where 2 objects collide in 2 dimensionsPhish2002
.bbConverts Degrees to RadiansTakes an angle and converts it to a radian.Chroma2002
.bbSwift Terrain SystemThe Swift Terrain System - A fast, detailed, tiled mesh terrain with level of detailsswift2002
.bbIPS RoutinesInternational Patching System - creating and using IPS files.taxlerendiosk2002
.bbSorted Linked Type ListsCreate and maintain lists sorted on an arbitrary fieldMiracle2002
.bbLinked Type Lists (Updated)Search through large numbers of types with linked listsMiracle2002
.bbBresenham line tracing (2d)Lets you iterate through a bresenham line one coord at a timeShagwana2002
.bbRigid Body Physics SystemA simple particle-based rigid body physics system.Vorderman2002
.bbBinary GCDFast GCD AlgorithmEntity2002
.bbNot-So-Faster Sqr( x^2 + y^2 )but Sqr( x*x + y*y ) is faster... hmmmmEntity2002
.bbTerrain Colormap GeneratorA simple terrain color map generator.Chroma2002
.bbSmart TurnTurns An Entity Toward Another Choosing The Short Pathsemar2002
.bbFloatTo4BytesConvert floating point number to 32bit IEEE representationGrahamK2002
.bbReplaying user input using a collection of Types Replaying user input using a collection of Types matt!2002
.bbCreate 2D terrainsThe best of many methods i triedskn32002
.bbStarfox's LOD Mesh SystemManages LOD Meshes for Blitzstarfox2002
.bbInsertion SortExample of sorting Blitz type collection.Floyd2002
.bbInsertion Sort with sentinelA faster version of Insertion Sort.Floyd2002
.bbfaster bin to int :Dconverts a binary string to an integerCurtastic2002
.bbJulian day functionsCalculate the Julian day for use with date calculationsCraig Watson2002
.bbgettok$(word$,token,seperator)A handy function to return a token from a string...skn32002
.bbPointing one image towards another using ATanThis code demonstrates how ATan is used to determine the frame of a rotating imageKlapster2002
.bbMD5 DigestFunction to create an MD5 DigestCraig Watson2002
.bbBinary SearchA simple binary search, used to find a value in a large arraydirkduck2002
.bbBase 64 EncoderFunction to encode string text to base64mangus2002
.bbPecentage valuesStatistics functions and controlled randomsGiano2002
.bbCannonball physicsCode which shows how to move objects as if they were shot like a cannonball ( 2D )Jeppe Nielsen2002
.bbBinary string to integerConverts a string created w/ bin$ back to an int.Snarkbait2002
.bbSin() and Cos() demo Tutorial on using Sin() and Cos() to determine movementRhodan2002
.bbhex2decConverts a hexadecimal number to a decimal oneBlu_Matt2002
.bbHex 2 StringConverts a Hexidecimal to a StringZenith(Matt Griffith)2002
.bbBitplane Nostalgy AI tracking functionsTrack,Track_YR,Track_Smooth,Track_YR_SmoothLitobyte2002
.bb2D Rectangle Collide (FAST)collision detection between two rectanglesNigel Brown2002
.bbBouncing BallCan be controlled with joypad.Faz2002
.bbDistance between 2 entities in 3D space for collision!This function checks the distance between 2 entities for collision!SopiSoft2002
.bbVB InstrRev() commandWorks as Instr() command, but starts search from the end of the stringJim Teeuwen2002
.bbMore versatile VB Split() CommandSplits a string into a 1 dimensional Array.and..Jim Teeuwen2002
.bbHuffman ExpandUse in conjunction with the compress routines (below) to decompress your files/dataMurilo2002
.bbHuffman CompressionHuffman compress your files/dataMurilo2002
.bbtime dependant movements and rotationsThis code allows you to run your game the same speed on various PCs, fps independentKostik2002
.bbVB Split CommandHere's a Visual Basic Command for Blitz.Chroma2002
.bbBayer-Palbo Ordered DitheringA modified 8x8 Bayer ordered dither algorithmPopstar2002
.bbHeight Map GeneratorMake unique random nice looking landscapesRob Farley2001
.bbCar PhysicsCar physics allowing front/rear/4 wheel drive and under/oversteerVorderman2001
.bbPattern$() FunctionMakes it easy to identify groups of letters/numbersOldefoxx2001
.bbParsing StringsFunctions for parsing strings based on separation chars.Oldefoxx2001
.bbA flexable VAL() FunctionThis is an updated versionOldefoxx2001
.bbPoint in a rectangle detectionBoolean way to detect if a point is in a rectangleShagwana2001
.bb2 and 4 byte compressor2 byte and 4 byte compressor/decompressorSkully2001
.bbFlagsHow to store the values of many flags in one numberWarpy2001
.bbQuickSortThe Fast Quick Sort algoTFT (der Falke)2001
.bbBubbleSortsorts blitz object collectionsskidracer2001
.bbFloatStringfloat to string conversion with n decimal pointsskidracer2001
.bbInsidePolycheck if a point is inside a polygonskidracer2001
.bbInteger swappingSwapping two integer variables without using a thirdBlitzSupport2001
.bbNumber from StringExtract Numbers from StringsCpt. Sovok2001
.bbk.i.s.s. toggleKeep It Simple Stupid (kiss) integer toggle:Russell2001
.bbIncr()/Decr() with safety checkIncrement or decrement by a value with bounds checkRussell2001
.bbUsing types-within-typesAn example of using a custom type within another custom typeBlitzSupport2001
.bbAsynchronous timersTimers that don't stop your game from continuingBlitzSupport2001
.bbDiminish ()Good routine for reducing speeds, power, etc.BlitzSupport2001
.bbVector ProductsA couple of helper functions Dot and cross product.David Bird(Birdie)2001