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Doorman(Posted 2015) [#1]
Hey guys (and gals)!
I was wondering if anybody could help with programming in BlitzPlus and Blitz3D. To be specific, in BlitzPlus I'm having difficulty with the Goto command, and in Blitz3D I'm struggling to import a model from 3D Max. If you want to see the code, let me know.

Rick Nasher(Posted 2015) [#2]
Dunno if this is what you mean but..

- Goto points to labels instead of line numbers unlike some other(older) BASIC versions, e.g:
Goto mainloop
(other code lines in between..)

But Goto is generally bad programming and can lead to spaghetti code. Better to use functions/procedural programming and only use it sparse.

- .3DS files can be loaded with LoadMesh:
"LoadMesh, as the name suggests, Loads a mesh from an .X, .3DS or .B3D file (Usually created in advance by one of a number of 3D model creation packages) and returns the mesh handle.
Any hierarchy and animation information in the file will be ignored. Use LoadAnimMesh to maintain hierarchy and animation information"

- There is an .B3D(blitz's native 3d format) exporter plugin available for 3DSMax, somewhere round here, but not for the very latest version I believe. Workaround would be creating in latest 3DSMax version then export to older version and from there export to B3D so you can use all of it's benefits like bones and textures.