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Stamm(Posted 2010) [#1]
This is what was posted before (i had put it in the wrong forum):
by me:

i'm momentaneously programming a game with 2 friends but we don't even know the name yet. we have just ideas for the title it might be sth like World of Magic or Elements of Magic or whatever
i thought of naming it age of magic but that game already exists...
maybe if you have any ideas you could tell me
its located in a kind of fantasy middle age with bizarr monsters etc
its mostly a succesion of battles that are a bit chess-like: you've got diffrent units who each have their turn and specific attacks
once they've used an attack it ends their turn except for teleport spells
if you want a comparison try to think of it as a kind of []Telepath Psy Arena 2[/a]
we are for now arguing whether to create a new homepage for it or not - i want one - so i can't post an official site
so to resume it, pleas post here comments, help, title propositions etc.

by Gabriel:

Wrong forum, possibly? This is more of a tellcase than a showcase.

by me:

yes but didnt find fitting forum

by GfK:

Worklogs, probably?

by me:


Stamm(Posted 2010) [#2]
also createcanvas just generates an error whatever code i try to use it in