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rdodson41(Posted 2004) [#1]
Is there a way to select text field text so that the text is automatically highlighted? Such as maybe HighlightTextFieldText(txtfield,offset,characters), where txtfield is the textfield gadget handle, offset is the position to start, and characters is the amount of characters to highlight from the offset. Any help would be appreciated.

EOF(Posted 2004) [#2]
Here you go ...

; Highlight Text in edit control

; userlibs
; ************************
; .lib "user32.dll"
; SendMessage%(hwnd,msg,wParam,mParam):"SendMessageA"
; ************************

win = CreateWindow("Highlight TextField text",176,193,244,123,Desktop(),16+1)
tf  = CreateTextField(20,20,200,20,win,0)
bt  = CreateButton("Highlight text",70,60,100,22,win)
SetGadgetText tf,"Hello World"

	Select ev
		Case $803 ; close [X]
		Case $401 ;gadgethit
			If EventSource()=bt HighlightTextFieldText tf
	End Select


; highlight characters in an 'edit control'
Function HighlightTextFieldText(gad,offs=0,numchars=-1)
	Local EM_SETSEL=$b1
	ActivateGadget gad
	SendMessage QueryObject(gad,1),EM_SETSEL,offs,numchars+offs
End Function

Using the HighlightTextFieldText() without the offset and numchars parameters will highlight all text in the field.

rdodson41(Posted 2004) [#3]
Thanks a lot, that really helped!

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