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code(Posted 2004) [#1]
Well I am downloading it now and I want to know if anyone has any good advice for me about B+. I use B2D a lot and though it was time to upgrade.
A little history about me
I am 13 & I have been programming for almost a year now and I am pretty good at it. I am learning C++ and OpenGL(this might all change with BMax). I have one game done and I have another one that is almost done, that I will finish once my website is completely done.(site: | forums: If you visit my site what do you think of it?.
Well For my first project with B+ I am going to make a text editor/IDE thingy, It will be text editor with syntax highlighting basically.

CS_TBL(Posted 2004) [#2]
My advice is, spend 1 or 2 days on studying all the b+ commands.. next: spend a few days on something 'big' .. after this you know all the b+ stuff.

That's how it worked for me, first a few days of sniffing around, and then I forced meself to do a project of ~ 500 lines.. (and not a hacky letsdropsomegadgetshereandthere app, but a serious app!) after that I knew all B+ gadgets!

Oh, and be a real man, learn the events-$numbers by hearth instead of using the aliases :)