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therevills(Posted June) [#1]
Just wondering if there are any plans in the works for NG since the imminent shut down of the bb site?

Would Brucey care to host his own forum and supported by patreon?

Brucey(Posted June) [#2]
I'm still working on NG - for example I've recently implemented Generics into the language, which makes for lots of interesting new things.

I need to chat with skid about forums and whatnot, and see what we can come up with...

Derron(Posted June) [#3]
An own forum would split apart "blitzmax(ng)" and "blitzbasic(3D)" users.

So if people want to keep the "community" together, they should consider having a certain domain for all of these products (I have some in mind already).

If people would _seriously_ consider maintaining the products then (blitzbasicNG and blitzmaxNG) you then always could create "blitzmaxng.the-domain-we-use-then.TLD" and host the whole project page (docs, abouts, ...) there.

Maybe it would be a good idea to have some parts of this "chat" made public so people know "what might be going on".

Regarding "docs" - such things could be hosted on github (generating static pages with jekyll and the likes) so even "abouts" could be static - leading to a nearly static website with just the community part (forums) needing some scripts in the background.

Regarding "bmxng forums": for most things "github issues" should be good to go (suggestions, bug reports, ...) but some of us (including myself) also like to chat a bit, so a forum is still a good thing.


col(Posted June) [#4]
For the NG stuff
I think Dabz ( ? could be wrong so correct as required ) made a start for with
I don't work with web sites at all so unfortunately I'm no help but how about slapping a forum on that one?

I don't know what the current state of affairs is for that site though - except that it's up of course :D

Derron(Posted June) [#5]
Check the "download package"-dates and you see how "up to date" it is.

But yes, if everything else was lost, people might look there too. And if it was only for "bmx-ng" things would work - but we might have lost the blitz3d-users (which we want to convince to move to bmx/bmxng).


col(Posted June) [#6]
Yeah I know the downloads are old but that can be rectified.
And yes, your other point is very true.
I'm not exactly a web connoisseur but is up for grabs? this would cover blitz3dng and blitzmaxng versions?

col(Posted June) [#7]
Sod it, I bought it before anyone who doesn't have a blitz connection of some kind does
As I say I'm not a web guru by any means so if it transpires that anyone is interested and can make use of it then it will yours.